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National Book Lovers Day

07:26 AM August 10, 2019

National book lovers well, also known as the 9th of August is fast coming up. As with every other community of similar likes, it only made sense that book lovers have a day when they can celebrate everything well, everything deep and everything awesome about books.

If you are new to the concept of book lover’s day, here are a few fun facts about national book lovers day to swing you right into the groove. It falls right on the 9th of August

It Falls Right on the 9th of August

While the origins of the day are scarcely known, most of the searches on the internet around the name began between 2006 and 2007. Maybe because twitter and facebook were gaining popularity?

Books Were Originally Chained to the Shelves Without Their Spines Showing!

This fact made me ugh! It is a well-known fact that the placing of books on shelves without their spine showing is a pet peeve for librarians and library users in general. To think that this was modus Operandi?
Well, earlier works of literature and shows based in medieval times have shown that indeed this is how books were shelved.
Sort of makes you appreciate the fact that you get to judge books by their spines now, ey?
The chaining of the books to the shelves was a way to prevent damage, and of course, thieving of the rare gift books.

We Have Three Book Holidays Celebrated the World Over

The United Nations celebrates book day and copyright day in April in different countries. This is different from the world book lover’s day held in August.
The aim of the former is to celebrate modern literature while at the same time raising awareness on piracy and the harm it has on writers’ revenue.Book lover’s day is more about the appreciation of the art of reading, as well as good literature and definitely a chance to re-read a favorite book.

There Is Evidentiary Medical Proof That Reading Makes You Better

According to a study published in the journal of science, literary fiction was found to have a great impact on a person’s ability to offer empathy and kindness.
The research goes on to point out that the theory of the mind that is, the ability to appreciate that individuals hold ideas and beliefs separate from ours, is greatly improved with every new fiction book explored.

More and More People Are Reading Hardcover Books Compared to Online Print

In recent times, more people are seeking to read books than online versions such as epub. This might have something to do with the sense of touch, and the feel of actually reading books gives you.
Needless to say, most authors are ensuring that their books are available in all formats to suit every kind of reader.

Book Lover’s Day Is Open to Anyone Who Loves Reading in Whatever Format

If you’re worried that audiobook lovers are left out, worry not. As long as what you are delving into is a book. You are welcome to join all book lovers worldwide in this celebration.

How to celebrate national book lovers day this year

Re-Read a Favorite Book

The mind is indeed programmed to want new stimulation every so often, this year however, we shall delve into the old favorite books in a bid to re-ignite the initial passion for reading.
It was not until I had re-read the book Jane Eyre, an old favorite that I remembered why I liked books set in the middle ages.
What with the English and the constant tea,
Take some time this year and re-read the books you once loved.

Visit Public Libraries

The art of reading from libraries has dissipated over the years, this is with the introduction of kindle books and online print.
Take yourself back to the olden days with a visit to your local library and rediscover the beauty of hard-bound paperbacks and dusty shelves along with the smell of wisdom over the years.

Re-Read a Collection From Your Favorite Author

If you fell in love with the writing in Chronicles of Narnia, consider reading all the books written by CS Lewis.
I plan on re-reading all the Scottish highlander novels by my favorite romantic author Judith McNaught.
A good book makes the time hold still, which means you will be done in no time.

Start a Twitter Hashtag

With the era- of hashtags, you can raise awareness of this great day in your region and the world over. Consider a hashtag that will not only raise awareness but also invite other bibliophiles to share their experiences as well.
Some of the great hashtags to consider are
#nationalbooklovers day
#ificouldre-read a book

All these are but examples of hashtags that would start actual conversations online. If you have a great following online, you could consider starting a give away of books you have that are still in good condition.

Do a Book Giveaway

Nothing spells community like the inclusivity of sharing. Consider giving away a couple of books that you have loved in the past, books that you have bought for the sole purpose of giving away.
You can even give away books that you still love, to a homeless shelter, to a struggling book club or even to mobile libraries.
The power of books to open up the mind is more than you can imagine.

Sit in With an Existing Book Club

If you are part of one, consider visiting another one. If you’re not part of one, starting one would be a great idea to bring up like-minded individuals.
Visiting a neighboring book club will allow you to see how different things are done by others and to learn from them.

All in all, the national book lover’s day is an amazing opportunity to celebrate your love for books, with people who love books and inspire more people to love books.
It would also be a great idea to sell the books you are no longer reading at affordable [prices to the community.
Something like a yard sale, but for books.

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