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/ 10:20 AM November 06, 2019

Apple Book charts for the top 10 books on apple books, with the option to get then om you kindle, paperback or iTunes store.

1. Blue Moon by Lee Child

In Blue Moon, Lee Child turns the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” on its ear. Reacher helps an elderly man in a spot of trouble (his good deed) but when it turns out the man was on his way to make his weekly payment to a loan shark, it’s the Albanian street gang holding the ledger which ends up taking the punishment.
And if Reacher has to ignite a turf war between rival gangs in order to mete out that punishment, well, why should he try to solve just one problem when he might neatly square away two? It’s not much of a spoiler to reveal such a plot point—the fact is, Reacher is Kung Fu in denim, a knight-errant with an honorable discharge who rights wrongs wherever he goes. He’s the tall, “ugly,” 250-pound former military investigator who makes revenge fantasies come true in book after book.

And while the body count and the blood spatter index is high in this book, even by the standards of a Reacher novel, when readers discover why the old man needed the loan, they’ll be cheering Reacher on with every page. —Vannessa Cronin, Amazon Book Review


About the Author

LEE CHILD is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Jack Reacher thrillers and the complete Jack Reacher story collection, No Middle Name. All his novels have been optioned for major motion pictures–including Jack Reacher (based on One Shot) and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Foreign rights to the Reacher series have sold in over one hundred territories. A native of England and a former television director, Child lives in New York City.

2. Ravenous by Helen Hardt

“Another amazing installment to the Steel Brothers Saga.” (Sassy Nerd Blog)

About the Author

#1 New York Times, #1 USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Helen Hardt’s passion for the written word began with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her first story at age six and hasn’t stopped since. In addition to being an award-winning author of contemporary and historical romance and erotica, she’s a mother, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an appreciator of fine red wine, and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. She writes from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her family. Helen loves to hear from readers.

3. The Guardians by John Grisham

Reading this novel reminded me of returning to Indiana University one year and being picked up for speeding in the middle of the state by a trooper who I never saw until he was on my butt. I was instructed to follow him to a local small town where the “judge” held court in the back of his furniture store. He gave me the choice of a heavy fine or jail time. This was in 1974 and $350.00 was a lot of money for a college kid. I had no desire to learn about their terms of incarceration.

John Grisham has picked a mythical small town in northern Florida to tell us a horrifying tale of a man falsely accused, arrested, and sentenced to death. These small towns exist throughout the United States and are often controlled by a local politician or a wealthy family. Woe is to those who cross these powerful people. I still remember my parents cautioning me from straying off the interstates and stopping in small towns in the ‘Deep South’.

4. The Night Fire by Michael Connelly

The Night Fire offers more than a few incendiary surprises.”―Paula L. Woods, Los Angeles Times

“Connelly is the Raymond Chandler of this generation, and readers will be studying his writing methods decades from now. He has created another novel that feels authentic on every level, and the underlying theme of mortality running through the narrative makes everything in the story more urgent.”―Jeff Ayers, Associated Press

“There’s something for everyone in this jam-packed plot: murder, arson, professional rivalry, salty cop talk and noisy domestic disputes that turn very ugly very quickly. Me, I go for the procedural details: who does what and how things get done from the minute the cops on shift at the Hollywood Division are sent to investigate a murder. Connelly is pretty much the current dean of procedural writers.”―Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review


“Breathless action…deep character studies…The Night Fire is Connelly’s twenty first outing with Bosch, but the author has so much more to show us about him. Only three books in, Ballard has even more fodder for Connelly to uncover. In The Night Fire, Connelly again shows his mission: strong plots and sturdy characters.”―Oline Cogdill, Sun Sentinel

“A virtuoso performance…The Night Fire glows with the instincts and intelligence Bosch and Ballard bring to their pursuit of the truth.”―Collette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times

“One of the greatest crime writers of all time…Connelly continues to deliver winner after winner, year in and year out…reading one of his books is an experience unlike anything else the genre has to offer.”―Ryan Steck, Crimereads

“Connelly is without peer when it comes to police procedurals, and once again proves that he’s the modern master of the form.”―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Remarkable narrative legerdemain…Not only has Connelly created another fully formed series lead in Renée, who has her own fascinating backstory, but he has also forged a fascinating yin-and-yang relationship between the old school Harry and the unconventional loner Renèe…Master chef Connelly has once again combined familiar ingredients into a new and completely satisfying dish. Connelly is on a roll, with three consecutive number-one New York Times bestsellers. Don’t bet against number four.”―Bill Ott, Booklist (starred review)

“Connelly manages to top himself with his latest intensely gripping thriller…He tells a superb tale with an economy of words using a no-nonsense, fly-on-the-wall style of writing…Fans of this prolific author of crime dramas and either series will find this best-seller-list-bound novel hard to put down.”―Library Journal (starred review)

About the Author

Michael Connelly is the author of thirty-two previous novels, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Dark Sacred Night, Two Kinds of Truth, and The Late Show. His books, which include the Harry Bosch series and Lincoln Lawyer series, have sold more than seventy-four million copies worldwide.
Connelly is a former newspaper reporter who has won numerous awards for his journalism and his novels. He is the executive producer of Bosch, starring Titus Welliver, and the creator and host of the podcast Murder Book. He spends his time in California and Florida.

5. The Plot Against the President by Lee Smith

6. The Last Wife by Nicola Marsh

SA TODAY bestselling & multi-award-winning author Nicola Marsh writes feel-good fiction…with a twist!

7. The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs

“Stitched together with love, this is a story just waiting for your favorite reading chair. With her signature style and skill, Susan Wiggs delivers an intricate patchwork of old wounds and new beginnings, romance and the healing power of friendship, wrapped in a lovely little community that’s hiding a few secrets of its own.” (Lisa Wingate, New York Times Bestselling author of Before We Were Yours)

The Oysterville Sewing Circle is sure to be a book club favorite! You will be swept into Caroline’s world, as secrets are revealed and she reinvents her life after loss. This is a rich, satisfying story of a lifelong friendship, forgiveness and the power of love. The great Susan Wiggs writes with grace, insight and wisdom about the things that matter.” (Adriana Trigiani bestselling author of Tony’s Wife)

“Infused with Susan Wiggs’s signature warmth and poignancy, The Oysterville Sewing Circle is a moving, romantic, unforgettable story of accidental families, rediscovered love, and the strength of sisterhood.”  (Jennifer Chiaverini, New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker)

“This book is a gripping story of women helping women.” (Debbie Macomber)

“A lovely read—entertaining, poignant, and meaningful.”   (Kirkus)

“The latest from best seller Wiggs (The Apple Orchard) is a great mix of contemporary women’s fiction, an old-fashioned friends-to-lovers story, and a big dose of #metoo reading in one fantastic package. The dialog flows smoothly, the past and present time lines effortlessly tell the tale, and the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest is the perfect setting. The characters are unforgettable, especially Caroline and her two adorable charges. They, along with the author’s focus on domestic abuse, are the standouts.”  (Library Journal (starred review))

“Wiggs’s characters are believable not only because of their complexity but because of their ability to deal with their faults. This story about discovering strength from friends and within is a winner.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Wiggs writes with thoughtfulness, gentleness, and realism as she tells the stories of women affected by domestic violence. The gentle romance between two friends reconnecting never distracts from these survivor stories. A topical and excellent book for every library.” (Booklist)

“Susan Wiggs’ gift of allegory is nothing short of masterful in THE OYSTERVILLE SEWING CIRCLE . . . . Caroline is a tremendous character whose story touches your heart and is a joy to follow. ”   (FreshFiction)

“A large cast of interesting characters in a picturesque setting. Caroline’s struggle to turn her professional life around while falling in love . . . make the pages turn quickly.” (The Seattle Times)

From the Back Cover

The #1 New York Times bestselling author brings us her most ambitious and provocative work yet—a searing and timely novel that explores the sustaining power of women’s friendships.

At the break of dawn, Caroline Shelby rolls into Oysterville, Washington, a tiny hamlet at the edge of the raging Pacific.

She’s come home to a place she thought she’d left forever. Ten years ago, Caroline launched a career in the glamorous world of fashion. But her success imploded on a wave of scandal, forcing her to flee to the only safe place she knows.

And in the back seat of Caroline’s car are two children who were orphaned in a single chilling moment: five-year-old Addie and six-year-old Flick. She’s now their legal guardian—a role she’s not sure she’s ready for.

The Oysterville she left behind has changed. Her siblings have their own complicated lives and her aging parents are hoping to retire. And there’s Will Jensen, a decorated Navy SEAL who’s returned home after being wounded overseas. Will and Caroline were forever friends as children, with the promise of something more . . . until he fell in love with Sierra, Caroline’s best friend, and the most beautiful girl in town. With her modeling jobs drying up, Sierra, too, is on the cusp of reinventing herself.

Caroline returns to the sewing shop where she first found her passion and discovers that even in an idyllic beach town, there are women living with the deepest of secrets. Thus begins the Oysterville Sewing Circle—where women can join forces to support each other through the troubles they keep hidden.

Yet just as Caroline and the children begin to heal from their loss, a new threat tests her courage and her heart. This time, though, Caroline is not going to run away. She’s going to stand and fight for everything—and everyone—she loves.

8. The Deserter by Alex Demille & Nelson DeMille


“[O]utstanding…In typical DeMille fashion, the last hundred pages move along like a ballistic missile, exploding in a satisfying finale on a remote airstrip.  DeMille and son provide it all in this rumble Through the jungle – authentic detail, lively dialogue, a vividly drawn setting, and an exhilarating plot.”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, STARRED REVIEW


“[An] action-packed, relentlessly paced thriller… A line from the novel perfectly describes this page-turner: ‘Sex, money, and adventure. Does it get any better than that?’”
Publishers Weekly (starred review) 

“DeMille’s latest is a timely stay-up-all-night, nail-biting page-turner featuring his iconic tongue-in-cheek, articulate, rhythmic narrative. His affably irreverent protagonist, fantastic believable supporting characters, and tense, realistic Cuba-set scenes including some jaw-dropping revelations make this a must-read for his many fans.”
Library Journal (starred review)

The Cuban Affair feels authentic and real, and it provides knuckle-white tension mixed in with levity.”
—Associated Press

“The opening of The Cuban Affair is dynamite—crisp, funny and dramatic—and the climactic conclusion is masterful action writing, fast, precise and genuinely gripping.”

“This is powerful, mythic stuff, like Confederate gold and Nazi treasure…As the true nature of the charter-boat owner’s job becomes clear and the betrayals begin, DeMille mounts a long, magnificent sequence with boat chases, helicopter rescues, and tracer fire. They’re all described in that visceral style the author has mastered.”

“This book has that incredible wit that Nelson DeMille has, and nobody writes characters like Nelson does.”
Tampa Bay Times

“Nelson DeMille has outdone himself. I thought that Plum Island was one of my favorite thrillers of all time, but I was wrong—DeMille is always going up a gear and The Cuban Affair is going to be one of the top ten thrillers of the year.”
Strand Magazine

“DeMille’s known for penning hot thrillers (Plum Island, Night Fall), and this one—his 20th—doesn’t disappoint…DeMille keeps it fast-paced, with fascinating details about contemporary Cuba.”

“With his latest, The Cuban Affair, DeMille cements his reputation as an author of compelling, finely crafted and at times, humorous standalone thrillers. he Cuban Affair bursts with DeMille’s signature authenticity—a byproduct of DeMille’s passion for research.”
The Big Thrill

“Ambitious…a masterpiece of both form and function. Storytelling at its very best.”

The Cuban Affair offers romance, adventure and an astute and amusing look at today’s Cuban communist police state.”
—Washington Times 

“Bestseller Nelson DeMille’s reputation precedes him, and his new novel delivers…This one will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

“With his signature humor and heart-pounding pace, DeMille does not disappoint in this brilliantly written novel.”
—Atlanta Jewish Times 

“The thriller charts a satisfying course. A good day’s work from an old pro.”
Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Nelson DeMille is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty novels, six of which were #1 New York Times bestsellers. His novels include The Deserter, (written with Alex DeMille), The Cuban AffairRadiant Angel, Plum Island, The Charm SchoolThe Gold Coast, and The General’s Daughter, which was made into a major motion picture, starring John Travolta and Madeleine Stowe. He has written short stories, book reviews, and articles for magazines and newspapers. Nelson DeMille is a combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran, a member of Mensa, Poets & Writers, and the Authors Guild, and a member and past president of the Mystery Writers of America. He is also a member of the International Thriller Writers, who honored him as 2015 ThrillerMaster of the Year. He lives on Long Island with his family.

Alex DeMille is a writer, director, and film editor. He grew up on Long Island and received a BA from Yale University and an MFA in film directing from UCLA. He has won multiple awards and fellowships for his screenplays and films, including The Absence, which was named Best Film at Comic-Con in 2012. He has edited numerous commercials, shorts, and independent feature films, among them My Nephew Emmett, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short in 2018. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter. The Deserter is his debut novel.

9. The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

ojo Moyes was a name familiar to me (from bestseller lists, movie adaptations, bookshops…) but she was one of the authors I knew by name but hadn’t yet read. When I saw this book on offer at NetGalley and read the description and the fact that it was based on a real historical scheme, the 1930s Horseback Librarians of Kentucky, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to familiarise myself with her writing.

As a book lover, I am always fond of stories about books and libraries, and the historical angle was a bonus for me. The Horseback Librarians of Kentucky was one of the projects set up by the WPA (Works Progress Administration), a New Deal Agency established as an attempt to provide work for victims of the Great Depression. In this case, women who could ride (horses, mules…) set up the equivalent of a mobile library, and offered books and reading materials to their neighbors, reaching even those who lived deep in the mountains, too far and too busy to regularly visit the town.

In an area as beautiful as it was poor (and it seems it still remains fairly poor and under-resourced), the levels of literacy were minimal, and the librarians went beyond the simple delivering of books, becoming a lifeline to many of the families they regularly visited.

Although I had read about the WPA and some of their projects, I wasn’t familiar with this one, and it does make for a fascinating setting to the story.
Moyes usually writes contemporary fiction (with more than a touch of romance), so this novel breaks new ground. As I haven’t read any of her previous novels, I cannot make comparisons, but I had a great time reading this novel, which combines an easy and fluid writing style (with some wonderful descriptions of the Kentucky mountains), strong and compelling characters, especially the librarians, with a plot full of adventures, sad and joyful events, romance, and even a possible murder.

This is a tale of sisterhood, of women fighting against all odds (society’s prejudices, difficult conditions, nature, illness, domestic violence, evil…), of the power of books, and of a time and a place that are far from us and yet familiar (unfortunately, some things haven’t changed that much).

What did I like, in particular? Many things. I am not an expert in Kentucky or in the historical period, so you must take this with a pinch of salt, but I loved the atmosphere and the period feel.

I enjoyed the description of the feelings of the women as they rode their routes, particularly because by telling the story from the point of view of two of the women, Margery, who’s lived there all her life, and Alice, just arrived from England and totally unfamiliar with the area and the lifestyle, we get the familiarity and the newness, and learn that the heartfelt experience goes beyond being comfortable and at home. The mountains have an effect on these women, and at a point when Alice’s life is collapsing around her, give her the strength to go on.

10. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

This book exceeded my already high expectations; it emanates a quiet power, a slow drawing in and connection of reader to the book, one that I found myself able to get lost in due to the lush atmosphere and the depth of emotion. A girl fighting against the world.

A murder mystery left in the dark. A bond as fleeting as the crawdads. This summary book teaches us important lessons in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

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