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How to Make Money Online

09:20 AM December 12, 2019

Freelancing has made many people wealthy and is still making more affluent people. In my experience as a freelancer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many clients with accompanying experiences, if you are wondering how to make money online? Read below

Why Freelance?

There’s so much benefit attached to Freelancing which makes it stand out from other jobs.
It allows you to market your skills to a large market of clients.

One thing I love about Freelancing is that you don’t have to work for only one employer.
You can work for as many as you can operate depending on your availability.

Freelancing is The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

My experience as a freelancer has almost been a smooth one because this job requires putting out your skill(s) for a targeted audience.
You get to determine your pricing, most of the time.

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With freelancing, you get to choose who and who not to work for.

In freelancing, the more you improve your skills, the more job opportunities come your way.
You can have a queue of jobs running for months because once you can deliver expertise to your client, they keep coming.

Who is a Freelancer?

To put things together, a freelancer is an independent contractor that works for more than one company or individual.
He is self-employed and is not committed to a single employer for long.


Just like every other business, you need to put in the hard work to see the desired result.
The truth is, not all freelancers are making headway, therefore in this article, we’ll examine how to make it big in freelancing.

As earlier explained, freelance jobs online aren’t similar to office jobs; you won’t just be in an office like many government jobs waiting for a steady paycheck.

That will never work for freelancing because freelancing is about selling your skills and what you have to offer that people will exchange value for.


The good thing is that if you don’t have power at the moment, you can still make money by freelancing.
Being a freelancer enables you to work from home or work remotely while making lots of money.

In this article, I’ve come up with a few steps that you can follow to build a professional and profitable freelancing career.
Follow these steps and you’re sure to succeed:

Choose Your Niche and Start to Make Money Online

Most people in Online Freelance, including me, didn’t start with skills.
They just lay their hands on any available job at that moment, do it and get paid.

It is okay for a start, but as you go on in your career as a freelancer, there’s a need to be more specific about the things you want to do.

Choosing a niche is very important because you cannot be an expert in everything since the money in freelancing responds to expertise.

No one will want to employ a jack of all trades because it is generally believed that such people are not good at anything.
Choosing your niche cannot be overemphasized as it makes you build for the future.

There’s a truck-load of niches out there and the thing is, amongst these niches, there are still places where you can specialize in.

Some of them include writing, sales and marketing, web & software development, translation and so on.
Under each of them, you can now specialize.

For example, under-writing, you can specialize in editing and proofreading, web content resumes & cover letters, and so on.
Clients trust people who specialize than those who do everything.

Create a High-quality Portfolio

You need to showcase your skills and expertise to the world.

Take, for example, a law firm has a building where all the legal processing is done; clients go to this building to meet with their lawyer to reach an agreement about a specific case.

The same applies to the freelancer; you need a platform to put your skill(s) out there.

You can create a high-quality website that showcases your skills.

For higher conversion, some things must serve as a necessary feature on your website e.g., past experiences and work completely done, client feedbacks, contact information, and so on.

You must write a captivating profile that quickly draws your client to make an order of your services.

Apart from having your websites, there are freelancing platforms that allow you to showcase your skills to thousands and millions of clients.
This is much easier because it gives you the chance to bypass the marketing and approval of your website.

The only issue with such a platform is the competition with other freelancers but if you can improve your skills, this competition often dramatically reduces.

Examples of such platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Build Trust and Sharpen Your Skills

In the freelancing journey, trust is an essential commodity.
This starts with your first project.

You can build trust by on-time delivery, high-quality services and excellent communication with your clients. After clients receive and approve the job, make sure they leave a review on your portfolio.

This will make other people in the market trust your expertise in delivering the best.

You must never remain in the same spot as when you started freelancing, you must sharpen your skills.
No matter how simple or complicated the service you are offering is, you must always improve.

You don’t have to wait for your clients to make comparisons of your work with others.
Improve yourself, and you can be sure of continued success.

Expand your Network

Now that you’ve done some high-quality jobs and your clients have trusted you over time to give you more jobs, with excellent communication skills, clients will recommend your services to other people either via reviews on your website or by word of mouth to their friends and colleagues.

If you have a full time or part-time job (offline job) at the moment; you don’t have to quit to start freelancing.
Instead, do both together for a while until you get a perfect footing on freelancing.

No doubt, the workload will be much, but it will train you to attend to clients even with time constraints.
Since you have another source of income, you’ll be in an excellent position to choose clients that you want to work with since you’re not desperate.

Take Away: Freelancing Can Make You Rich

Freelancing is one of the best jobs you can do online and get to meet all kinds of people from different places in the world.\

For many hard-working guys constantly telling themselves “I Need To Make More Money”, freelancing is the way to make extra cash, extra income, or passive income.

Give it the hard work it requires, and it will all pay off in the end.

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