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Why Do Experts Recommend to Monitor Your Teen’s Phone?

03:19 AM September 05, 2019

Many parents are ignorant of the fact that there are more dangers to the use of phones generally than the good from it. There are various things that go on spontaneously every second in the world, and the best place to stay updated is via mobile phones with good internet access. However, this advantage has been abused such that it has become a great menace that is affecting most kids today, this is why experts recommend monitoring your kid’s phone.

Kids lose focus because of the things they see, watch, or learn from the internet without adult supervision.

This is why experts recommend that parents monitor a teen’s phone through several effective means necessary.

Some tech-savvy has designed a phone monitoring app for parents or guardians to control the abuse of phones and the internet respectively.

In this article, we would be discussing various ways phones and internet access has influenced kids negatively and brilliant ways to curb the menace.

How the internet has affected younger children

Monitor Your Kids Phone to Limit Exposure to Pornography and Adult Contents

It is no news that there are sensitive websites on the net today where there are lots and lots of adult content.

These are things made for only adults, but when a teenager stumbles across them, he or she has a tendency to be interested in what he or she sees.

In fact, it has got to a point where these sites don’t put up age restrictions anymore, and that is detrimental to any society.

Also, adult contents are also related to Pornography in a way, and should never be accessible to younger kids.

However, the world we live in today says that 70 in 100 children must have watched porn from the internet at certain points in their lives.

This problem needs proper attention before it is too late.

Misuse of Social Media Platforms

As technology improves, there is bound to be better innovations in areas like communication and information.

So far, so good, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram has emerged and has helped in tremendous ways, but it has also proven its negatives.

Sometimes, we wonder: is Facebook safe for 12-year-olds?

The truth is, kids should never be allowed to explore social media platforms at a very young age because there is a lot going on, and you wouldn’t want them to be caught up with it.

There are sensitive pictures, posts, and videos that should never be seen by these kids.

If seen, the effects could take a turn on their mental and developmental process.

Monitor Your Teen Phone to Prevent or Caught an Addiction

What comes after misuse is an addiction.

Nowadays, you see kids that are more interested in playing online video games, chatting with strangers and watching rated videos instead of studying.

Do we need to talk about how it would affect their grades badly? Or it makes them exposed to things at a tender age.

It is no doubt that internet use has caused many addictions we see today.

There should be time limits to the use of phone or internet for kids and not every time.

Dependency on the Author’s Opinion

It is good to consult the internet for materials and resources on a particular topic, but it shouldn’t cloud one’s judgment.

Not everything they see on the net is right; many are wrong, some are inconclusive.

These are things teenagers do not understand because they believe as long as it is online, then it is correct.

Accepting the right information is good but relying on the author’s opinion is just as bad as being wrong.

Thus, the internet has not made it easy for kids to think for themselves.

How Do Parents Monitor Teen’s Activities?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the parents to monitor, even family members can assist in this good work to control the use of the internet.

So many things have been put in place, and they include;

App Monitors

Due to the increase in the abuse of mobile devices and the internet, there is now app to monitor kids phone, specially designed for parents.

This is aimed at solving major internet problems and children’s commitment.

For instance, ios devices have iPhone monitoring apps to control whatever should be accessed or not.

Tracking Tools

Using tracking tools is going to be very effective and they are available in different forms, such as mobile spy, spy app, or location tracking with GPS tracker.

As soon as you discover your kids are ready to face different challenges or sensitive content from life, then, you can stop its use.

However, for a little time, you should watch what comes to your kids.

Also, you can get a smartwatch for kids that can send text messages, make phone calls, act as a fitness tracker or activity tracker too.

There are many brands that manufacture watches for kids, but the apple watch is an exclusive choice.

With kids texting watch, it will be impossible not to see who or what these kids are doing every day.

Monitor Your Teens Phone and Social Media Controls

Questions like: “Should parents limit teenagers’ use of social media?” should be answered positively.

If not, why is there a predator alert tool for facebook, if it’s not to monitor the activities of these kids?

Although some of these kids go the extra mile to block their parents from these platforms, you should read on how to find your child on social media.

Monitor Your Kids Phone Privacy and PG Controls

Finally, it will be good if privacy and PG controls can be set on these platforms or sites.

So that abuse can be limited. Sometimes, we ask: “do colleges track internet history?”

Because if they do, some of these kids would be mindful of what they search in school.

In general, controls are meant to give parents absolute power over the internet and kids.


Controlling the use of phones and the internet is a big task, and it requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

From owning a sim card to browsing the net, there is a lot that can take place, and it is your duty as a parent to control whatever happens.

In conclusion, for good peace of mind, ensure that you take any of the ways above to monitor a teen’s phone use.

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