6 Best wine clubs to subscribe to in 2021 | Ranked and Reviewed

Best wine clubs to subscribe to

/ 07:28 AM June 03, 2021

With COVID-19 making it almost impossible to physically shop, buying good quality items has become somewhat problematic.

This goes for buying a good bottle of wine as well. Since restaurants are closed, going out for a couple of drinks with friends is not an option anymore. While the government only allows for essential outlets to open till late, it can be an absolute hassle to buy that luxurious bottle of wine.


So, whether you’re entertaining your friends at home, planning a date night, or even wondering what to gift that one avid drinker in your family on their birthday? Get a wine subscription from one of the best wine clubs!

Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Definitely! Not only do wine clubs make online shopping easy, but they also make it affordable. Wine club members get regular discounts throughout the year.

What’s even better is, you can get any sort of wine you’re looking for, even a foreign brand, right at your doorstep! So, you no longer need to travel to Spain or France for that premium vintage bottle.

You can also get all the information about where the bottle is from and its constituents without you having to spend hours at a liquor store trying to look for the best wine to go with your menu for the day.

Every piece of information under the sun regarding your wine purchase will be present once you join the club and start your search.

Other reasons to join wine clubs are the loyalty card benefits and the reward points you can achieve with your subscriptions. With each delivery, you can gradually add up your reward points and use them to buy free bottles as well.

Make sure that you keep track of the time duration for the validity of these points. Wait too long, and you might just lose them all.

Although there are multiple subscriptions available, it can be tricky to figure out which ones are the best ones for your exquisite needs. Don’t worry though, we have got you covered!


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What is the Best Wine Club to Subscribe to?

What is the Best Wine Club to Subscribe to?

Picking out the best wine club to join is a tad bit more complicated than a one-word answer. Many factors are involved in choosing, most of which depend on the member’s needs.

There are different wine clubs present to cater to a diverse clientele. We’ve put together a list of six of the best wine clubs out there on the internet, categorized according to what a potential member may be looking for in their new wine.

The Best of The Best


Hand-picked from across the globe, this wine club is all about exotic wine. This is the perfect wine club for anyone new to the world of wine clubs.

With subscriptions starting at $99, this subscription will not disappoint. The club is owned by Ian Cauble, the famous sommelier from the recent Netlfix documentary ‘Somm.’

An interesting fact about this particular wine club is that every month or quarterly delivery sets a different theme. Ian himself caters to this. It may be either regarding a specific type of wine, with notes of either oranges or grapes, or it may also hint at the wine’s exotic location.

Either way, your monthly four-bottle delivery will not be mundane. The club is also particular about the accuracy and punctuality of all their orders, which means you will never have to complain about getting a late or wrong order.

The Best Low-Budget Wine Club

The Best Low-Budget Wine Club


Are you on a budget but looking for the best wine to have with your favorite meal? Look no further! This wine club is just the one you need to tantalize those taste buds.

This wine club was founded in 2012 to make red wines readily available without being unreasonably expensive to the general public.

Winc’s collection ranges from classic to premium. To make the experience more personal to your taste, Winc offers every customer a questionnaire after their subscription. This questionnaire requires members to describe how they like their coffee so that their wines are tailored accordingly.

The best thing about this subscription is that it can start from as low as $39 for three bottles per month. It just cannot get any better than this!

The One with the Best Variety


If you’re an avid wine drinker and like trying new wines regularly, try The Astor Wines and Spirits.

At $150 per year, this particular wine club will send you a monthly bottle for the whole 12 months with some of their most recent wine discoveries.

This turns out to be $12.5, and that’s much less compared to what you might find at any liquor store. If you’re interested in this offer and grape variety, check out The Astor Wines and Spirit’s ‘Top 12 Monthly Subscription’.

The One that has the Best Natural Wine


If you’re living a healthy life, and appreciate natural or no sulfite wines, then the Primal wine club is your go-to option.

The subscriptions include a mixture of reds, all whites, and mixed sparkling wines, sent to your doorstep in sets of 3, 6, or 12, depending on your preference.

The added benefit of getting your subscription at this wine club is that you get a free bottle when you purchase your first subscription.

The Best Budget-Friendly Natural Wine

The Best Budget-Friendly Natural Wine


Natural wines are typically expensive because there are fewer outlets that deal in this particular type of wine. The lower the production rates, the lower the sales, and therefore, the higher the prices.

However, for those looking for natural wine at a reasonable budget, try The Vanderbilt Wine Merchant. For $75, this subscription will get you four bottles per month for however long you want.

The best part is, you can cancel anytime, without any hidden charges at all.

The Best Cider Based Wine


Are you bored with the same old monthly wine deliveries of white and red, and you’d like to mix it up with some cider? The Viticole Wine Club is your go-to wine subscription for next month.

Brian Mc Clintin, the mastermind behind this venture, works with numerous organic producers worldwide to provide you with personalized versions of luxury wine full size.

At The Viticole, you can be assured that you’re receiving wine like no other. Get your subscription here as soon as possible and receive your exclusive package every month.

Subscriptions at this club are mainly of two types. You can purchase the $99 package and get two 12 bottle cases during the spring and fall seasons throughout the year.

Alternatively, you can opt for the $198 and get four 12 bottle cases a year. Regardless of what you choose, the quality of wine will be worth the cash! Trust us!


It’s never the wrong time to join a wine club. These wine clubs can be a lifesaver. They always come in handy when you’re too late to buy holiday presents, or if you forgot someone’s birthday and didn’t have time to get them a gift. Wine clubs are the new liquor stores.

One significant factor that lies in favor of wine clubs is that they offer flexibility. If you feel like you need to reduce your intake of wine or be more watchful of your alcohol intake at any point during your membership, you can pause or cancel at any time, at no additional cost.

Therefore, it’s imperative to understand that choosing the best wine clubs for subscription is to understand the company. If the individual can relate to the terms of the club and the wine that it deals with, choosing the high-quality wine clubs can be hassle-free.

Make sure that your expectations as a wine expert are being met before you join the club. Whether you’re on a low budget or enjoy wines from across the globe, the best wine club for you will be the perfect fit for your tasting notes.

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