Why Is Retargeting Important For Your Business Advertising Strategy Health

Why Is Retargeting Important For Your Business Advertising Strategy

08:20 AM October 03, 2019

“This site uses cookies in a bid to serve you better, click ‘accept’ to continue”. This is one of the most common statements on web pages all over the world. Funny enough, some people get skeptical about cookies and wonder if it is actually harmful to their devices.
But then, rather than looking at this issue from the consumers’ angle, let us give it a careful examination of Google retargeting and other types like Facebook retargeting from the perspective of business owners.

What cookies help you with is known as online-based retargeting.

This is a form of online marketing that is capable of positioning your brand to be the first-hand beneficiary of bounced traffic.

In fact, if you are able to get up to 3% to patronize you likely because you were running free trials at that point in time.

Facebook retargeting campaigns help businesses attract the remaining 97% who are yet to be converted.

How Retargeting Works


Have you ever wondered why Aliexpress started serving you google ads after you searched the latest MacBook on Google search engine? Site-based retargeting is one major type of retargeting that has proved to be effective.

The working mechanism behind retargeting ads is not a complex one.


It makes use of cookies technology which is driven by a simple JavaScript code to follow online users who visited your website as they surf the webspace.

Also known as a pixel, the code follows your audience as soon as they land on your site.

When website visitors who have been cookied visits your site for the second time or any subsequent visit.

Your retargeting provider who is responsible for the retargeting work makes use of the previously deposited pixels.

Generate leads as to what ad is appropriate to serve these potential customers.

It directs all your marketing efforts on people who already have a good idea of what your brand is all about and have shown interest in your products or services.

Little wonder why marketers who are particular about making maximum return on interest attainable resort to its usage, and of course, the results have been encouraging.

How Retargeting Benefits Your Bussiness?

Usually, those being retargeted are consumers of products and services while the target hunters are service providers and business owners.

Owners of goods and services are the primary beneficiaries of a retargeting exercise as ads campaign doesn’t only give their business more visibility but it goes further to generate a great return on investments as mentioned earlier.

More so, it has been proven in the business world over time that persistence is a key factor in generating conversions.

It is easy to think that only the target hunters are likely to benefit from Facebook retargeting but that is not the case.

The retargeting exercise is also beneficial to consumers of goods and services.

They get to see goods and know about the services they need in a variety of forms.

That presents the luxury of choosing what suits them the most and saves them the stress of extensive online search and even offline consultation.

Taking a hint from the MacBook use case earlier mentioned.

An individual who made such a search will end up buying an HP pavilion after the facebook retargeting provider was able to target him.

With a wide range of options and weighing his options carefully, he discovered what he actually needed and decided to go for it.

More so, the business also benefits as it was able to make sales off the retargeting exercise, bringing about a win-win situation for both parties.

This is what is obtainable in the google retargeting world on a daily basis.

The Best Option for Retargeting Service

Basically, the two types of retargeting services are self-service and full service.

Small businesses that are interested in a google retargeting campaign find it difficult to choose between these two retargeting options.

Both have some features that will guide your decision if you are also not sure of which one is best for your business.

1. Self-service Provider

This is a retargeting mode that allows you to manage your advertising campaigns fully.

All the responsibility of banner creation, ad distribution, allocation and funds, and other crucial decision rests on your shoulders.

Newbies in the Facebook retargeting world are not advised to go through this route unless they are willing to be patient enough to make all their mistakes and learn from them.

Further, they should have a solid budget to take care of losses coming from the mistakes they will be sure to make.

2. Full-service Provider

Facebook retargeting for businesses adopted by business owners who are really serious about getting returns off retargeting.

Although it takes more resources off the business, it is way less likely to come with errors as expected from a self-service provider who will be responsible for your account.

With a professional at the helm of affairs who makes google retargeting analytics available to you.

It gives you enough time to focus on other crucial aspects of your business, it definitely can’t get any better than this.

Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Retargeting Campaign

To get the desired results off your retargeting campaign, have the following points in mind.

  • Don’t show too many impressions

Check the feedback section on your site if there is any to get a feel of what visitors think about your ads.

  • Show enough impressions

The bottom line is you should find the balance.

  • Be creative

If you resort to self-service retargeting, you need to be open-minded.

Make sure your content marketing is top-notch.

Also, the color on your banner ads shouldn’t riot and your call to action should be super-inciting.

  • Regulate retargeting frequency

How often the same adds show on a user’s device in a day is important. While you want them to feel your presence, don’t choke them with it.

  • Guard against multiple campaigns

Some business owners feel multiple service providers will generate a better result.

While this might work for some, it is not always the case. It is up to you to see if it will not become a counter-productive move.


Retargeting is an aspect you should pay attention to in your business as it has a powerful potential to push your business’ return on interest to the seventh heaven.

However, you need to make crucial decisions to get it right.

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