Astrologers on 2018: Dollar drops, robots and sex rise, Bitcoin swings, etc.

Astrologers on 2018: Dollar drops, robots and sex rise, Bitcoin swings, etc.

/ 02:39 AM December 21, 2017

Astrologer Resti Santiago (right) being interviewed by Star Santos on her radio program. CONTRIBUTED

SAN FRANCISCO — Astrologer Resti Santiago divines many things from the stars about the year 2018, from politics to business to sex and technology. Throw in bitcoin too.

“The value of the US dollar (USD) will likely drop further against other currencies as measured in US Dollar Index. Key periods to watch are January and early March, for a drop in the value of the USD,” Santiago predicts


US President Donald Trump will likely continue to face more protests against his policies in 2018, he says, although you really don’t to need the stars to tell you that.

“His popularity will dip but may be saved by some trade deals that will be seen as beneficial to the country,” Santiago says. “The political opposition will be more vocal, especially regarding his approach to foreign relations.”


Santiago gleans a relational connection between Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. “There’s some form of compatibility if we base it on their Sun Signs.”

Astrologer and tarot card consultant Bles Carmona. CONTRIBUTED

Duterte is an Aries, a fire sign. Trump is a Gemini, an air sign. “There is fire and air compatibility. There’s also the possible bond that springs from the Uranian influence highlighted in both of their birth charts. Uranus’ energy is that of the unorthodox.”


For businesses or industries that may do well next year, Santiago advises, “The best businesses in 2018 are those symbolized by Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, hence liquids in general are good. Other liquids include oil, beverages in general and alcoholic drinks in particular. Scorpio is also power and power-generation or power storage. There will be more demand for these.”

“Other good businesses to be in are insurance, security, including internet security, recycling and pollution control.”

He also pointed out the continuing awareness of sex-related matters. “After Jupiter entered Scorpio in October 2017, sex scandals hit the headlines. Businesses related to robots and technology as sex objects may take off big time within this period.”

For speculative investments, he says, “The value of Bitcoin will likely rise further, however, there will be wild swings in 2018.”


In the cards

For her part, Bles Carmona offers tarot card consultations, aside from astrological consultations.

Astrologer Resti Santiago’s Filipino Astrologer 2018 ebook has a US edition. CONTRIBUTED

“The card drawn for 2018 is Strength,” she says of her tarot card impressions for 2018.

“It is about discipline and control. The true strength demanded of us for the entire year of 2018 must come from within, our internal compass.”

For this forecast, Carmona used the Tarot ng Daigdig sa Balintataw deck designed by Lynyrd Narciso.

“Overall, the crystal for 2018 is Jade. In Chinese culture, jade is the crystal for good luck, good fortune and good health. It helps attract prosperity, happiness, well-being and longevity.”

Her recommended mantra for the year is: “As I am grateful for all the good fortune that I have, more blessings flow into my life.”

Diwata Oracle Cards

Carmona’s tarot divination for each month of 2018 and her weekly astrological forecasts can be found on her website Spiritual Rx ( and on her Facebook page Stargazer Bles (

Tarot card spread by Bles Carmona. CONTRIBUTED

Based in San Francisco, Carmona says, “Aside from my Fil-Am clients, I see Americans who are white, Latino, African, Vietnamese, Polish, Czech, among others.” She also has Filipino clients who live in Europe and the Middle East.

She’s also currently designing the Filipino Diwata Oracle Cards. “It will be a 44-card deck of deities from the multi-regional pantheon in the Philippines, with illustrations by Leandro De La Rosa and scripts by baybayin speller Leo Emmanuel Castro.”

Auspicious timing

Santiago, who is based in Manila, also accepts clients from the US. His other forecasts for 2018 are in his Filipino Astrologer 2018 ebook.

He has written a US edition that specifically uses Pacific Standard Time for forecasted timing schedules, i.e. hours and days, to maximize and to avoid for major activities in 2018.

“Filipino Americans in the other US time zones should have an easier time re-computing the times that apply to them from PST/PDT versus re-computing from Philippine time,” he says.

The US edition ebook is available as a subscription series and will come with several installments, including a feng shui guide for 2018. The first installment is already available for emailing to subscribers.

Contact Resti Santiago at [email protected] or visit Contact Bles Carmona at [email protected] or visit


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