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How to Pre-order Gadgets From the Amazon Hardware Launch Event

/ 08:26 AM October 05, 2022
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Amazon recently announced its upcoming tech lineup for autumn. The eCommerce giant left folks excited about the new Echo Dot speakers, Kindle Scribe, and other gadgets.

You might want to see what the Amazon Hardware Launch Event has in store. More importantly, you should place your pre-orders as soon as possible!


Amazon has a varied range of tech products, so this article is bound to have something you will like. You may want your phone ready while reading to place pre-orders quickly for the following:

  1. Kindle Scribe
  2. Echo Dot Speakers
  3. Halo Rise
  4. Amazon Fire QLED TV (65-inch)
  5. Amazon Fire TV Cube and Alexa Voice Remote
  6. Astro
  7. Amazon Ring Cams
  8. Blink Cameras
  9. eero Integrations

Pre-ordering products from the Amazon Hardware Launch Event

This represents the Amazon Hardware Launch Event.

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Placing a pre-order on a product is super easy on Amazon. Login to your account, select a product and tap the Pre-Order Now button or the Pre-Order: Add to Cart button. 

The former lets you place the pre-order immediately. On the other hand, the latter places the pre-order to your shopping cart so you can add more items.

Of course, you need to know your options before pre-ordering. Let us look at the featured products from the Amazon Hardware Launch Event:

1. Kindle Scribe

This is the Kindle Scribe.

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Price: $340

We will begin with a product you might not have ignored: the ebook reader. Did you expect something like that from the Amazon Hardware Launch Event?

The earlier versions of the Kindle Scribe were only for reading ebooks. Now, it serves as a nifty paperless notebook. Its display simulates the texture and appearance of ordinary paper.

The Scribe also comes with a battery-free pen that allows handwriting. For example, you can scribble on books, mark PDF pages, and write a journal.

Next year, the Amazon Scribe will allow you to send marked-up documents from Microsoft Word. Still, you can grab yours before the 2022 holidays.


It costs $340 with the stylus included. Moreover, the Kindle Scribe will have four months of Kindle Unlimited and cloud storage. 

2. Echo Dot Speakers

This is the Amazon Echo Dot speaker.

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Echo Dot price: $50

Dot With Clock price: $60

Dot for Kids price: $60

Echo Auto price: $55

Echo Studio price: $200

These Bluetooth speakers play audio and host Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Even better, the Amazon Hardware Launch Event revealed their latest upgrades.

First, the new Echo Dot and the Echo Dot with Clock have custom full-range drivers. Consequently, they can produce higher-quality sound with twice the bass. 

They also have gesture controls that let you control these Dots by tapping them. Second, the latest Echo Dot Kids version has an owl and dragon design. 

Moreover, it received the same upgrades as the fifth-gen Dots. Third, the recent version of the Echo Studio has frequency range extension and spatial audio processing. 

As a result, it can fill your room with the best sound quality that Dots can provide. If you own the old Studio units, they will receive those new features via software update. 

Finally, the Echo Auto has a more compact design than the previous iteration. The Auto has a new adhesive mount and five mics, so it can quickly pick up voice commands. 

Also, the upgraded Alexa lets it perform tasks based on ambient temperature. For example, It would turn your smart fan on if your room becomes too hot. 

3. Halo Rise

This is the Halo Rise.

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Price: $139

Rise and shine and say hello to a new morning with Amazon’s sleep tracker. The Halo Rise sits on your nightstand and detects whether you are awake or asleep.

This gadget tracks your sleep stages throughout the night. Also, it will note how much time you have spent in light, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and deep sleep.

The Halo Rise is on your bedside, so it should work as your alarm clock, right? The folks at Amazon thought the same, so they included that feature in the sleep tracker.

Once you are up, it will show your sleep summary that shows your sleep metrics. As a result, you can take steps to have an afternoon nap or a good night’s sleep. The Halo Rise costs $139 and provides a six-month Halo membership trial. 

4. Amazon Fire QLED TV (65-inch)

This is the QLED TV.

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Price: $800

You could say the “Q” in QLED TV stands for “quality” due to its top-notch display. However, that letter represents the “quantum dot display” that lends to this TV’s performance.

Amazon’s TV uses this feature to create better colors and black levels. Moreover, it has a new “ambient experience” that displays images when you are not watching it.

It lets you choose from hundreds of famous images from art galleries and your photo collection. Also, the latest model uses sensors to optimize its appearance according to your room. 

As a result, the Amazon QLED TV works as a wall decoration when not in use. The Amazon Hardware Launch Event allows you to pre-order the $800 65-inch version, or you could grab the 75-inch variant.

5. Amazon Fire TV Cube and Alexa Voice Remote

This is the Amazon TV Fire Cube.

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Fire TV Cube price: $140

Alexa Voice Remote Pro price: $35

Amazon has a video streaming service, so we should expect that it has a related gadget. Enter the Fire TV Cube, a streaming device and voice assistant rolled into one box.

The latest version is 20 times more powerful than the 2019 model due to its octa-core processor. Moreover, it has several ports that enable you to link your other gadgets to the TV. 

The Amazon Fire TV Cube also turns HD content into 4K via Super Resolution Upscaling. It costs $140, and you can receive it on October 25.

On the other hand, you could upgrade your Cube experience with the $35 Alexa Voice Remote Pro. Say, “Alexa, find my remote,” and it will sound a tune. 

Moreover, the remote has motion-activated backlights and two buttons you may assign to your favorite apps. Alternatively, you can link other functions like Alexa routines.

6. Astro

This is the Astro bot.

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Price: $1,000

Amazon unveiled its home robot last year, but many people thought it was merely a toy. Now, it has additional features that make it a more useful household companion. 

Astro can now recognize pets, so it can watch over them while you are outdoors. Also, it can send a video of what your cat or dog did when it detected them.

The Live View feature lets you speak to them in real-time. Moreover, Amazon Astro can also recognize when a window or door is ajar. 

You would need some time for setup because Astro needs to become acquainted with your house. Moreover, you must assign names for your doors and windows so that the device can provide accurate alerts.

7. Amazon Ring Cams

This is an Amazon Ring Cam.

Photo Credit:

Spotlight Cam Plus price: $200

Spotlight Cam Pro price: $230

The online shopping platform offers numerous smart home products, such as the Ring Cameras. They help homeowners secure their places.

They integrate with the Neighbors app that facilitates alerting law enforcement. The recent upgrades expand the home monitoring capabilities.

For example, the Spotlight Cam Pro has 3D motion detection. Also, its birds-eye view lets you watch your delivery person as they near your house. 

It has a siren that could ward off potential intruders. Meanwhile, the Spotlight Cam Plus has a new design that opens three power options: solar, battery, and tethered.

8. Blink Cameras

This is an Amazon Floodlight Camera.

Photo Credit:

Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera price: $60

Corded Floodlight Camera price: $100

The Amazon Hardware Launch Event featured another line of home cameras. Aside from the Spotlight, it showed the Blink Wired Floodlight Camera and the Blink Mini Camera.

The former is Blink’s first tethered camera. It could make installation trickier, but it solves battery life issues. The Blink Floodlight Camera has 1080p resolution and two-way audio.

Its floodlight can shine up to 2,600 lumens. On the other hand, the new Blink Mini Camera can pan and tilt, enabling a 360° view of your surroundings. 

9. eero Integrations

This is the eero Gateway.

Photo Credit:

eero PoE 6 price: $300

eero PoE Gateway price: $650

Are you having trouble finding the right spot for your router? The Amazon Hardware Launch Event offers two solutions: the eero PoE 6 and the eero PoE Gateway. 

These Power-over-Ethernet devices enable a single cable to carry internet access and power. Also, they help achieve the maximum internet speed at every access point.

The eero PoE 6 covers up to 2,000 square feet, serves 100 devices, and provides speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps. On the other hand, the eero PoE Gateway does not have wireless connectivity, but it can provide speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps.

The latest update introduces the Internet Backup feature. It allows the eero network to temporarily switch to a mobile hotspot in case your main connection fails. Moreover, you will see this feature in other Amazon products.


The Amazon Hardware Launch Event showed many discounts for the eCommerce firm’s gadgets. Note that it may run out of stocks by the time you read this article.

Many people want those deals so that they would grab them as soon as possible. In response, you should click on the links for each product and place your pre-order now!


Alternatively, you may want to chill with the latest news and updates. In that case, you should check out more articles from Inquirer USA.

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