Keto Friendly Foods to Help You Boost Weight Loss

Keto Friendly Foods to Help You Boost Weight Loss

03:22 PM October 01, 2019

Every day, more and more diets are introduced to us. The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb high-fat diet that is very trendy today. This article shows what type of keto-friendly foods are a part of this latest diet.

Ketogenic friendly foods are not difficult to find. Low-carb and high-fat foods are what many of us eat daily, we simply do not think about this.
Reading the nutritional information on what we buy in the grocery stores is helpful in showing how much these foods have as far as nutrition and more.


The Best Keto-Friendly Foods

Watching what you eat and keeping the carbs low, does not mean you cannot eat good foods.

In fact, desserts, drinks, and many other low-carb high-fat delicacies are available to you.

Just because you are on this diet, doesn’t mean you can’t eat or drink good things.

In fact, this article will show that being on the Keto diet only means that your net carbs each day are lower than what most people are eating.

Keto desserts are just as tasty as other desserts that we have eaten in the past.

There are many options for great tasting dishes and drinks if you are on the Ketogenic diet.

You are not missing out on any of the good foods that you have eaten in the past.

What Is the Ketogenic Diet?

When you read about the Ketogenic diet, the main focus is to watch the number of carbohydrates that you eat in a day.

The Keto diet suggests eating 20-50 grams of carbs per day.


Besides it being a low carbohydrate focused diet, the keto diet also focuses on high-fat content in the foods you eat.

Low-carb and high-fat diets have been shown to help people lose weight and prevent many different diseases.

Keto-Friendly Foods

This diet includes seafood such as fish, shellfish, salmon, sardines and more.

These are high in omega-3 fatty acids and have been known to lower insulin levels in diabetics and aid obese people in losing weight.

Low-carb Vegetables


are great for your diet and eating plan.

The vegetables that are best for this diet are nonstarch.

Potatoes have a lot of carbs and are ones to stay away from.

Veggies have a lot of fiber in them.

This is an important nutrient that most of us do not eat much of daily.

Kale, broccoli, and cauliflower have been shown to aid in helping us reduce our risks of heart disease, as well as certain cancers.

Always keep in mind how good veggies are for you and the carb count for them is very low.

Cheese is another food that is prevalent in our lives.

Cheese Cheese Cheese

We are always eating cheese.

There are many types of cheese out there and they are low in carbs, whichever type you may prefer.

Cheese has been shown to improve weight loss and has been known to help reduce the loss of muscle mass.

Unfortunately, as we age we lose muscle mass and our bones weaken too.

Many of us did not know that cheese is one of the most common foods that we eat, in general.

Meat and poultry are great keto-friendly foods too.

This diet suggests that the meat is grass-fed meat and free of any hormones.

Eggs are one of the best foods in many diets.

They have many vital nutrients in them and should be eaten as a whole egg.

Best Keto Snacks For Long Term Sustainability

Boiled eggs are a great snack and a good way to fill you up for hours.

Eggs contain many nutrients that help aid in protecting your eyes and are huge in protecting your heart.

Whether you are making keto desserts or simply cooking with oil, coconut oil is one of the best choices in the keto diet.

Coconut oil contains healthy properties that aid in ketone production.

Plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are two keto-friendly snack ideas as well.

These are very healthy for you and contain some carbs.

Olive oil has some great benefits for your heart and the rest of your body.

It has been shown to help reduce heart disease.

Olive oil is a pure fat source and there are no carbs at all in olive oil.

Nuts and seeds are more healthy and keto-friendly foods.

They have been shown to help reduce heart disease, cancer, depression and more.

Nuts are filled with fiber and help you feel fuller after eating.

Nuts and seeds are very heart-healthy and help prevent heart disease.

They are also very helpful in aging.

Berries are another great food.

They are high in fiber and they are very low in carbs.

Raspberries and blackberries contain a lot of fiber.

Berries also help with reducing inflammation, give us antioxidants and keep us from getting sick.

Butter and cream are two foods that many do not think about on the keto diet.

If they are eaten in moderation, they provide several beneficial effects for your heart.

Unsweetened teas and coffee are extremely healthy and they contain zero carbs.

Both drinks have caffeine, which is helpful in boosting your metabolism and helps you stay alert and enhances your physical performance.

Coffee and tea have been shown to lower the risk of diabetes.

If you want to add a heavy creamer to your drink, that is okay too.

You want to avoid adding more carbs and sugar into the drinks, however.

Dark chocolate and cocoa are two of the best foods to use when on the keto diet.

Both contain antioxidants and have been found to help lower blood pressure and help maintain artery health.

Keto-Friendly Desserts

The thought of not eating ice cream or chocolate chips again is scary for some of us, especially when you start a new diet and dessert is the one happy place you may have.

Do not worry, however, there are ways to be on the keto diet and eat the desserts that you love.

Modifying your diet is simple, and you will not lose your favorite treats because of it.

Try making some peanut butter cookies.

There are many sugar-free recipes for this great treat that are keto-friendly and yummy.

If you need your chocolate fix, there are delicious fudgy brownies that have only two carbs per serving.

Chocolate gelato is a great substitute for that bowl of chocolate ice cream you’ve been craving.

It will make you feel fuller than a regular bowl of ice cream and your cravings will be fed.

Try the strawberry cream cheese fat bombs for a yummy dessert choice.

This is one of the best guilt-free desserts around.

Another helpful hint in making tasty desserts for the keto diet is to replace regular flour with almond flour.

There is a huge nutritional difference, and the taste is much better than the unhealthy flour you have been using.

Keto-Friendly Beer, Wine and Alcohol

Keto-friendly wine suggestions include red wine and wine with low carb content.

A Sauvignon blanc is a great idea for keto-friendly wine.

The point of the keto diet is to lose weight and keep it off by deleting carbs from your life.

Drinking sweet wine is a bad idea.

However, many wines are low or no carb, so your wine options are high.

Beer is known for its high carb content.

Michelob Ultra is a great beer with very low carbs and a great taste.

Low carb beers and light beers are easy to find and do not taste bad at all.

There are a lot of IPA beers with low carbs that are on the market today.

Keto-friendly alcohol may be difficult to find, however, it’s out there.

Being aware of what you mix with alcohol is the most important piece of finding keto-friendly drinks.

Most of us have mixed our drinks with high sugar sodas or sweet premade mixes, and this is where the problem is.

These are filled with high sugar and carb content to make us gain weight and feel rough the next morning.

Here are a few suggestions for alcoholic drinks.

Whiskey, rum, and gin are the best keto-friendly alcohols to drink.

Keeping the sugary mixes out of them is a way to keep the carbs and sugars low.

As you can see, living a keto-friendly life is not difficult.

You can eat the same foods you have been eating and you will be healthier and feel good about yourself.

The Ketogenic diet is a great diet for anyone.

It is a low-carb and high-fat diet that is healthy and helps prevent heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and more.

The keto diet is one of the best and healthiest ways to live your life if it is followed successfully, in addition, Keto Friendly snacks are a great tool.

It can add years to your life and is a very effective way of helping you lose weight and keep it off.

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