What are the Best Lead Generation Tools

09:00 AM March 23, 2020

Lead generation starts with getting people interested in your product or service. Potential customers need to be enticed to visit your website through the best lead generation tools like digital marketing efforts, interesting pieces of content, or email marketing campaigns.

From capturing leads to increasing your conversion rate, doing this can heavily strain your sales team if you have a large target audience. The best way to maximize your team without the risk of burnout is through the use of lead generation software or tools.


Using lead generation strategies can turn website visitors into loyal customers. With that,  you and your brand can easily focus on generating leads long-term without compromising work-life balance.

Best Lead Generation Tools

lead generation tools

As technology evolves, innovators are creating smarter and better software that is more efficient than the last. Here are the best lead generation tools to make your brand stand out.

Chatbots for landing pages

Chatbots are technological programs that use artificial intelligence (AI). These chatbots in landing pages can take part in the conversation as if talking to another human being. There are many chatbots in the market right now, but the best is Intercom which is a messenger made specifically for your business.

Intercom requires little human intervention because it is programmed with learning algorithms, constantly evolving as it interacts with more potential customers. Its interface is smooth and clean, attracting users to engage with this chatbot.

You can generate more leads with Intercom which emphasizes a friendly messaging channel that is quick and easy to navigate. Live chats can improve customer service experience because users get instantaneous answers. With little manpower needed, it can even reduce your cost of operation.

If there’s a chatbot on your landing page, casual visitors can interact with it to learn more about your company and its provided services. This takes the effort away from the user. Now, they no longer have to navigate your website and can get answers by sending a simple message.

Email drip campaigns

A drip campaign sounds very elusive and vague but they’re simple lead generation tools once you read up on it. Simply put, an email drip campaign is another term for email marketing. They are pre-written and sent automatically to a group of people who are potential customers.

Your business can gain the email addresses of visitors by including lead generation forms on your website’s home page. Once a person registers their email address in the form, they will immediately get a welcome email. A few days later, they can get another email highlighting products and services they might be interested in.


Companies like ActiveCampaign specialize in sending out email marketing strategies. Not only can they turn your leads into customers, but they can also turn customers into repeat customers who keep coming back. They specialize in building a brand following and subscriber loyalty.

ActiveCampaign sees every user as unique. They send out content that they want to see, which increases the likelihood of closing a sale. Their service called list segmentation takes advantage of their uniqueness and caters to their individual interests.

These campaigns vary depending on sales, season specials, and other triggers that can cause a different approach. These are behavioral emails. They can change when a person makes a certain purchase or if they make consistent visits to your website.

Predictive dialing

predictive dialing

Qualifying leads can only go so far. Top lead management companies need to constantly go after prospects that can turn into sales. This is where the lead generation tool of predictive dialing comes in.

Predictive dialing isn’t anything new, but they started evolving when businessmen saw its potential in their industry. It first started in the banking industry to collect debt.

Today, predictive dialing makes simultaneous automated outbound calls without the use of agents. Agents only engage when someone answers the outbound call. This method uses computer algorithms and can make dialing decisions that align with set objectives.

Convoso is the industry leader in browser-based call center software. They integrated their software with smart triggers. These smart triggers watch and respond to specific predefined actions, like automatically initiating a phone call after someone opens an email, or adding dispositions that automatically trigger less or more aggressive workflows.

They engage with leads in creative ways such as email campaigns, text messages, ringless voicemails, and even conversational agents. As an extension of your team, Convoso can increase your lead generation stats and find better prospects.

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Social media

One of the most effective lead generation tools remains to be social media.

The emergence of the internet paved the way for social media platforms. Millions of users are on social media every second, which goes to show the potential it can play in increasing the visibility of your business.

There are lead generation companies that specialize in putting your website in front of users. Lead Advisors has a service that takes advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your profitability. Their SEO strategies will bring your website content to the top of Google search results. Your website traffic can triple into the thousands per hour.

Lead Advisors sees SEO as the lifeline of online marketing and they’re not wrong. They increase organic traffic, average visit duration, and pages per session whilst decreasing the infamous bounce rate.

With high-quality marketing automation and affordable packages, their experts know the latest techniques from all major search engines and will take care of all your SEO needs.

Customer relationship management systems

Customer relationship management systems

When your business is doing well, you can get hounded with thousands of personal customer data. An easy way to manage this is through the use of a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

CRM systems like LinkedIn Sales Navigator deliver insights and support sales management. The latest software allows you to integrate them with social media for a better user experience. They can even accommodate real-time team communication. For better mobility, there are cloud-based CRM systems that are accessible to other applications.

A CRM system is a central place where you and your team can store and access customer data. Consequently, sophisticated CRM systems let you track customer interaction which you can share with your respective teams. Furthermore, you can manage and nurture the brand’s relationship with its customers, helping it grow.

CRM systems like Managed Logix let you access personal data instantly, making every single interaction personalized, authentic, and more importantly, up to date. You can track phone calls, add notes, schedule follow-ups, and oversee your progress with your sales prospect. Thus, they achieve their goal of simplifying digital solutions.

Your business has a better chance of winning over sales with CRM systems in place because they help you understand the core of your customers.

Best Lead Generation Companies

best lead generation companies

Utilizing lead generation tools can be a heavy task, especially if you’re not familiar with the metrics you are trying to increase. In that case, you’re better off hiring a lead generation company to do it for you.

Finding a lead and then guiding them to a sale is the lead generation process. Every company needs to have an effective lead generation process in order to survive and succeed in their respective industries.

Consulting and managing your campaigns

Companies like Lead Advisors can help companies improve their lead generation process if they’re not satisfied with their results. They have skills that can not only help you find and qualify leads but eventually turn them into customers who keep coming back for more.

As a lead generation company that specializes in digital marketing, they offer packages that take care of everything your business needs. They can design an effective landing page for your website. Likewise, they offer mobile-friendly themes, custom designs, website analytics, and stock images to make your website stand out from everyone else.

This alone can generate leads and boost your sales numbers.

You can convert this service into a package that includes social branding. Your business will get three social media networks with experts who will maximize your visibility. Moreover, you will have quality growth after every content consultation with the team in charge of your campaign.

The best part of it is that you have ownership of everything like your domain, website, and WordPress account that they will make for you.

LeadAdvisors.net has over ten years of experience helping businesses with their direct marketing efforts. Likewise, their synergistic approach to online advertising ensures you have the best online sales funnel. They are very seasoned and very experienced with mortgage lead generation or real estate in general.

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