8 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

8 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

/ 09:53 AM September 15, 2022

8 Ways To Make Money As A Kid

If your child asks for extra cash, then you may have a learning opportunity in your hands. You may want to suggest earning money instead of giving them some.


You could impart early financial literacy lessons by letting your child make money as a kid. As a result, they could become creative and resilient as an adult.

This article will list suggestions on how children could earn some cash. Moreover, we will discuss how to keep your child safe while trying these tips.

  1. Start a garage sale.
  2. Sell unused stuff online.
  3. Help your family’s small business. 
  4. Have a lemonade or hot chocolate stand.
  5. Babysit
  6. Walk dogs
  7. Wash cars
  8. Try garden chores.

1. Start a garage sale.

Start a garage sale

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One of the best ways to make money as a kid is to sell unused stuff. Your child could earn pocket money while you reduce the clutter at your home. In other words, it is a win-win!

You do not need to spend money to start. Just put your knick-knacks outside your home and have your child watch over them. You could leave your child with the stuff outside if he or she is old enough. 

They could call you over once someone wants to buy something. Otherwise, you may have to stay nearby. You may ask your kids to use math lessons to accept cash payments.

2. Sell unused stuff online.

Sell unused stuff online


You could sell your knick-knacks on the internet instead of having a yard sale. This method is better in some ways, such as letting you reach customers outside your neighborhood. 

Increasing the number of potential buyers could help you sell stuff faster. Also, accepting online payments is more convenient than using cash.

You do not have to compute revenue and set aside a container for cash. Venmo and other money transfer apps add and subtract your balance and record every transaction.


If you want to sell to your neighbors, you might want to stick with Facebook Marketplace. Then, make a Community Chat with them so that you can easily discuss selling unused items.

Choose Etsy or Amazon if no one nearby wants to buy your stuff. Note that you may need to spend on delivery fees and other costs to send the items to customers.

3. Help your family’s small business.

Help your family’s small business

Your child could make money as a kid by helping in your business. He or she is too young to be an employee, but you could let them help with minor tasks.

For example, your children may help take out the trash or brew coffee. You could teach initiative by suggesting more work for more pay. As a result, you gain extra help in the office, and they learn how to earn money.

You may pay them to help with specific chores if you are an employee. After all, your boss would probably not be fine with having a child in the workplace.

4. Have a lemonade or hot chocolate stand.

Have a lemonade or hot chocolate stand

Photo Credit: www.timeforkids.com

Ask an adult how to make money as a kid, and they would likely answer “lemonade stand.” You may have seen your neighbor’s kids sell the refreshing drink in front of their homes.

Like most businesses, you must know when to offer specific products. At the time of writing, we are near autumn, so that it would be chilly outside. People are unlikely to ask for a cool beverage as they wear more layers.

Instead, try selling cups of hot cocoa. You can easily make them with hot water, cups, and packets of choco powder. Just tell your kid to be careful while handling the water.

5. Babysit


You may have neighbors that need some help taking care of their children. For example, they may ask your child to tutor them in basic math. 

In that case, you may talk to them about letting your kid babysit. This method is safer than letting your child negotiate the side hustle. It lets you and your child avoid unintended problems. 

This part-time task could help your child meet new people. They may know more people in the community and maybe make a few friends along the way.

6. Walk dogs

Walk dogs

Taking care of pets can sometimes be challenging. Owners spend most of their days working or studying, but some pets need more time and attention. 

Your child could make money as a kid by watching over the neighbor’s dog. Your children could make sure the dog next door has food and water. Of course, you can take them for walks.

Tell your kid to bring plastic bags while dog walking. As a result, they could learn how to be responsible dog owners and take better care of their pets. However, you should confirm that the pet has its rabies vaccine.

Your child may not use this method if they feel nervous about having animals nearby. Moreover, he or she may have an allergy to fur. 

7. Wash cars

Wash cars

Having a car is also a huge responsibility. For example, you must clean your vehicle, but it takes a lot of time. Fortunately, that can be an opportunity to make money as a kid.

Your kid could ask neighbors if they need help washing their cars. Tell them they must ask if the owner has specific instructions for maintaining their automobile.

For example, your child may need to dry the car with a cloth instead of letting the sun do it. Also, your kid should be careful when cleaning a Tesla car and other vehicles with smart features. 

8. Try garden chores.

Try garden chores

Your child may offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn. However, discuss how they should handle a lawnmower. Otherwise, they may hurt themselves or damage another person’s machine.

On the other hand, your neighbors may need help tending to their garden. For example, your kid could help water plants or sweep fallen leaves and petals away from the yard.

Note that this option may not be available if your child has allergies. For example, your neighbor’s flowers could trigger a pollen allergy.


Letting a child make money as a kid could teach financial literacy and initiative. However, you should still be there to keep them from potential danger.

For example, you should ensure that your child will not engage in illegal activities to make money. They might do it unintentionally because they do not have enough awareness and experience. 

Check the local and federal child labor laws to ensure you and your kid follow them. Also, talk to their potential clients to confirm that their client is safe and trustworthy.

Frequently asked questions

What can a kid do to earn money?

Your child could sell lemonade or hot chocolate in front of your house. Also, your kid could walk the neighbors’ dogs, mow their lawns, or wash their cars.

What can kids sell?

Your kids could sell stuff that they are not using anymore. It helps them earn money while eliminating clutter in your room. Also, they could sell cookies if they know how to bake.

How can kids make money fast in school?

Your child may help other students with their homework for a small fee. However, you should speak with the school regarding this side gig.

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