5 Productive Things To Do At Home During The Coronavirus Shutdown

08:00 AM May 15, 2020

Pandemics always create major chaos and instability in society. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is no exception to this. During the self-isolation period, it becomes quite difficult to be productive and meet short-term goals. Luckily, there are many things you can do at home to stay productive.

While binge-watching the latest Netflix series isn’t harmless at all, you must look out for something more futuristic. From reading your favorite books to meditating every evening, you can do any self-development activity. That way, you are likely to come out of the lockdown as an improved version of yourself.


Keep reading to know the most productive activities that are both interesting as well as future-driven.

Stick To Effective Home Exercises

Stick To The Effective Home Exercises

If there’s one good thing that you can do during the quarantine, then that is taking the utmost care of your health. The lockdown is likely to make you drowsy and sluggish most of the time. Due to this, you resort to unhealthy eating practices and high-calorific, late-night snacks.

Give up on the lazy routine and perform home exercises for at least 45 minutes. That way, you feel charged up and energized throughout the day.

Ideal Exercises

  • Squats involve mainly the leg and hip muscles. From tightening the quads to strengthening the glutes, this home exercise does it all. What’s even better is that it burns calories much faster than any other workout.
  • Planks are the best home workout option if you wish to get rid of the belly bump. This is because it tightens and increases the core muscle mass. Also, the workout targets latissimus dorsi, obliques, and rectus abdominis muscles.
  • Lunges provide the option to target multiple groups of muscles at once. While side lunges target the internal and external obliques, the basic lunge focuses on quads more.


  • Boosts Metabolism and provides the much-needed immunity to fight off the current virus.
  • Improves Cardiovascular Circulation and reduces hypoxia-like states of the body tissues.
  • Provides Better Strength & Work Efficiency to carry out the functioning efficiently. Also, it reduces weakness or lethargic response.

Go On A Cleaning Spree

5 productive things to do at home

Busy work schedules and hectic days often make you compromise on cleanliness. However, this quarantine period offers the opportunity to clean every corner of the house. All you need to do is gather the detergents and the required motivation. The cleaner your room is, the better your mood will be.


Experts suggest that a neat and tidy house promotes ecstatic brain functioning and top-notch concentration. It also brightens up the mood instantly. You can’t be sure as to when the lockdown is going to end. Hence, it’s better that you transform your house into a lively and futuristic one.

  • Declutter Your Wardrobe and arrange the outfits properly. Make sure to create reliable classifications and organize your wardrobe right away. That way, you can find as well as style the outfits of the day in a hassle-free manner.
  • Get Done With The Laundry to spend the days ahead in a relaxing manner. This might motivate you to accomplish the other pending tasks.
  • Clean Working Space boosts work efficiency and makes you get done with the daily targets faster.

Create An Aesthetic Home Garden

Create An Aesthetic Home Garden

Almost every nature lover wishes to own an attractive home garden. Being a plant guardian instills a sense of responsibility and care. This lockdown, make sure to create an aesthetically appealing home garden.


Nature possesses ecstatic healing as well as therapeutic properties. You can easily get rid of the quarantine frustration by growing your favorite plants. However, prefer indoor plants for a long-lasting lifespan. Along with this, such plants are extremely easy to grow and maintain.

Indoor Plants To Consider

  • Snake Plant is one of the best flora, especially suited for indoor gardens. With long, slender, and sturdy leaves, the plant requires minimal care and sunlight.
  • Dracaena is yet another plant that’s easy to grow and benefit from. Being an affordable air purifier, it removes the high levels of toxic gases like Benzene and Xylene from the surroundings.
  • Rubber Tree calls for enormous space, high-intensity sunlight, and minimal water to survive. Take care of the plant by assigning a greater area and a good amount of Vitamin D.


  • Improves Heart Health and provides benefits similar to workouts. That way, the body’s blood supply becomes much more efficient.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem and brings about a sense of accomplishment. You are likely to become more work-oriented with this feeling.
  • Reduces Stress & Makes You Sleep Better due to the release of a significant amount of Endorphins.

Adopt A Top-Notch Skin Care Routine

 Adopt A Top-Notch Skin Care Routine

Quarantine exposes your skin to lots of air-conditioning and a lack of care. Along with this, the alcoholic beverages and unhealthy eating habits add to skin damage. Hence, it becomes crucial to take good care of your skin.

That’s when a quarantine skincare routine comes to your rescue. Make sure to incorporate healthy ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Turmeric in your skincare. That way, you might remove the excessive pigmentation and achieve glowing skin. Stick to better moisturization, timely cleansing, and scrubbing at least once a week.

Not only will this improve your skin texture, but also make you utilize the quarantine in a productive manner.

Quarantine Skin Care Tips

  • Cleansing The Skin With Herbal Ingredients like Neem, Aloe Vera, and Turmeric is a good way to start skincare. This process reduces the build-up of dirt and removes the dead cells
  • Exfoliation Allows You To Get Rid Of The Dead Skin and its remnants. Stick to home-made exfoliators like honey and rice for better glow and texture.
  • Prepare Home Based Face Pack using some Papaya and Avocados. This provides the much-needed nourishment to the skin during the lockdown.
  • Tone The Skin using alcohol-free toners for better moisturization. You can rehydrate and freshen up your skin using this step.
  • Moisturize Using Vitamin E Based Creams as it offers the best protection against dust and dirt. Make sure to massage your skin with effective creams right after taking a shower.

Rethink Your Diet & Health

rethink your diet and health

What you eat reflects on your body, both in a positive as well as negative manner. Lockdown might result in midnight snacking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, and junk foods. You must rethink your diet regimen and stick to a healthy one.

Apart from this, make sure to massage your body with essential oils like CBD oil. Not only can this potentially reduce body pains, but it may also remove the stress and anxiety related to the lockdown. Click here to gather enough information about the utility of CBD Oil on your health and wellness. Adhere to a balanced diet loaded with essential nutrients and proper hydration.

  • Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables to boost immunity. During the lockdown, you need top-notch defense mechanisms to fight off the virus. So, make sure to consume your veggies regularly.
  • Stick To Whole Grains as they are packed with essential nutrients like proteins and fibers. Instead of the refined grains, consume whole grains for better nourishment.
  • Reduce Consumption Of Artificial Sweeteners & Junk Foods especially at this time. These foods increase the fat build up and make you gain weight faster.
  • Perform Regular Massage & Consume Healthy Supplements. You must get a weekly massage using CBD oil which could relieve stress and body pain.

Final Verdict

Productivity is all about sticking to the goals and remaining motivated throughout. During the lockdown, you must adhere to the planned goals and keep a track of your progress. Along with this, remain active and boost the concentration with regular workout sessions.

You must stay productive and take care of your health. Instead of consuming carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages, make yourself a refreshing cooler packed with nutrients. Other than that, get regular body massages and adapt to a skincare routine for long-term salubrity. Refer to the tips mentioned above and transform your quarantine into a stress-free and efficient one.

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