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How to Build a Brand

05:56 AM August 15, 2019

How to Build a Brand? One truth about a business that has been established over the years is that the success of your business is dependent on the quality of your products or services and how well your brand is accepted within your target audience.
Another proven fact is that the quality of your products or services is not the major determinant of how successful they will be in the sales market.

True, it is very important that you make use of the right marketing materials to create value to the highest degree possible. Still, what we have found out is that a lot of times, the physical value or actual value of a product is not equal to the perceived value from the angle of the consumer.

This has created the need to go beyond manufacturing valuable products and building a brand.

To ensure your products get the valuation it deserves from consumers; you need to be able to make your products or services appealing to all those prospective clients and customers. This is why it is important that you build a solid brand for your business.

Why Building a Brand?
Why building a brand?

When you are able to build a formidable brand, your customers will have a very good reputation for your business.

The level at which your customers place your products and services is known as brand equity. Having high-ranking brand equity offers quite a lot of benefits to your business.

Brands are not rated directly in terms of finances. Nonetheless, brands like Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, Uber, and others in this class who have successfully bagged a high ranking brand equity have realized the following qualities;

  • Integrity
  • Cognizance
  • Character
  • Customer approval

All these qualities have materialized into huge benefits for these brands because aside from giving them a visual identity, it has helped them become a strong brand, thereby attracting premium consumers to them.

Their market has been able to compete at the top level for the attention of consumers who are conscious of their comfort and safety and would not mind parting with a fortune to enjoy their products or services.

Mindful Consumption Is a Key Factor in Brand Building

Going by the growing economic condition, it has been observed that consumers’ demand for value has been on a steady increase in opposition to what was obtainable in the recessive years of the economy. Even small brands are not excused from this level of expectation.

The average consumer would go for quality products before considering the price instead of checking the price before making a choice. This is the concept of quality mindfulness. Value is what consumers crave these days. To ascertain the value of a product, consumers consider the following:

  • Social evidence: beyond having a great product, consumers are always concerned with what their peers feel about the product. A good place where they seek for validation is on social media, making it a very good place to execute brand positioning. Once they are able to establish the fact that it is a widely accepted product, consumers tend to give their approval.
  • Research: Digital information about a product is in high demand by consumers. About 70 percent of your target audience will look up information about products or services of your brand online. They are quite mindful of what is obtainable on the internet as regards what they want and those producing it.
  • Uniqueness and fondness: customers want to be sure that the brand message of a product is in sync with their personal values and lifestyle. Hence, they check to see if the product is not in conflict with their personality. Little things such as color preference and the likes matter to customers.

All these factors form vital components of the purchasing decision process of consumers, shows that the success of a product line in the market goes beyond its quality. Additionally, customers will look out for a brand that suits their personality.

Communicating Your Brand Value
How to Build a Brand

Brands are conceived in mind, which is the more reason why you can’t really attach a definite price tag to them. This implies that you have to know how to communicate your company branding value to your target market.

1. Be Unique With Your Branding Tone

For you to create a brand capable of commanding the attention needed to thrive, your team has to do a lot of thinking out of the box. There are probably a lot of people doing what you do already within your market.

That is why you need to stand out from the crowd. Else, the visual identity of your brand value will be concealed.

This should not be limited to your marketing department alone. Instead, your whole team has to go all out in enhancing brand positioning, letting customers know your brand is the best at what you do.

One experience might be all your customers will need to gain a good perception of your brand, and that maybe with team members who are not in the marketing department.

2. Be Specific With Your Brand Message

Your branding can become like a bullet shot into the air if you do not pay enough attention to your targeting game.

To build value that will translate to a strong service or product branding, your marketing campaign has to be targeted towards the crowd which will be most receptive. These are people who will find your brand message to be valuable.

Doing that will save you the stress of pitching to a large audience and coming out with a low success rate.

This implies that you need to take your marketing campaigns to mediums where your target audiences are present in large numbers.

After that, you then fine-tune your brand message to be in line with what the marketing channel stands for. This synergy has been tried several times by successful brands and has proved to be successful.

3. Set and Retain High Design Standards

What is a brand without quality design? Visual identity is vital when it comes to building a strong brand.

Even for small businesses, your color combination, fonts, shapes should not only command attention but it should send a clear message of value to your customers.

4. Lead With Valuable Content Information

Projecting your brand identity to your target audience requires that you work on your content. All the brands with premium value are known to possess contents that depict great leadership and valuable information.

Your audiences’ definition of valuable content is content that adds value to them.

This should be obvious right from your mission statement to all other aspects of your content marketing. Therefore, when selecting content for your brand positioning, make sure it is all about your audience. The content should be to their delight.

5. Make Customers Your Friends

Beyond creating a brand, there is a need to sustain it. To do this, pay attention to customer service by making them your friend. This will give your brand identity a good perception and solidify the precious relationship that has been established.


Building a strong brand requires that you identify your brand to customers as different in a good way. Don’t forget; It is the responsibility of everyone in your company to ensure your brand identity is awesome.

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