10 Best Safe QR Code Generators Online

10 best safe QR code generators online

/ 09:17 AM February 23, 2022

Knowing how safe QR codes are is vital now that most brands and institutions are incorporating their use to effortlessly display the necessary information by their customers to complete the purchase with them.

Understanding how protected the QR code concerns its production origins is one tremendous step that any data-conscious individual chooses to secure sensitive information since enforcing data privacy is an essential aspect considered when doing transactions online. 

As these QR codes arise to strengthen community health protocols and social distancing practices, relying on a reliable QR code generator becomes essential. 


10 best safe QR code generators to use for your business



What is QRTIGER?

QRTIGER is a feature-rich advanced QR code generator with various QR code choices. The site’s ad-free layout allows users to continue making QR codes without disruption. Furthermore, its user interface is professional, primary, and straightforward to use, making it easy for consumers to use. The many features and the good user experience makes them the best QR code generator on our list. 

Because of its safe and cost-effective packaging, small and large enterprises may implement QR code technology into their products and services while using the saved money for other purposes. QRTIGER is the first QR code generator online that receives a certification from ISO27001 with its security information system management certification. 

QR code solutions provided by the program give users a competitive edge. It also allows them to customize their QR codes and include their logo in them.  

The feature that stand our is their social media QR code and their Multi URL QR code, which are good for brands that want to grow their social media following and sales. 

  1. LogoDesign.net


What is LogoDesign.net?

Logodesign.net started as a generator of logo design tools for small-scale graphic artists but has subsequently expanded to incorporate QR codes for enterprise use. To help users through the stages of making a QR code, the QR code generator software on LogoDesign.net employs a basic popup menu layout.


It offers six fundamental QR code types: URL, text, phone, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Users can also customize their QR codes by choosing from various alternative designs available in the software.

This QR code generator provides essential QR code solutions and design possibilities. Still, it lacks several essential QR code functions, such as adding calls-to-action to the code.

  1. Visualead


What is Visualead?

Visualead is a QR code generator that emphasizes producing aesthetically pleasing QR codes. This QR code generator is entertaining at first, but they will want you to sign up for their 14-day trial plan when you try to save them. 

Most marketers know that 14 days of campaign execution is insufficient to measure how successful or a failure a marketing campaign is.

With the standard being set, this software’s test creation and usage are limited. Thus, not following one of the standards set in choosing the best safe QR code generator to use today. 

  1. uQR.me


What is uQR.me?

uQR.me is an efficient yet competitive QR code generator. However, because their software now concentrates on developing dynamic QR codes, users who do not have enough funds to execute a QR code campaign will be excluded from this upgrade. It is a secure QR code generator, but its services give the other set of users a minor market edge.

  1. Qrd.by


What is Qrd.by?

Qrd.by is a QR code generator software with a straightforward graphical interface. Because of its easy and modern style, users may effortlessly utilize the software when trying out new means of converting their resources into a QR code.

The snag that you can find of this QR code generator is that it only provides a specific number of free QR code solutions, as well as no help or support, which is an essential step in understanding further about QR codes and how to utilize them successfully in the projects a person may run with it.

  1. Edentity


What is Edentity?

Edentity is a social media advertising-directed QR code generator that lets users generate QR codes for social media advertising in a safe manner.

This QR code generator offers all of the basic QR code options that social media marketers can utilize and include in their marketing initiatives, such as URL, Text, Email, SMS, and other social media profile link embedding, which are crucial for social media marketing growth.

Users can only adjust the color and size of the QR code, even though it is simple to use.

  1. QRStuff


What is QRStuff?

QRStuff is a simple and interactive online QR code generator that allows you to produce a QR code in a creation stage manner. It provides several free QR code solutions that marketers may use for personal and commercial applications.

The shortcomings of this QR code generator include the need for a premium account to put your logo in the QR code and the fact that its QR code production features are mostly bound to URLs, text, and file embedding techniques.

  1. ForQRcode


What is ForQRcode?

ForQRcode is a simple and direct QR code generator that allows users to build and tweak QR codes. The major disadvantage of this QR code generator is that it only offers a limited number of free features, which are mainly focused on fundamental QR code capabilities such as URL, SMS, Email, and Plain text functionalities.

  1. MeQR


What is MeQR?

MeQR is an online QR code generator software that generates free dynamic QR codes for users who want to change the content of their QR code. It provides some QR code solutions that anyone may use to exchange files, websites, and contact information.

However, as varied as these QR code options are, their QR code layout personalization means that you only have a restricted options of frames, styles, and logos to choose from and incorporate. In addition, when a user scans a QR code generated by this QR code generator, Google tailored advertisements are displayed on the scanner’s device screen before the QR code’s data is displayed.

  1. QRExplore


What is QRExplore?

QRExplore is a QR code generator that can generate QR codes in volume for people who frequently produce items in quantity. A straightforward QR code generator allows people to make QR codes quickly and effortlessly. Even though it has free batch QR codes, its function is confined to a single QR code option.

Standards Considered When Choosing A Safe QR Code Generator To Use Online

As a proof of fair listings of the best safe QR code generators above, QR code aficionados developed a set of standards for determining the safety of a QR code generator online.

Software reliability

When searching for a QR code generator to use and entrust your resource, it is essential for the first time and repeats QR code users to look into its software reliability. 

To know if a QR code generator is safe and has reliable software to use, you can integrate an online URL checker or a site-auditor like URLVoid and Google Safe Browsing.

Allowance to test the software

Testing their application without providing sensitive data is a beautiful approach to verify how safe the QR code generator is. You can gain a solid user impression this way before utilizing the product. 

If the QR code generator asks you to give up critical data before you can try the app, your chances of accessing it first are reduced. As a result, QR code experts advise utilizing the “test first, commit later” guideline while employing software to prevent any usage errors.

Feature usage cost-effectiveness

Not all the time a safe QR code generator is should be expensive to use and maintain. Even the ones that are reasonably priced are also safe to use.

Active Tech support system

A safe QR code generator is a generator that is run by and maintained by real people. To check if a QR code is run by.

Data Privacy Compliance 

Data privacy plays an essential role in regulating one SaaS company or physical business their use of data from their clients and users. And as data is considered a valuable string of information in the digital world, people need to know where they will entrust their information. 

With different generators being available today, it is essential to look at the ones that vigorously enforce the Data Privacy policies set by various unions and countries of business. 

We can rank the ten best safe QR code generators that every business and individual can use for personal and commercial purposes by following these standards.


With the list above of the best QR code generator to use online today, many companies and individuals can save extra time browsing which QR code generator to use to make their QR codes safely.

And, to completely utilize the QR codes’ potential in performing their purpose for the people who scan them, the first best safe QR code generator on the internet is advised to be used. They don’t have to stress QR code creation problems or data leaks if they incorporate its utilization.

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