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The Future of the US iGaming Industry 2022

/ 09:49 AM May 20, 2022

Gambling has been a popular hobby for centuries.

We’ve always spent time playing competitive games, but now the games are better than ever! Thanks to the 21st-century tech and a wider acceptance of online gaming, iGaming, and online gambling have taken a big stride in popularity.


Of course, land-based casinos will always be a popular option – Las Vegas and Atlantic City aren’t going away anytime soon. But it’s important to note the sharp increase in iGaming. This trend is set to rise, so it’s essential to try and predict the future so we can be ready to enjoy its benefits.

Whether you’re an experienced gambler or new to online casinos, keep reading! This industry is trendy, and we love watching it expand. If you want to know about the future of iGaming in the US, we’ve got your back.

The iGaming boom

The iGaming boom

Online gambling and iGaming have always been steadily rising in popularity, but the industry has seen a spectacular boom within the last few years.

While many factors have led to the rise in popularity, one key event has helped online casinos become the leading source of entertainment they are today: Covid.

Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns created new working conditions for all industries. The challenges posed by this virus were severe, but brands got creative in 2020 to ensure casino fans didn’t miss out on any of the fun during isolation. Instead of playing on the slots in person, fans could sit at home and play on their tablets without worries.


The boom in iGaming also led to an impressive increase in in-game availability. Though this was overwhelming for some, many players were able to find the best US online casino on this site – so check this out if you’re unsure where to start. When you can’t reach the casino, the casino comes to you!

Those who were once land-based casino players are now committed online casino regulars. Playing at home is convenient and comfortable, so why go back to the pre-Covid ways? Like those operating under work from home mandates, online casino players aren’t likely to change their practices anytime soon.

Don’t be fooled, though. The online casino industry was already famous – the coronavirus pandemic just gave the industry that little push it needed to achieve star status from gambling fans.


There are numerous other reasons why this particular gaming industry is set to expand even further. Keep on reading to see the future of the US iGaming industry.

The future of the US iGaming industry

The future of the US iGaming industry

Interested in how this unique sector will grow over the next few years? Here are some of the key reasons the industry will increase and how it will affect players across the nation.

Legal reasons

Did you know online gambling was illegal in many US states until recently? While it may seem like online casinos are legal everywhere, it’s not true. Only six US states allow all forms of online gambling. Many states don’t allow online casinos but approve of sports betting, leaving slots fans annoyed and left out.

The states that allow all forms of online betting include Connecticut, Delaware, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. All other states frown upon at least one form of online betting.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Luckily, most US states allow online poker and other betting games. It also looks like many states will soon lift the ban on online gambling, allowing the online casino industry to thrive across the nation. More residents will be able to play, but we’ll likely also see a boom in games, jackpots, and websites. More choice and playing options for all!

Increased accessibility

Another reason we can expect a boom in the iGaming industry is as a direct result of its accessibility. This was demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic, as more and more players could sign up without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

In the past, gambling was limited to land-based casinos. While this is great for anyone near a casino, it leaves geographically isolated players out of the loop. Not only that, but elderly or disabled players who couldn’t visit the casinos can now play too.

Online casinos will likely continue to thrive as more players realize how easy it is to get online. Instead of making a complex, expensive journey to the closest land casino, they can log in at home and get playing – make sure the casino you choose is licensed and trustworthy before you start! Check online user reviews to find out more about your preferred site.

Comfort and 24-hour play

Similarly to increased accessibility, there’s a certain comfort and ease with playing from home. Since online casinos are open every hour of the day, you can log in and play whenever you like.

This factor places online options above land-based casinos as players can play according to their routine, not the casino’s opening hours. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can enjoy poker and bingo on your terms. Just open the app, log on, and you’re good to go!

Gambling on the go

Gambling on the go

Another reason iGaming is set to expand in the next few years is its on-the-go nature. Since many large casinos have developed smartphone-optimized websites and handy apps, users can play wherever and whenever.

Instead of being restricted to their home desktop computer, players can now enjoy online casino games via apps. This means you can play on the road when on holiday or in any spare moment, using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet – as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

This also means that gamblers who only play when they have spare time will further embrace the industry. In the past, these players would typically visit the casino when they had a free afternoon or evening. But now, they can open an app on their smartphone and get going from anywhere, anytime – perfect for those whose careers involve traveling!

Improved games, graphics, and creativity

As there’s an increased interest in iGaming, more software developers and designers are coming together to develop better games. Since the start of the industry in the early 2000s, websites and casinos have come a long way. Today, gambling sites are unrecognizable compared to their predecessors, and these improvements will only continue.

Many popular casinos now offer hundreds of options. Designers keep adding new features, from unique slots to multiplayer bingo rooms, to improve the general user experience. Key areas of improvement include the graphics, sound effects, and overall creativity that makes these games.

As these improvements keep coming, more players will join the iGambling world, and more improvements will appear. A positive cycle is happening here, so log on today to see the modern gambling options for yourself.

More multiplayer options

One key advantage of land-based casinos was the social aspect. How can you meet and socialize with other players if you’re playing an online gambling game?

This was a fundamental problem during the coronavirus pandemic, but developers quickly modified existing games and replaced them with added social options. Human elements were included in online casinos, from in-game chat to live hosts, to bring back the friendly feel. Live bingo hosts have become a popular choice in places like the UK, giving the games a human think without visiting the local bingo hall. The in-game experience is improving every week!

Many die-hard casino fans initially ignored online casinos due to the lack of connection between players. Still, as these extra features started to appear, subscriptions and accounts began to increase. Whether you want a friendly chat while you play or prefer fierce competition, there are options for all needs. Plus, you get to meet like-minded people without even leaving the house!

Multiplayer options and live chat boxes are essential features that will help the iGaming industry expand in the coming years. After all, no one likes to play alone!

Looking to the future

iGaming and online betting are set to expand and soar over the next few years. This industry is already booming in places like the UK, and it looks like it’s time for the US to embrace this online phenomenon with open arms.

Since 2018, sports betting has been legal across the nation, and now more than half of the US has started legalizing betting. Though fighting for better online gambling legislation feels like an uphill battle, this online industry’s lucrative business and financial opportunities are worth the fight. iGaming is one of the fastest-growing industries, so it would be a complete oversight to keep current legislation in place.

The bottom line

Though we won’t see a nationwide acceptance of iGaming immediately, the changes are slowly appearing. Due to the coronavirus, countries worldwide have started enjoying the benefits of online playing, and now many players aren’t looking back.

If you live in a state that allows online casinos or poker games, consider signing up today to see all the fuss. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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