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Best pillows available on Amazon

/ 08:12 AM January 31, 2022
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Do you usually wake up feeling tired? Are you looking for the perfect pillow for your sleeping posture?
Due to different DNAs, there are many things we all don’t do the same way, and sleeping is at the top of that list. There are different sleepers discussed in this guide, and you will find the best pillows for you here regardless of your sleeping posture.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Pillows – Best Amazon Pillows to Buy

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Pillows - Best Amazon Pillows to Buy

First things first, to have what you need to get the best comfort for your head, you need a cushion that will hold your head in the best position to put you to a good rest.


The toughness of the stuffing materials

Pillows are stuffed with polyurethane foam. It is the major foam brand used for pillows and mattresses. It has a comfy scaffold structure that readily collapses and bounces back when the major material is used. Tough materials come from organic cotton/recycled cotton, hemp, wool, and others.

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Type of pillow hem finishing

You should check the durability of the fastening finish that holds the cover-clothing of the pillow together in position. You don’t want a sewing finish that allows the cushion to rupture and let out the following stuffing material.

Type for clothing material

There’s a problem with staining and absorbability with the cover clothing. Pure cotton can stand dust and dirt stains.
However, polyester clothing material tells every little sweat stain that touches it.

Size of pillow

This would have said, cut your coat according to your size…That would mean that the bigger your head is, the bigger your cushion should be. But that cannot be a good reason to judge your pillow size.

Your sleeping position

As a parent, the last thing you want is your child becoming restless every night because you got them the wrong type. Parents shopping for the best pillows for their children and partners should study their sleeping positions before shopping. You will learn more about the type of sleepers later in this guide.

5 Best Pillows Available on Amazon

Here are our top picks among the best cushions available in the market (on Amazon store). Each choice has been curated to design quality suitable for every special need.

Queen/King Size Luxury Gel Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows

Price: $50

This soft cushion is a cooling gel type that suits back or side sleepers. If you want comfort at its peak when laying your head to rest, the 250-thread count cover has got you covered.

It is also filled with a soft-down alternative that puts you out of discomfort from long-stay in a position. Pillow textiles are OEKO-TEX Standard. Its 100% factory design makes it meet high safety and environmental standards. It is easy to wipe dirt off its material surface. Its readiness to be cleaned makes it a special quality that withstands dirty usage environments.


  • It is easy to tumble dry.
  • It has quality textile material.
  • The stuffing material is a tough bouncy foam.


  • Its material absorbs moisture readily and traps it down in stuffing due to gel behavior. Dry enough after long use.


Adjustable Crosscut Memory Foam Original Loft  Pillows

Price: $66

This Coop Home Goods brand has a cross-cut striated 4design that allows for every depth of stretch on the stuffing. Its springy and elastic cover allows the cross-court design to handle more deformation.

Unlike a memory-foam cushion mentioned earlier, this side-silk sleeper pillow is designed to make you count the rounds of sweet sheep you get. It provides head and neck keeping them neck support, hence in good shape and cushioning your brain for optimal blood flow. They are washable. All you have to do is pop them in the washer and tumble dry.


  • It has a cross-cut design that expands to comfort feel.
  • Apart from the stuffing, it also has a surface cushion
  • It is washable.


  • Rheologic cross-cut design can be easily tampered with if left to stretch under force for too long. Keep away from distorting pressure even during washing.


Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Price: $32

Ventilation gives your cushions a good self-drying compensation, especially when you don’t have the time to do laundry or you find it herculean to keep them out of sweat.

This ventilated Gel Memory Foam pillow has all it takes to absorb moisture and make it dry instantaneously.
Whether you’re a supine sleeper, a power napper or you love a sideways siesta – these ventilated cooling cushions collect enough air to cool your head.

Its platonic no-shift construction allows comfy sleep to be enjoyed in any sleeping position. It also releases sweat vapor that would have ordinarily been trapped inside by other types mentioned. It is infused with a temperature-regulating gel that relieves sleep and has a standard rectangular size and a washable cover.


  • It is super-ventilated.
  • Its cover can be machine washed.
  • It has a standard size that supports all sleep styles. It is also useful for combination sleepers.


  • The foam could be a bit thicker than needed for a head raise. But you might consider getting a stuffed bed cover to position your head into a prop balance.


2 Pack, Standard Size Cooling Pillows

Price: $27

This pair-set of comfy soft foam cushions has a top-end microfiber cover that is breathable and reversible. It is one of the best pillows for people who cherish their comfort.

The luxury taste is found in its skin-friendly soft cover made of soft fabric. Its core filling is made of down-like microfiber. It is superb for adults and the elderly who have fabric-sensitive skin.

There’s no odor or peculiar smell that might cause allergy as found with some other microfiber – No irritation whatsoever to the skin. When you touch it, you’ll experience a perfect balance between fluffy and support which makes them supportive and cozy.


  • It is soft and skin-friendly
  • Also, it’s breathable
  • It has a down-like microfiber.
  • It is an adjustable cushion.


  • Avoid heat-drying. It takes a long time to dry. You should let it air-dry well enough before use.


What pillows do doctors recommend?

What pillows do doctors recommend?

The best pillows you to sleep better, thereby improving the duration and the quality of sleep. Sometimes, people wake up feeling stressed, neck pain, headache because they used the wrong ones. According to medical experts, we will discuss what kinds are right for you.

Throw away overused cushions to prevent skin contamination due to dirt, dust mites, skin cells, and fungi. Change your pillow regularly. How you care for your them and handle it will determine how long it will last before replacing it. According to WebMD experts, the rule of thumb is to change your cushions after 12 to 18 months.

There is no one-size-fits-all cushions for everybody. The best pillows for you can be determined by the kind of sleeper you are. There are three kinds of sleepers: side sleepers, stomach and back sleepers. None of these three sleeping postures is bad, but each position has a pillow best suited for it.

Back sleepers are prone to sleeping with their heads thrown far forward. To prevent neck pain and provide enough space to cradle your neck, back sleepers should get thinner ones that are loftier in their lower thirds.

Stomach sleepers may not need a cushion but if you feel the need to get one, buy a thin and flat cushions. You can always support your stomach with a thin and flat type to prevent lower back pain.

Apart from the three types of cushions described above, special pillows are made for people with health challenges. For instance, oxygen-promoting cushions (for diabetes patients), anti-snore, water (for people with misaligned joints), and cervical cushions (for people with neck pains). There are insufficient studies to support using the best pillows for health purposes, but they are worth trying.

Side sleepers require a huge range and firmer pillow compared to back sleepers. The pillow should be fat enough to occupy the distance from the ear and shoulder.

What kind of pillows do they use in 5-star hotels?

What kind of pillows do they use in 5-star hotels?

5-star hotels often go the extra mile to ensure their clients are comfortable. Of course, practically no one would pay $500 to $2000 for a room with the best pillows that are cheap.

The pillows you will most likely find in a 5-star hotel would be in the range of $70 to $250, depending on the location and tier. They opt for the best pillows that are luxurious with breathable organic cotton covers with goose or duck-down fillings. They also provide alternative best pillows for clients who are allergic to organic down fillings.

What are goose-down pillows?

What are goose-down pillows?

If you are really into soft pillows, you should try a goose-down pillow. Goose-down pillows are hypersoft pillows made up of feathers extracted from the underbelly of geese. Other types of down pillows consist of feathers of swans and ducks.
It is easy for a sleeper to mistake pillows for feather ones, but technically they are not the same.

Unlike feather pillows, down pillows are quill-less. The material used to fill the feather pillow is gotten from the wings of geese, swans, and ducks.

Looking for a soft and cozy pillow, a goose-down pillow is a perfect pick for you. The quality will likely be the same regardless of the company you order your goose-down pillows from, except the manufacturer uses a cheaper alternative pillow. Some manufacturers mix down fillings with feathers, so you need to research before purchasing.

Goose-down pillows are not for everybody. If you are a side sleeper, you should opt for a firm pillow, not a goose-down pillow. Also, if you are allergic to ducks, you should avoid the goose-down pillow or any other form of a down pillow. You can opt-in for the synthetic down alternative best pillows instead.


Remember to dispose of pillows that require more than 18 months and never buy organic down or feather pillows if you are allergic to ducks. Consider your household sleep needs before going for the option out of the recommended best pillows picked from the available ones in the market.

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