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Tom John Or-Paz Launches LightArt for Branded Real Estate

10:00 AM August 07, 2020

LightArt founder Tom John Or-Paz plans to revolutionize the architecture industry with his new company. The brand constructs projects that merge modern architecture and contemporary art.

Tom John Or-Paz believes his approach will deliver value that other firms simply don’t provide. With the rise of branded real estate, LightArt plans to come up on top using this novel strategy.

The Man Behind LightArt

The spark behind the company is Tom John Or-Paz, a multi-millionaire, and entrepreneur who specializes in branded real estate. He was born in Israel’s capital Tel Aviv and raised by his Buddhist parents. Eventually, he moved to the USA when he turned 18 years old.

There, he started his first real estate stint at FashionTV during his 20s. His projects garnered worldwide acclaim and quickly sold out.

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Tom John Light with LightArt

With the launch of LightArt, Tom John Or-Pazendeavors to provide housing that transcends four walls and a roof. He strives to offer homes where clients may cherish intimate memories. Instead of pondering technical aspects, he wants his clients to ponder about the experiences his creations will bring.

This principle guides LightArt’s mission to revolutionize the branded real estate market.


LightArt: Contemporary Art Meets Modern Architecture

Tom John Or-Paz plans to achieve this lofty goal with the help of his world-class team of designers, artists, and architects. They will create distinct projects by incorporating unique art that blends with the area.

Their goal is to create iconic structures that match it’s country’s culture. Ultimately. Tom John Or-Paz believes this will give LightArt a tremendous edge in branded real estate worldwide.

Various property costs are skyrocketing yet customers often get no added value to their purchase. Despite paying more, buyers often get the same design that most properties have. Tom John Or-Paz wants to maximize his client’s purchase with LightArt.


By blending artwork and architecture, his projects will stand out from the rest of his drab competitors.

LightArt’s Florentine Project: The First of Many

People may find LightArt’s first project in the streets of Florentine in Tel Aviv. Tom John Or-Paz’s company decided to start there as the area is well-suited to its real estate fusion. After all, the area has various street paintings sprawled among new residential properties.

The company debuted its first creation as a vibrant structure that represents the area’s culture and history.

LightArt CEO and partner Gary Ghozlan oversaw this particular project and applied his real estate experience and artistic talent. Ghozlan has over 15 years of experience in real estate development under his belt. He’s also the creator of the Urban Circus named Bascula that provides a unique experience for performers and audiences.

LightArt: Community with Technology

Tom John Or-Paz will also have cutting-edge housing technology for LightArt tenants. His projects will contain the latest amenities his clients need in this modern era.

These will provide their needs, and it will connect them to other tenants and the LightArt team. Tom John Or-Paz aims to create a community for his tenants using these modern technologies.

LightArt project

LightArt residents can expect a full suite of smart technologies that provide comfort and convenience. These smart amenities include air conditioning, solar water heaters, and even blinds or curtains. Their living spaces will also come with the best audio systems and lighting. The brand intends to give clients the best living experience with the help of these technologies.

The company will also provide on-demand concierge services that will cater to tenant needs around the clock. Clients can ask staff to do their home shopping, or set appointments for them.

In case of emergencies, the property will have repairmen and technicians perform necessary fixes quickly. They may be called upon using the built-in intercom system or LightArt’s smartphone app.

This mobile software will be accessible to all tenants, so they can easily access the property’s features. Tenants may use the app to pay management fees, report and monitor issues, and check their parking permits.

Tom John Or-Paz will show LightArt’s transparency by enabling access to its financial reports via the smartphone app.

Tom John Or-Paz Illuminates the Next Path for LightArt

This technology will bring LightArt tenants closer together, to form a tight community within the property. Living space owners may communicate with each other using smartphone software. The company will also provide community services that all its clients can enjoy with each other.

Aside from bringing tenants together, LightArt will bridge connections among the clients, the artists, and their respective works. Tenants can expect their property to feature new masterpieces from LightArt’s contemporary greats.

Tom John Or-Paz envisions his novel living experience by offering his tenants a dynamic aesthetic.

According to Tom John Or-Paz, the year 2020 is just a start. LightArt will have several development projects signed by the end of the year. He plans to start building 2 of his projects as well.

Tom John Or-Paz sees iconic LightArt structures in every capital around the globe. These projects will be massive paragons for art enthusiasts in the coming years.

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