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Smart Tips for Hanging Washing

07:28 AM June 29, 2020

Before throwing the soaking wet washing into your tumble dryer, you need to keep in mind that more than 3 kg of greenhouse gas is going to be generated while increasing what you pay on your energy bills. It is also not good for clothes.

The tips below will help you when it comes to handing clothes, and you will be saving your wallet and your clothes are going to thank you.


Using hangers when drying clothes without creasing them

smart tips for hanging washing

As soon as you remove your shirts, t-shirts, and dresses from the washing machine, hang them directly on to coat hangers because they will help to reduce the need to iron them. The clothes are going to be crease-free because of the weight of the garment when the water is dripping out.

You will also have an easier time putting the clothes in the wardrobe

When removing the clothes from the spin cycle, give them a good shake individually before hanging them on a plastic hanger. Using this method is going to help with avoiding creases in many fabrics, but you will need to iron out linen or cotton shirts.

Plastic coat hangers are the best option because wooden ones can warp from moisture or the metal ones can rust. This will result in the staining of your clothes. Carefully placed hook rails in your laundry room will serve as the perfect drying space for hanging clothes and leave more space on your clothes airer.

Overlapping corners of the clothes so as to save on space

You can easily run out of washing line space on days when you have lots of laundry. Maximize the space by overlapping the edges of the clothes when you peg them. You will use fewer pegs and you will save on space.


If the fabric is heavy, then be careful when overlapping because they can take a long time to dry.

When hanging clothes, doing across and not along the line

Hanging items across instead of along are going to help in accommodating laundry loads. You should ensure that there is a lot of light and airflow around the washing line because it is going to help in preventing the wet clothes from becoming smelly and musty before they dry.

Having socks together

Socks are one of those annoying things that many people hate because they can easily get lost, and one way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by hanging them as pairs. Use a portable handing peg dryer.


You can get them from many of the discount variety stores for a couple of dollars. This is a cost-effective option for hanging your socks and it is going to give you a spot where you will be hanging the socks. This makes it easier to keep the socks together, while at the same time freeing up space for other clothing.

When washing socks in a washing machine, use mesh lingerie so that you don’t lose one sock.

Utilizing sunshine to fade stains

Utilizing sunshine to fade stains

Is there a stain that is stuck on your clothes and all the methods you have tried have not been able to get rid of it? The power of the sun can do the trick. Nature is effective when it comes to fighting stains.

Sunshine can help in lessening the appearance of most stains and will leave your white clothes looking brighter. Nature’s method of getting rid of stains is free!

Tackling stubborn stains using household ingredients

If you stain your clothes with coffee, food, or wine stains, a paste of baking soda and vinegar may help. Apply the paste on the area then leave it for five to ten minutes then wash it.

If your clothes have makeup stains, particularly fake tan or foundation, then you can use dishwashing detergent directly on the stain before you wash it or put it in the washing machine.

Turning clothes inside out to prevent fading

While sunshine helps with making clothes whiter, it is going to be bad for darker hues and bright colors. When exposed to light, color-rich items tend to fade quickly, which is why you should hang them in a shade.

If you have to hang them in the sun, then ensure they are inside out. This is going to help in minimizing sun bleaching.

Adding protection over the clothesline

When you want clothes to dry fast without the risk of fading or having your clothes ruined by bird poop or a heavy downpour, then consider a tarp above the clothesline. You can ask the handyman to add hooks so you can easily put it up or take it down.

Thread the handle of a golf umbrella between the center rails and you will be able to provide protection for your items.

Hanging cleverly to prevent peg marks

These marks can be frustrating, but you can use the following tips to avoid them. Peg t-shirts from the armpits and dresses from the hem to hide ugly impression left by pegs.

You should peg the bottoms at the top, and tops at the hem. For shorts, trousers, and jeans, fold the waistband over the seam or flip and peg at the leg hem.

Undies and socks are one of those debatable categories. There are those who prefer to hang them by the crotch or by the toes because the preserve the elasticity. However, others see this as a way of wearing the areas faster.

Removing excess water from handwashing

Removing excess water from handwashing

Clothes are going to dry faster when they are not too wet. To remove moisture from the clothes, lay the clothes on the towel then roll them up then squeeze it.

The towel is going to absorb moisture from the clothes, but also prevent them from being crinkled

Dry knits flat will help prevent stretching

If the clothing is made from materials that stretch like wool knits or jersey, then you should consider laying them flat to dry. You can use a trampoline, outdoor chair, or a table to dry your clothes.

They prevent the clothes from absorbing stains, put a towel underneath.

Organizing when hanging

When hanging clothes, try having different sections for different people in your family, or a particular type of clothing if you live on your own.

When unhanging your clothes, you will have an easier time because things will be neatly ordered.

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