Smart Trends Revolutionizing The Global Hospitality Industry

Smart Trends Revolutionizing The Global Hospitality Industry

08:00 AM May 21, 2020

Nowadays, the hospitality sector is incorporating state-of-the-art “smart” technologies to reinvent the whole idea of offering a memorable guest experience by taking it to the next level. These new smart trends are on its way to revolutionizing the global hospitality industry.

Let us find out some of the most amazing trends that are ruling the smart hotels of today.


Automation to Improve Energy-Efficiency

Automation to Improve Energy-Efficiency

The concept of a “kill switch” is solely to maintain the wellness of guests. When a person leaves the room with the keycard, the electricity in the room is automatically cut-off. This is done to improve energy efficiency and safety as well.


When hoteliers work towards building automated building systems, they pay more attention to the guest-wellness factor. Technology is the key factor in controlling lighting levels, air quality, water quality as well as preferred room temperature for each guest room.

Smart Shades for a Personalized Experience

With window treatments getting smarter, providing a hyper-personalized guest experience is the newest trend. When it comes to smart hotels, automatic smart blinds play a major role nowadays.

Powered by the latest technology, these smart shades can make life so easy. With the support of virtual assistants such as Alexa, guests can easily control the shades without budging an inch from their bed. Yes, a single voice command is all that is needed to operate the curtains. Apart from that, there are built-in motors, built-in light sensors, and remote controls to regulate the ambiance of the room.

Service Automation

Like we have the option to check-in beforehand at airports, similarly here you do not have to stand in a queue. With this smart trend, you can check-in before arriving at the hotel through your mobile application.

Furthermore, just think about the way you unlock your phone with the help of facial recognition now, it will be possible even in hotels to unlock your room using face recognition technology powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Voice-Controlled Assistance

Voice-Controlled Assistance

Virtual assistants make life so easy. Users can find them integrated into existing gadgets to simplify tasks like setting the ideal temperature of the room, the ambient lighting of the room, and so on.


This way the guests get a taste of customized experience which is amazing and quite memorable.


The usage of virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology is all set to increase in the days to come. Chatbots can predict and analyze inputs provided by guests, to offer a highly tailored customer experience. The chatbots can provide solutions to a guest depending on their specific requirements, tastes, and so on.

Furthermore, it can help them make payments, find areas inside a property, or even allow them to opt for room service, and much more.

Services Based on the Location

This smart trend helps the hotel staff to understand whether the guests are happy or not right from the moment of their checking-in to checking-out. The location of the guest will allow them to plan and carry out their marketing efforts.

For instance, if the guest is anywhere near the hotel or the property or any gift shop within a certain range, coupons, and discount vouchers will be sent to them on their registered mobile application to ease the process of purchase.

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