Sneaky Ways Your Boss Spies on You

05:47 AM August 29, 2019

Sneaky Ways Your Boss Spies on You: Being the boss may be tough work, especially when the employees are not getting their work done. If your company’s production is decreasing, you may think that your employees are up to something during work hours. So, what do you do?

Have you considered spying on your employees? Do you think spying on your employees’ computers would help? If you spied on your employees at home, is that legal?

These are a few questions that we will answer in this article.

There was a survey done last year, and 98% of employers do monitor their employees somehow.

There is a difference between monitoring and spying. Employers are tracking their employees in some way.

Spying on your employees happens more than we think about.

If you have a supervisor, we will show you how a supervisor watches you at work and what programs they use.

Some employers use different programs to track their workers’ production.

There are many ways as to how your supervisor watches you at work. T

here are even ways your employer can monitor you and your mental health.

Most of the time it is simply your employer checking the websites that you have been looking through and they’ll check your browser history.

Checking your route to work may be a little excessive, but emails or browser history are possibilities.

What types of tools are employers using for monitoring their employees? There are quite a few employees monitoring tools that employers have been using.

Here are just a few examples of them.

Employee Monitoring Tools

Spying on employees at work happens all the time. Now, we call it monitoring though. There are several ways in which you are monitored at work.

One way to monitor your employees is to monitor their emails. This is a part of many electronic communication agreements when you get a job at certain businesses.

This also measures employee productivity, especially if in the customer service business.

Employers also monitor websites that are visited. There is employee monitoring software that bosses will use, especially large corporations who work online often.

Computer usage may be vital in your line of work, which means you’re most likely being monitored.

Your employer is probably using spy software and there is some type of spyware running in the background.

Another way employers monitor their employees at work is by using an app or software that is called Time Doctor. Time Doctor is a software that tracks time spent on working and on breaks.

It helps track the time of employee projects and time spent with clients.

Time Doctor also processes payroll and bills clients automatically. It works on all devices that your business has. It lets you integrate projects.

Time Doctor also tracks the attendance of your employees and alerts you when someone is late.

Time Doctor also has reported about the employees and their production hours and more.

There are alerts that can remind your employees about wasting their time on web sites. Time Doctor has GPS tracking also.

Time Doctor has website tracking that shows your employees being productive or wasting their time.

You can select a way to track time for the whole staff or just one person.

There are web camera shots you can place on your staff’s computers if needed.

Time Doctor even lets you record and replay videos of employees and how much work they have done in a day or a week, or longer.

Spying apps are also being used to monitor you on your cell phone. Some may be cloud-based and a hidden spy app can also read your text messages. Google Play on phones has the ability to spy as well.

When you work in customer service or when you are constantly making and accepting phone calls, your employers are listening to your calls.

The calls are monitored by software that is installed on your phone and there are listening devices that record everything you say and who you say it to.

Employers also use GPS tracking of where their devices, cars, and smartphones are going and where they have been. If you travel often for work, your job is fully aware of where you are. You cannot hide from them.

This is done for the safety of employees, devices and their company.

They want you to represent them well, therefore not knowing where you are, scares them.

Your boss may have random bag searches at work for everyone’s protection. When you are hired, all of these should be explained to you.

Employer Spying On Me At Home

You may have a feeling that your employer could be spying on you when you’re at home. Is this legal and how can it happen? First, this rarely happens due to it being almost illegal to spy on employees during off-hours.

The likelihood of this happening is quite rare, granted it has happened, but your chances of being monitored at home are slim.

Your employer would have to prove that the spying was justified. If your employer thinks you are committing a crime or malpractice, then with evidence, they can prove why they are spying on you.

This, however, is a violation of your human rights. There are many countries where this is legal and there are many different laws.

Covert monitoring is the technical term for spying on someone while working.

An example of this would be putting cameras in the bathrooms, toilet areas and bugging the bathrooms as well. You can also be followed into a meeting by your boss.

Instead of spying on the employees, many employers would rather monitor them. Spying can cause a lot of tension, paranoia, and distaste for the workplace in general.

You should have employees that are trustworthy and the second that you think something isn’t right, start monitoring them.

Who Is Spying On Me?

If you feel like someone is spying on you, there are ways to find out who may be spying on you.

There are some private firms who spy on people for a living.

This is their business. Somewhere at sometime, someone can always be watching you.

Cameras and bugging devices can be anywhere.

Wireless cameras are hidden and anyone can have a listening device on them, or nearby. If you catch a bug or a camera on someone, then you are doing a great job.

Camera detectors are available on your phone.

There are apps that detect cameras and bugs if someone is spying on you.

There are counter-surveillance tools that are designed to help people detect and prevent monitoring that is unwanted.

These tools can help detect hidden cameras, scrambling signals and create a white noise masking that can prevent recording devices from getting voices.

When you begin a new career or job, you may want to be aware of what your employers can and cannot do.

They can monitor your emails, telephone calls, history of the visited websites and more.

There are many ways that employers can gauge what you’re accomplishing at work.

They will look at your responses to their emails, appointments, how much time are you logged in and working and what interactions you are having with clients.

Best Spying Tool

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