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How to Download Apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick

/ 08:58 AM September 22, 2022
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The Amazon TV stick opens access to numerous video streaming services. However, those are not the only things that the gadget can do.

It can fire up your favorite mobile apps like Spotify and Zoom. Consequently, your device could improve your daily productivity.


This article will help you unlock more features of your Amazon stick by discussing how to download and sideload apps. Do you know what “sideload” means? Stick around to find out!

How to download apps on the Fire TV Stick

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Start by opening the main menu of your Amazon TV Stick. You can find it on the Amazon Fire TV home screen.

Select the app you want to download using the Amazon remote. Alternatively, you may also select the app you want using voice commands.

You may access this feature with the Alexa Voice Remote. Press the voice button, then issue your command.

It is the microphone button found near the tip of your remote. If you cannot find the button, you probably have one of the newer Fire TV devices.

Some of them allow users to use Alexa Voice Control without buttons. Moreover, you may link your Echo devices to your Fire TV to enable voice commands.

Select the Get or Shopping Cart icon to begin your download. The former has a downward arrow, while the latter has a shopping cart image.

The Get button appears if the app you want to download is free on the App Store or Appstore. On the other hand, the latter is for paid apps.

Note that these steps only work for native options of the App Store. You will need another method for third-party apps.


How to sideload apps on the Firestick

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Why does the title say “sideload” instead of “download?” You cannot download third-party apps to your Fire Stick, but you can load them from another device.That is what the term “sideload” means. You can do that with your Android phone. Begin by downloading the Apps2Fire app on the Google Play Store.

Ensure your smartphone and your Amazon TV box use the same Wi-Fi connection. Then, activate the “ADB Debugging” option on your smartphone.

Head to Settings, tap Device, then choose Developer Options. Open the app, then tap the three-dot button in the upper-right corner.

Select the Setup option and then the Network option. Wait for the scan to complete to see every device connected to your local network.

It will show you the IP addresses and device names. Your Amazon TV Stick’s name should appear as the word “amazon,” followed by a hyphen (-) and nine alphanumeric characters.

If you do not know the name of your Amazon Stick, head to the Settings menu on the home screen. Choose Device, tap About, and then select Network.

Tap the name corresponding to your device and select local apps from the top tabs. Select any app your phone got from the App Store, then tap Install.

The Apps2Fire app will send your chosen apps to the Fire TV. Sit back and wait as it loads them on your home screen.

Note that you should read an app’s security permissions before downloading. It will help you ensure security against cyberattacks.

How to download third-party apps without an Android phone

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You can sideload third-party apps from your smartphone, but what if you want to download new ones? First, head to the Settings menu.

Use the Search tool on the left or the Alexa voice search function to find the Downloader app. It will allow you to download apps as APK files from other websites.

You can use the remote to move the cursor. Also, type on the on-screen keyboard to enter URLs and search terms.

Select a file after it stops downloading. Then, highlight and select the Install option to start the installation. Afterward, select the Done button to finish.

How to install third-party apps via cloud storage

This represents how to download apps on firestick.

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Let us say you already have old APK files from your computer. You can install them on your Fire TV by uploading the files to a cloud storage app.

These include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. Next, open the Fire TV App Store and search for “ES File Explorer.”

Use the directional buttons of your remote to navigate to the left menu. Then, tap Network and then Cloud.

Choose your preferred cloud storage app, log in to your account, and connect to your files. Next, select your APK files and follow the on-screen instructions to download and install them.

Should you jailbreak your Fire TV Home Stick?

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We mentioned APK files, so let us discuss jailbreaking. The term refers to removing the built-in restrictions of a device.

Most people jailbreak their Fire Sticks with online APK files so that they can access more content. For example, it could let you watch premium TV series for free.

If you dislike Netflix Games, you could put games on your jailbroken Fire Stick. Moreover, you may avoid paying for file downloads.

Companies limit access to third-party apps to ensure they can charge fees for their content. More importantly, they prevent illegal activity and promote online security.

You should be careful when downloading any file or app on the internet, especially if it is free. They often give you viruses and malware.

Those can wreck your computer’s performance and open access to sensitive information. Moreover, you may encounter copyright issues.

Some content from jailbroken devices breaches copyright rules. Finally, you may significantly reduce your download speed. Stick to these tips for safer options or check “how to download app on firestick” online.


We just discussed how to download apps on your Amazon TV Stick. You can get them from that device, a smartphone, or a cloud storage app.

You should be careful when downloading apps online. Ensure you are getting them from reputable sources. Also, read how they will access parts of your phone.

You may search “how to download app on firestick” in a few months to check for new methods. Also, you should check Inquirer USA for more technology news.

Frequently asked questions

How do you add apps to my Amazon TV Stick?

You may download apps to your Amazon Stick via the built-in App Store. Moreover, you may sideload them from your smartphone. You may also search “how to download app on firestick” online for more tips.

Why can’t I download apps on my Fire Stick?

Check if you have a stable internet connection. Also, you cannot download apps if you have an invalid or expired shipping address and payment method linked to your Amazon account.


What does jailbreaking a Fire Stick do?

Jailbreaking an Amazon Stick lets you access additional content for free. However, it increases your risk of cyberattacks and copyright issues. Search “how to download app on firestick” online for safer options.

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