Most popular Italian girl names of 2021 I Ranked and Reviewed

Most popular Italian girl names

/ 09:41 AM July 20, 2021

If you’re expecting a baby girl anytime soon or in the next months coming, it’s finally time to decide on the perfect name. Whether you’ve been on the fascinating cobbled streets of Italy or you’re just amazed at how they roll Ciao off their tongues, Italian girl names can be a great choice for your babies. Italian girl names have classic and elegant touches that will suit your little girl even until she has grown to be a lady. 

We get how overwhelming it can get to decide on baby names with tons of available baby girl names online. Also, you don’t want to mess with it as names are something your baby will carry her whole life. 


If you decide to look for popular Italian girl names, we’ve got you covered. They’re a major deal-breaker as they have a bit of history attached to them. Italian girl names originated in Latin, or they are Italian versions of names from other languages. 

What is the most common name in Italy?

What is the most common name in Italy?

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Do you have Italian roots and want to continue the Italian tradition? Italians normally name their babies based on the grannies’ names and patron saints. Well, you can keep this tradition alive whether you’re Italian or not. 

You’ll be surprised by the simple but unconventional style of Italian girl names. Choose from the most common Italian baby girl names based on Italian statistics. Oh, check out their meanings too!

  • Alice – noble type
  • Emma – universal or whole
  • Sofia – skill, wisdom
  • Aurora – dazzling, dawn, luminous
  • Giulia – youthful, downy
  • Beatrice – she who makes you contented and blessed
  • Greta – dedicated to Roma god Mars
  • Vittoria – triumphant, victory
  • Ginevra – blessed, white wave, fair one
  • Giorgia – agriculturist, farmer

What are some pretty Italian names?

What are some pretty Italian names?

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If you haven’t decided on your baby girl’s name just because you haven’t felt the “That’s It” feeling yet, we have rounded up pretty Italian girls’ names to choose from. These popular Italian baby girl names in 2021 love! After all, a beautiful baby deserves the prettiest name. 

  • Chiara – Not only is this a name of a famous Italian influencer and brand ambassador, but it’s a classic Italian name. Derived from the Latin word “Clarus,” it means shining and luminous. This name has been in the top 10 Italian girl names for almost 20 years.
  • Anna – The ever classic Anna that’s also widely used in other parts of Europe. Based on Virgin Mary’s mother, it means mercy, gracious and blessed. 
  • Sara – Since Italians don’t use the letter H that much, H was topped in this name with Sarah as the US and UK versions. A popular name that’s also the character in the Bible, Sara, Moses’ wife. This Italian girl’s name means princess, lady, and noblewoman. 
  • Camilla – Dating back to Ancient Rome, this girl’s name has been popular in Italy for decades. This Italian girl’s name means free-born, noble, and servant for the temple.
  • Martina – The feminine version of Martin (obvs), this popular girl named Italy, never leaves the top five popular Italian girl names decades ago. However, it was a rare name in the U.S. It means dedicated to Roman god Mars. Also, Saint Martina is the patron saint of Rome. 
  • Ludovica – Ludo is the usual nickname for this well-known Italian girl’s name. Derived from the German Ludwig, it means famous warrior. It also ranked 15th most popular Italian girl name in 2019. 
  • Benedetta – An ever-popular name for Italian girls, this name has ranked in Italy’s top 50 girl names for 20 years. Benedetta is the feminine version of St. Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine monastery. Not a surprise as the name means blessed itself.

More picks for your Italian girl’s name choices.

  • Alessia – Alexa in the US, with Alessio as the male counterpart, also a shortened version of Alessandra. The name depicts a positive aura and means she who protects or saves – the defender. 
  • Caterina – One of the most popular Italian girl names for girls is in the top 50 girl names for the past decades. Perhaps it’s obvious that Catherine or Katherine is its US counterpart. This girl’s name means pure. 
  • Francesca – You’re probably familiar with this name if you’ve watched the movie Inferno. Francesca is the main character in that movie. It’s the top two of the most common girl names in Italy, and it means Frenchman.
  • Gaia – this unique Italian name has been an Italian favorite for a very long time. As the personification of planet earth in greek mythology, no wonder this girl’s name means Earth.
  • Ilaria – Ranked as 17th in the most popular Italian girl’s name, the US version calls for Hillary’s letter H. This name means merry and cheerful, something you’d like your daughter to pick up.

What is the rarest name in Italy?

What is the rarest name in Italy?

Photo Credit: Pexels

If your Italian heritage calls you to give your baby girl an Italian name, then do so. There are still plenty of Italian names aside from the ones given above. Since we’ve talked about the most common, popular, and pretty names, it’s about time we look into the rare and unique names. Here are the Italian baby names for unusual girls but would still make a great name for your Bambina. 

  • Bambina 

Although it’s traditionally Italian to name babies from saints’ and grandparents’ names, this one here is a unique way to call your little tots. Bambina is an Italian word for children or little girls. While Mia means mine in English, therefore it’ll be a good combo with Bambina. It’ll turn out as Mia Bambina – my little girl, a sweet thought, isn’t it?


  • Mattea

A cute and exotic counterpart for the US boys named Matthew will make for a good baby girl’s name. Above all, its meaning is “gift of God.”

  • Allegra

Whatever could get more appealing than knowing that in music, allegro means “lively, quick tempo. This name also means the same, joyous. So if you’re aiming for a name that starts with A, this is your best bet for Italian girl names.

  • Luciana

This is a more elegant and grownup version of the name Lucy. This name is often used not only by Italians but by Spanish too. This name is normally pronounced as loo-chee-anna. A unique name for your baby girl, and it means light. 


  • Lelia

As sweet and dainty as it sounds, this name is a variation of an ancient Roman family name. George Sand wrote a romantic novel titled Lelia back in 1833. This name means unknown.

Key Takeaway

Choosing your baby boy’s and girl’s name can be quite tricky. But given the right inspiration and the meaning of names, you’re heading to the end of your quest for the perfect Italian girl names. However, there are several Italian baby boy names to choose from as much as the girls’. Get those pens rolling and check your best bets on the names you’ve chosen. 

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