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10:00 AM November 29, 2019

The Jabra Active 65t headphones are top on the list of true wireless headphones that are great alternatives to Apple’s Airpods.

When measured against its Elite predecessor, the Active 65t Jabra headphones offer a more sophisticated design, better sound, somewhat improved battery life, and great call quality.
It also has better voice support for all main virtual assistants including.


Amazon’s Alexa on-the-go.

Jabra Active 65t SPECS

Headphones Ear-Parts Type: In-ear,
Bluetooth headset
Connector Type 5 pin Micro-USB Type B (power only)
Sound Output Mode stereo

Jabra Active 65t Pros

Great sound
Noise Isolation
Excellent for calls
Bluetooth 5.0
5-hour battery life
Fast charge feature
Charging case with two extra charges


A quite tight fit.- For some might be uncomfortable but I actually like the fit.

Jabra Active 65t BATTERY LIFE

In contrast to the previous Elite sport Jabra headphones, the Active 65ts have no heart-rate monitor built into the device.

This is actually a good thing as it allowed Jabra to make the 65t’s design sleeker.
It also helped the makers simplify functions and increase battery life to 5 hours.
The Jabra Elite Sport has a battery life of about four and a half hours, which is similar to the Airpods’ battery life duration.

The charging case include in the Active 65t’s charging case gives an extra two charges.
While it may not be as miniature as Airpods’ charging case, it is still small enough to fit easily into your pocket.
In addition, for extra safety, the charging case is also coated with the same, faintly rubberized finish you would see on the buds.

Jabra Active 65t IMPROVED DESIGN


For the design of the 65ts earphones, Jabra got the most part of it right.
The wireless earphones come with three separate sizes of ear-tips.

Although there are no fins or wings to keep the buds in place, they still fit quite securely in your ears.
A quick tip to get the best of these earphones is to pick the size that fits the tightest in your ears.
This is necessary for enjoying the best bass quality and response.


In principle, the Jabra Active Elite 65t is not regarded as a sports wireless earphone, although its IP55-rated design makes it dust-proof and splash-proof.
The model also has an extra level of sweat-proof that should increase its period of durability and wear.


Jabra has an accelerometer which it calls a motion sensor built into this headphone.
It is used to count steps in Jabra’s companion Sound+ app for iOS and Android.
Nonetheless, there should be coming applications for it, like counting exercise reps as developers keep working on the earphones.

Jabra Active 65t BLUETOOTH 5.0

The Elite Active 65t comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which is new to the feature list of devices and is expected to create better as well as a more secure wireless connection with lesser dropouts.
This 5.0 version is backward compatible with all other previous versions of Bluetooth as well.


Unlike the Airpod’s open design that lets sound leak in, the Jabra Active 65t isolates noise.
This means they reflexively close out surrounding noise.

However, to ensure safety for runners and bikers using the earphones, Jabra has a HearThrough transparency feature.

This feature lets you alter and change the level at which you wish to allow sound.
It is operated through the Jabra Sound+ companion app.

The app also comes with an equalizer that gives you options for altering your music sound profile.
It also has a bass boost and treble modes for call audio.

You can choose to allow your music to automatically pause when you take a bud out of your ear and have it resume immediately it is back in.

Furthermore, you can skip tracks backward or forwards by pressing down the volume up and down buttons on the left earpiece.


The Jabra Sound+ companion app lets you select your voice assistant.
On iOS devices, you can switch between Siri and Alexa.
The Alexa support isn’t quite a big addition as expected.

These voice assistant features would be bigger pluses and more helpful if (the two) microphones were
constantly open like they are in for example- the Amazon Echo and ready to receive commands at any time.
Currently, to issue commands to these Jabra headphones, you need to press and hold the button on the right earpiece, wait for a beep, then speak your desired command.

This process isn’t that different from what you’d do to use the voice assistant on the majority of the available wireless headphones.

However, the Jabra headphones do perform well at receiving commands.
They are also excellent at making calls.
In addition, there’s a good side-tone feature- you can switch it on or off in the app- that lets you hear your own voice during phone calls using the headphones.

Jabra Active 65t Sound Quality

Compared to Apple’s Airpods, the Jabra Active 65t headphones sound a bit better.
Even in noisy environments and in their default “flat” mode, the Jabra outshines the Airpods.
They sound slightly more immediate and richer.

They also have a bit more bass and treble boost.
However, the Jabra Elite sport sounds slightly better than the Active 65t. The issue with the EliteSport was their fit was looser.

The 65t have a tighter better fit which allows you to get the most and best of their sound quality.

Jabra Active 65t Audio Syncing/Playback

There are no obvious issues with the Jabra Active 65t headphones regarding audio syncing.
They perform just fine whether you’re streaming video from Netflix or YouTube.
They also sync

perfectly with iTunes.
The setup process and overall behavior of the headphones are pretty good.
This headphone pairs with

iPhones almost as well as the Apple Airpods.
Although, when used in environments such as
noisy streets; you might encounter slight interference problems.
You may also encounter a glitch from time to time but the firmware can be upgraded, so anticipate several upgrades as time goes on.

While Jabra does provide a disclaimer about using their headphones with computers.
Jabra headsets are optimized to be used with phones and are not specifically optimized to be used directly with a computer”; they can still pair with them.

The headphones may not work for all control, which is a feature most computers don’t support anyway.
They may, however, work for audio streaming.
Keep in mind that audio quality might vary from computer to computer.


The Jabra Elite Active 65t is one of the best true wireless headphones you can get right now.
The only con to using this earphone is the sort of noise-isolating fit they offer as against the usual noise cancellation feature.

Not everyone would appreciate or enjoy how tight they fit.
Some may want a looser fitting, open design like what Airpods provide.

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