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How to Write Effective Press Releases

09:11 AM August 18, 2022

Create a buzz in today’s modern world through press releases. Consumers are more likely to check their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for news than buy newspapers. Furthermore, the best way to improve your brand is through press releases. However, not everyone knows how to write press releases.

Any news about your business will help your company stand out. In addition, your business will also be followed by journalists for media coverage over time. A new product release, adjustments in your organizational structure, or any meaningful news can help. 

However, not all organizations know how to create the best press release. Usually, they hire writers to write a press release and help them with this. If you need to get started, You can get an agency to do the job for you. Below are all the things you need to know about Press releases. 


What is a Press Release?

What is a Press Release?

A press release may be a recorded or written official statement that a company issues to the right journalists or the media. Whether it is called a press release, a news release, a media release, or a press statement, it is just the same thing.

In addition, this is a compelling short story sent to the target audience, media outlets, or journalists. Moreover, the main goal of the press release is to pique the interest of the publication or the media for publishing. Therefore, it should contain all the vital information so that the journalist or media writer can quickly produce their own story based on the press release you sent them. 


Also, a press release should look like a news story. Furthermore, it should be written in the third person, citing quotes and sources and containing standard press release information. Writing a press release is tedious, so a detailed guide is below. 

Benefits of Knowing How to Write Press Releases 

The primary purpose of this medium is to catch the attention of journalists and media outlets. In that way, you will disseminate the news about the company or have press coverage. Aside from that, there are other advantages of having a release: 

It’s a cost-effective tool you can include in your marketing strategy. 

It's a cost-effective tool you can include in your marketing strategy.

If you have a limited budget, this is a perfect marketing strategy. Releases are usually posted online, and you do not need to spend money on them. In addition, you might get prospective backlinks and customers to your site.

It helps you control the story. 

You can share what’s significant for your company. Also, you can call attention to the value you offer. If there is a crisis, this medium offers you a chance to respond to a story.  

Releases can boost your content marketing efforts.

Distributing your news can increase web traffic and improve search engine optimization.

You can organize your releases on your website to add credibility to it.

You can place your good story on your website. In this way, you can establish your expertise in your field. When a reporter or a customer visits your website and sees some press releases, they will see the professionalism of your company. Also, it will save the reporter’s time since you already gave the pertinent information.

Step by Step Guide on Writing an Effective Press Release

Knowing how to write a press release is not as easy as it seems. Whether you are writing your press release on Microsoft Word or in any document planner, there is no sure way to have the best template available on this platform. So here’s a guide on writing your press release like busy journalists writing news. 

1. Know the press release format. 

1. Know the press release format.

Here are the parts of a perfect press release:

  • Contact information of the press: Name, email, and phone number 
  • For Immediate Release’ at the beginning with Publish date
  • Press release headline 
  • Bullet points of the summary of the news 
  • Location and date before the first paragraph 
  • Introduction Paragraph: Introduce everything about the news in a short and concise manner
  • Second Paragraph: More detailed information
  • Third paragraph: any more relevant data that your readers should know 
  • Boilerplate of the organization 
  • To signify the end of the press release, place (###) or a three-pound symbols

2. Start with a stunning Press Release Headline.

The killer headline that will stun the readers is the top priority in online marketing. That’s why the headline is significant. In addition, it should grab your customer’s attention so that they will read the whole medium. 

To make your headline stand out, you can do the following:

  1. Use action words 
  2. Specify 
  3. Make it concise
  4. It should be interesting enough to reel the reader in

You can also summarize your story in a subtitle after the heading. You can place a summary of the entire content in a single sentence that will support the heading. 

3. The Source: Introduce vital information in your first paragraph 

3. The Source: Introduce vital information in your first paragraph

The opening paragraph should contain answers to the 5W questions, “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” in a way that gets the reader’s interest. Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself and answer in the press release: 

  1. Who are you talking about? 
  2. What is the news?
  3. When and where is it, or did it happen?
  4. Why should the reader know?
  5. You can also include “how it happened.” 

4. The Essentials: Include supporting context and information

Add testimonials, research details, statistics, and other information that will support the news. In the second paragraph, short and simple sentences are a must. In addition, do not use terms or a topic that the average reader won’t understand. Also, you will want to write the best content to rank on search engine optimization (SEO).

5. Grab the reader’s attention through a quote

A well-scripted and placed quote can add authenticity and a personal touch to press releases. In addition, it also grabs and keeps the reader’s attention. There are a few rules to follow if you include a quote:

  • The quote should be from someone within the company: the president, CEO, or other “power” figure. A fundraising chair can also be quoted if the press release is about a future event.
  • Keep the quote short and straightforward. It should get right to the point. 
  • Shorten anything longer than four sentences
  • Before adding a quote, read it out loud. Does it sound natural? If it reads like a “canned sound bite,” it can turn readers off.

6. Include Additional Information in your Press Releases

6. Include Additional Information in your Press Releases

Bullet points can help in adding more information. Your readers’ attention will automatically be drawn to bullet-point lists. Like popular blog posts and press releases, they are eye-catching and easy to skim through. Just keep each bullet to only a few words.

7. Boilerplate: Don’t Forget Contact Information

If you want readers and reporters to read your press release, they will look for your media details. Always include your name, media release date, and email address. It is also advisable to list your business phone number, mission statement, and any other info in some press coverage.

Some of this only applies to receivers of specific releases. If you send press releases to registered customers, you might want to leave your phone number or press contact. In other words, include the number in your press release distribution service or press release distribution services.

You may also place a link to your comment section on your website. If this is an online business, this link can serve as your phone number and add media contact details. You want the receivers of your press release to be able to contact you or your business when you write a press release.

Do not forget to place the following information: 

  • Organization’s name
  • Mission statement
  • Founding dates
  • Company size

8. Ending the New Release

Ending the New Release

Unlike articles, good press releases do not need a conclusion or summary. Once you have the vital information in the release, end it. Do not keep adding to it.

If you want your press release to be professional, add three “###” at the end. These three symbols are the universal signal to reporters that this is the end of the release. It also helps anyone skim through to know exactly how long it is.

9. Check Your Grammar and Spelling 

Do not forget to proofread. Mistakes will be evident to readers. It can cause them to “delete” the press release instead of reading it. A press release is an announcement that will get many eyes during the media distribution phase and the press coverage. Speed up your review by finding a grammar checker that suits your needs. 

10. Edit your format and spacing 

The most accepted formatting calls for two lines of space between each paragraph. Also, the first thing that stands out in a press release is the date noted at the beginning of the lead. This format is how your press release should look:

New York, April 6, 2021 — Beiersdorf’s iconic skincare brand, NIVEA, has a new strategy lead design partner. Peter Schmidt Group was selected as the new global lead agency for the brand identity.

Simply copy and paste the above template and switch the information to yours.

Well-written Press Release Examples

Want to discover how the big players are writing their press releases? You can do it yourself even if you do not hire press release writers. Below are some inspiration or press release examples that are well written. 

Ace Ultra Cannabis Cartridge Reviews 

Fetch Rewards App Review 

Fetch Rewards App

Tips for publishing your first press release

Your Press Release Headline is Important

You need a great headline like famous journalists if you want your target audience to read your press release distribution. It needs to grab readers’ attention, like a product launch press release or an announcement. Your headline should also be informative.

You want to keep the headline of your good press release to around six words. Anything longer could cause readers to lose interest. Your audience should want to keep reading new press releases and new material.

The catchy headline should be “bolded” and centered. You can also add subheadings. These should be in italics and a few points smaller than the attention-grabbing headline.

Identify Your Brand on Your Press Release

Identify Your Brand on Your Press Release

The last thing you want is for readers to think that the press release is spam. Furthermore, they want to know who the PRs are from. Also, this strategy helps to reassure your audience and build trust in your credibility.

Identify your business. Also, include essential details like contact info, your website, relevant journalists if mentioned, when the event happens or when the product launches, and the city and state it is located in.

Add a dash (-) at the end. In addition, these relevant details are beneficial and crucial in the immediate release of a well-written press release. Also, this act helps readers know that the primary body copy of the news story is starting.

The Lead of Your Press Release

You’ve grabbed readers’ attention with your press release headline. Reassure them of who you are. Now it is time to start writing and focus on the information in the news release. The first paragraph is essential. Do not start with “fluff” or a piece of information that is not important. Your readers will know and quickly become bored.

Your main point should be in the first few sentences. The next few should have vital information. 

Not everyone reads a press release all the way through. If they stop after the first few lines, you still get your news across.

Actual press releases can have more than one paragraph. The second and third can have supporting or secondary information if yours does. Keep the sentences brief. You also want the paragraphs to stay around three to four sentences. The main goal of a press release is to get out information on one subject. 

How to distribute your press release

How to distribute your press release

There are several ways for you to get a press release out. In addition, a public relations professional can help. They will be able to reach news outlets. You also want to consider social media outlets, platforms, distribution services, and search engines like Google.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the most popular. There are others like your local newspaper that you might want to target. If you do not have a public relations professional, you can find listings of the most popular social media sites online.

It only takes a few minutes to set up an account, and you will be able to reach an even larger audience. Here are the Cons and Pros of sending out a press release. 


The pros of sending out a press release are that your material is finally there! Hopefully, you also have a substantial audience level if you’ve marketed it right. 

It’s important to remember to keep going if your PR takes off. Also, you don’t want to live in the moment for too long. Consistency is always key. 


The cons of sending out a press release are that it may not always get readers, especially if it is your first time publishing. Don’t fret–as previously mentioned, consistency is vital. In addition, keep writing press releases and trying to get your announcement out into the world. Sometimes good content takes time. 

10 Press Release Types

When you write a press release, you can announce other news. To help you write the best press release, you can get an expert agency to work with you to plan the best strategy for generating buzz. 

Whether you are launching a new business, product, or service, holding a large contest or competition, partnering with a charity, community organization, or celebrity, hosting an event

winning an award, or sharing a customer success story, they will help you with all kinds of press releases you need to produce. 

Here are the ten commonly used topics and tips when you write a press release:

Product Launch

Product Launch

The product launches kind of press release is very significant to make your customers know about the latest offering of your organization. Customer psychology tells us that the first and last effects are crucial to a customer’s brain. You can first reach your audience through a press release, so make sure it is well written. 

Also, this medium should emphasize the product’s specs, availability, pricing, and other information valuable to customers.

TIP: You can highlight a quote mentioned by your CEO since it has a more personal tone. 

Product Updates

Product updates are the same as a new product launch. This event is good news worth sharing and promoting. Discuss the changes, why you made them, and how it is advantageous to the consumers.

TIP: Emphasize the benefits of the change to the customers. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Organizational structure change is noteworthy to warrant a press release. In addition, you should inform the current and future stakeholders about the growth and trajectory of a company.

TIP: Include leadership team quotes to announce an acquisition or merger. Also, include the complete details about all organizations involved. In addition, you may also place the information needed to be disseminated regarding the merger and acquisitions.

Changes in Leadership

When the head or the leader of the company changes, it will bring a new direction to the organization. You should be able to share this advancement with the media because this will significantly impact the company. 

TIP: If you introduce more than one executive, place their headshots on one poster. This act will give them an equal footing during the campaign. You may also add quotes from the new appointees, other executives, or the outgoing leaders of the company. 



The first step in event marketing is to create press releases. This strategy is to attract promotion from media outlets and other news sources.

You need to include the following:

  • What is the event all about?
  • Who should attend the event?
  • Where and when will it be held?
  • Is there a fee for the event?

TIP: Showcase the highly visual aspect of your event in your press release. Describe and bring the readers to what you want to showcase visually.

Grand Openings

Whether it is your first company opening, you relocated, or you opened a new office, this is excellent news. Use a press release about the grand opening and encourage the customers to visit. 

TIP: You can add a promo in your press release like the first 100 people will get a freebie. That will encourage people to visit your new place.

New Partnerships

This kind of press release is the same as mergers and acquisitions. An announcement of new partnerships will be a mutually beneficial marketing tactic for both companies.

TIP: Be sure to write a summary about each company. Also, include why they created the partnership and why is it beneficial? Add necessary information for current and future stakeholders.


We are all resistant to change, according to Psychology. That’s why rebranding is a difficult thing for a business. Often, it results in awkwardness and confusion. To make the transition smoother, announce the rebranding through a press release. 

TIP: Include why the changes and the transition are beneficial for everyone. Readers will look for what they can gain from rebranding. 


Awards Press Release

You should announce an achievement because that signifies business excellence. In addition, writing a release about accomplishments and awards will make your business more credible. Furthermore, it will cement your organization’s authority in the media. 

TIP: Add an inspirational quote from the person who received the award. People are looking for something to motivate them. Placing that in your release will give the journalists a drive to write it. 

Company News 

COVID-19 has made an impact on everyone in the business world. Breaking news releases are being published now and then. If it is an urgent matter, make sure to write it on time so you can publish it right away. 

TIP: If you are conveying sad news, the best way is to provide the facts and the explanation. Omit any information that will strike the emotions or create imagery. In addition, the focus should be on the information. 

Key Takeaways

Writing a great press release is not difficult if you know how to do it. Simply determine what you want to promote. Is it a sale, an employee promotion, or an upcoming event? You can also release one if your business expands or lets your customers know you are now on several social media coverage platforms. 

Keep the release short and simple. Mention the key facts only. Furthermore, if you have a lot of information to include, use bullet points. Publishers like to look for a clean layout.  In addition, you can use several free spell-check programs if you do not already have one installed. Moreover, it is also essential that you include contact information. You want reporters, customers, members of the media, and different audiences to be able to contact you. 

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