Are the Yeezy Slides the Best Slides Ever? Ultimate Review

Are the Yeezy Slides the Best Slides Ever? Ultimate Review

The Yeezy slide is the one making people queue for hours and for good reason
10:38 AM March 22, 2022

Due to its popularity, Yeezy slides seem to have no competition whatsoever. While almost every established fashion brand from Louis Vuitton to Nike has a micro brand dedicated slides.

The Yeezy slide is the one making people queue for hours and for good reason—it gets the most eyeballs. In this guide, we’ll discuss the unique features of Yeezy slides that make them the most coveted slides in 2022.

Why Are Yeezy Slides so Popular?

It is difficult to fathom why people are driven nuts by rubber slides. To get these slides, many people queue in stores for hours. To an outsider, the drive to spend money on slides might be seen as crazy but there are clear reasons people prefer Yeezy slides to other slides.

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Resell Value

People buy luxury products because of fear of missing out (FOMO) and resell value. Like Rolex watches and Air Jordan sneakers, Yeezy slides have a high resell value.

The original retail price for Yeezy slides is $55, but once its limited sale is off, people don’t mind buying the slip-on footwear from those who got theirs on the release date. The resell price of Yeezy slides depends on the colorway. The bone colorway has the highest resell value because it was the first Yeezys that debuted in 2018. But the Yeezy slide slate grey colorway (ID2350) can still fetch you a decent sum.

The core Yeezy slides were released in 2020 for a retail price of $55 and their current resell price on StockX is $600. The resin colorway had the same retail price as its core alternative, but its estimated resell value is $24 according to data obtained from the StockX website. Additionally, on top of the slate grey, the black Yeezy slides (colorway onyx, with SKU ID HQ6448) and the Yeezy slide slate marine are two of the most popular colorways, with the slate marine Yeezy slides the more “affordable” colorway.

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New versions of Adidas Yeezy slides

But if you’re aiming for a more ominous and manly look, go for dark onyx Yeezy slides (id5103) — promising comfort the Adidas Yeezy slides are known for plus the strong charcoal hue. While this colorway is a best seller, it’s presented with a heftier price of $86. Don’t fret just yet, you could still don the same dark-hued slip-on by opting for the Yeezy slides granite instead which cost less at $78.

Furthermore, sneakerheads, you might want to mark your calendars for the new releases coming this March 2024. Following Kanye West’s disengagement with Adidas, the latter will release Adidas Yeezy slides this year — a feasible solution to their huge backstock after West left.


The best time to buy your Yeezy slides is before it gets sold out in the stores while the second-best time is four months after release as there is still more Yeezy supply in the aftermarket. Once the supply in the market diminishes, the price of the slides increases by a very wide margin and it will be difficult to find a reseller.

The pandemic factor

The 2020 pandemic was a tough time for many, especially full-time workers who had to work from home. Sneakers were useless because of the lockdown, hence people needed comfy slip-ons that would help them move indoors without having to tie laces.

The Yeezy slides were the perfect solutions for many during the pandemic and since then, it has stuck with us. The unconventional and cool designs also helped it spread faster than usual.

Similar to Zoom, the Yeezy brand capitalized on peoples’ needs during the 2020 lockdown and profited immensely. Unlike Air Jordans, making EVA slides costs next to nothing. Yet, Yeezy slides sell for $50 to $60 depending on your location.

Many people believe the slides cost too much, but the design is undeniably spot-on. Critics agree that the newer releases of the Yeezy slide are better than the old ones and they expect upcoming releases to also improve by a mile.


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The Yeezy slides owe their comfy feel to lightweight EVA foam. Once you have them on, you will feel your midfoot and wide foot sinking in. These rubber slip-ons are like marshmallows to your feet.

Conventional slides flap and become irritating when you move with them. The noise increases when you run or jog. However, Yeezy slides don’t flap when you are walking like other slides. Instead, the slide pair sticks to your feet.

Yeezy slides are sticky on all surfaces but water can be a factor. We recommend that you walk carefully on watery surfaces when you are wearing these slides.

What does Eva foam do?

The safety perks of using EVA foam is that it does not contain chlorine and according to NTP, IARC, and ACGIH, the foam is safe to wear and has no carcinogenic attribute.

Few people complained that the Yeezy slides become tight when worn with socks, hence we advise buyers to go a half size up or a full size up to avoid the tightness at the forefoot.

Nevertheless, it’s a comfortable open-toe shoe even with socks. Instead of thick socks, you can go for thinner ones when wearing Yeezy slides. Not all reviews of the Adidas Yeezy slides are positive as some people commented that the heel sinks more than forefoot even though it feels bouncy.

Others said it is fairly snug around the mid-foot, but it’s nothing to worry about. Its quality is unparalleled in the slide industry and it retains its shape when bent.

One thing we loved about Yeezy slides is the minimal monochromatic nature and its rare design. It is not over branded like Louis Vuitton slides, as the Adidas logo only features near its rear side and the Yeezy branding is on the internal surface.

The high-quality slip-ons have ridges at the outsole like teeth at the bottom of a shoe. They are soft but not mushy; lightweight but dense; cheaper than other Yeezys but have a high resell value.

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The most affordable Yeezy

Even though many disagree with the price of the Adidas Yeezy slide, it’s pretty much the most affordable Yeezy out there. On the launch of the Adidas Yeezy site, it sold for $55, but it makes up for it with the high resell value. For $200 to $300, you can get a second-hand original Yeezy slide. Beware of fake Yeezy slides, since they have many similar details to the original Yeezys.

It comes in different colorways, namely the earth-brown colorway, bone colorway, resin colorway, enflame colorway, or prison slides (they were popularly called that because they have resemblance with prison wear) and many more.

For people who only wear their slides indoors, any color would fit including the enflame color. But for those who love wearing it outdoors, the earthy slides are the best as they go with all colors.

Final Thoughts: Notes for Purchasing Upcoming Releases

To an untrained eye, there is no difference in details between original Yeezys and knockoffs. There are stores on Google that resell fake slides for the price of the original ones. They use the pictures of the original pair of Yeezys as clickbait. Hence, you have to account for fake Yeezy slides. One way to confirm if a pair is original is to check the strap around the sole.

The original pairs of Yeezys have a well-rounded strap and a seamless wide strap upper while the fake has a pointy strap. The original Yeezy slide features injected EVA foam material and thus has soft top layer. Also, another way to confirm is by checking the heel. The heel of the original pairs of Yeezys have lines on the surface that forms deep grooves or separate sections but they’re not very conspicuous or deep.

The manufacturers of the dupes often do too much and leave behind overly conspicuous and straight lines giving these pairs of slides a whack and cheap look. Understand the differences between real and counterfeit before you choose to purchase the Yeezy slide from any aftermarket site you visit. If you don’t want to miss out on the next release, sign up for Inquirers for Yeezy-related and other relevant news stories.

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