36 Unique Couple’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Unique couples Halloween costume ideas

/ 11:27 AM October 12, 2021

Need some ideas for some couples Halloween costume ideas? Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are dating someone or married, you may want to dress like your partner. Couples’ Halloween costume ideas are always fun and different each year.

We have done some research, and we found the latest trends for couples Halloween costume ideas. These couples’ Halloween costume ideas are sure to win any costume contest this Halloween.


Bonding as a couple on Halloween costume ideas can be fun and exciting to build your communication.

What can a couple dress up as for Halloween?

What can a couple dress up as for Halloween?

There are a lot of new couples within pop culture, and every day, another couple pops up. Therefore, it may be pretty easy to pick out a couple’s Halloween costume idea.

You and your partner can dress like Disney characters, scary movie characters, pop icons, and more. If you are crafty, you are probably your costumes at home, to avoid spending a lot of money.

Best Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

We have found some awesome couples Halloween costume ideas that will get everyone excited to see this year.

‘Grease’ Halloween Costume

Dressing like a T-Bird and a Pink Lady is always a fun Halloween costume. You could also wear black like Sandy was wearing at the end of the movie. The possibilities are endless with any characters from the movie.


Carpool Karaoke Halloween Costume:

This is a little different and a fun new way to celebrate Halloween and Karaoke. This is something that can be made at home as well. All you need is a microphone, boom box, playlist, and something that resembles a car.

Green With Envy Costume:

This is a couples Halloween costume idea that is cute and funny. One of you can dress in green, and the other one can have a t-shirt with “Envy” written on it. Not too hard to find this costume.

Greek Gods Halloween Costume

Who does not like a good mythology Halloween costume? You can go as Aphrodite, Hermes, Cupid, or any God or goddess in Greek mythology. There are tons of ideas with these costumes.


Instagram Filter

Since everyone is on Instagram already, why not go as a filter. You take a screenshot, print it out, and cut a hole in the middle to fit your face, and accessories and make-up can recreate your filter.

Nintendo Switch

This is a very unique couples Halloween costume idea, and most people will know what you are, but it is very cute.

Dirty Dancing

One of the best movies with a great soundtrack. Baby and Johnny have many different looks, and this is a couple’s favorite.

Grace and Frankie

From the Netflix popular show, Grace and Frankie is fun for couples or best friends too. All you need is a wine bottle or two and some pizazz.

“Top Gun”

You two could dress up like Goose and Maverick from ‘Top Gun.’ This is always a great couple of Halloween costume ideas.

Harry Potter

‘Harry Potter’ couples costumes are awesome and require a sweater or two and a wand to practice your magic with.

Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree

One of you could dress like Bob Ross, and the other could dress like a tree. Both of these costumes can be made at home with little effort, and it is a very cute couples Halloween costume idea.

Sweet Tooth

This couple’s costume idea is easy, and you simply need some candy, a tooth, and your imagination.

50s Mouseketeers

This 50s Mouseketeer couples Halloween costume idea is great! If you like poodle skirts, Mickey Mouse ears, and some bobby socks, you will all be set.

‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Naruto’

If you are into Anime, this is a great couple of Halloween costume ideas. You do not need too much for this one either.

‘The Shining’

If you love Stephen King and scaring people, this is a great idea. If you happen to be a twin and have identical dresses, you could scare the pants off of people.


The ‘Ghostbusters’ theme is always perfect for Halloween costumes. Now with two different versions of the movie, everyone can pick their favorite character.


Who doesn’t love this ‘Beetlejuice’ and Lydia couples Halloween costume? It is a classic costume for couples who are gen Xers.

UFO and Alien

One of the best unique couples Halloween costume ideas is the UFO and alien costume. Alien-themed costumes are not very difficult to design on your own either.

Rock Legends

With these couples Halloween costume ideas, the possibilities are endless. There’s David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, Jim Morrison, and the list goes on and on.

‘Stranger Things’

Another great costume idea from the popular Netflix series. The many characters and looks you could use, and most of them can be easily made from home.


The popular game ‘Operation’ is a great couple Halloween costume idea too. It does not take much.

If you have some scrubs, a stethoscope, and draw or paint body parts on your partner, grab a pair of tweezers, and you are ready to go.

Forrest Gump and Jenny

This couple of Halloween costumes can be made from your home, and it is easy and heartwarming. Forrest Gump and Jenny had many looks and will win everyone’s heart.

Mario and Luigi

For all of the Nintendo fans out there, Mario and Luigi are great costumes for couples, and these are fairly inexpensive and always super fun.

Couple Holding Hands Emoji

We all love emojis, so why not dress like one for Halloween. All you need is a pink dress, a blue shirt, and tan pants.

Your costume is complete, and this costume did not cost anything. This is going to be a favorite this year.

You only need matching dancer costumes and a few dance moves to complete this costume.

Bacon and Egg

Party City is a great place to get costumes and ideas from. However, they have the bacon and egg costume for couples this Halloween.

This is a thrown-together costume, but it is very cute for couples.

Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy

Staying with the food theme, a pizza slice, and a delivery boy are great ideas for a couple of Halloween costumes this year.

One of you can simply wear jeans and a t-shirt, and all you need is a pizza box and a car.


Every Halloween, zombies are a favorite. Why not go as a zombie couple? It will be fun, and it is not very hard to fix yourself and your partner up like zombies. If you have the right make-up, this is a great DIY costume for Halloween.

These are just a few couples Halloween costume ideas. Some couples like to dress like famous couples in history for Halloween.

What are some famous couples to dress up as for Halloween?

What are some famous couples to dress up as for Halloween?

Dressing up as famous couples is always fun and exciting. We have some couples Halloween costume ideas for famous couples.

Beyonce & Jay Z

This is a great power couple to be for Halloween. They have so many different looks too, and this is a favorite at Halloween parties.

Khaleesi and Jon Snow

From Game of Thrones, if you do not know about this couple, we suggest you watch and see this powerful and deadly couple. This is a favorite at Halloween parties too.

Betty & Jughead

Betty and Jughead are two great costume ideas for couples for Riverdale or the Archie comics.

Lucy and Ricky

One of the oldest couples on this list, from the I Love Lucy show. Some of the younger generations may not know much of this couple, but they were one of the most popular couples at one point in time.

Sheldon and Amy From The Big Bang Theory

These two nerds can be a DIY couples costume, and it does not take much to dress like these two.

Ross and Rachel from Friends

This is a DIY costume for couples, and it could be a thrown-together costume for you both, but it will work.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Who doesn’t love the royals? You and your beloved could dress like the Queen and the Prince for Halloween. If not the Queen, there are a million and one royals you can portray easily.

If you do not have a DIY costume, where can you find these sweet costumes?

Where to Shop

Places to Shop for Halloween Costumes

Whether homemade or not, these costumes can be found all over the web and in local shops, and Amazon is a great place to find many of these costumes.

If it’s last minute, they’re always there in a rush, and it can be shipped generally in two to three days.

Party City is another great place to find Halloween costumes. Wal-Mart is another great Halloween store, mostly for kids, though.

There is also Spirit Halloween store, it may be regional, but they have large quantities of adult and couples costumes every Halloween.

To Sum It All Up

Halloween is just around the corner, and the cutest couples Halloween costume ideas are simple and can be made at home.

If you do not have time to make your costume, there are many different places to find the right couples Halloween costumes.

Make sure you and your partner go all out this year, be safe, and trick-or-treat.

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