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07:22 AM August 07, 2019

There is so much to do this summer, and one of them is learning how to bbq perfectly well without problems. Often, people face challenges with this task, but if learned the proper way, it should be very easy in no time. Rather than handbook at your disposal, this article is a simpler alternative to guide you on how to make your meals sizzle the way you want.

For your next outdoor barbecue, you could become better just by taking the lessons below. This way, you finally get the chance to avoid unfinished drumsticks or charred hockey pucks. So, here they are;

Three Fantastic Lessons on How to Barbecue

1. Differentiate between Direct and Indirect Heat

When it comes to grilling, this is the first to learn how to do – how to apply heat. It is very important because it determines the end result of your meal, i.e., good or bad depends on the quality of heat applied to it. However, there are two ways of applying heat when making your meals, and that is the direct and indirect way.

Direct heat

as it implies means there is a direct impact of fire/heat over the meal, so it could get done. Foods that use a direct heat application are mostly small or those that do not need too much heat (fast-cooking foods) before they are finally cooked, e.g., burgers.

Indirect heat

on the other hand, means the direct impact of fire is not required, rather, it should be applied with a barrier between the food and the fire. This is synonymous with roasting in an oven because there is going to be lit and unlit side. Foods that use this method are slow-cooking foods, e.g., a rack of ribs.

Furthermore, there are two ways in which either of these heating methods can be applied, and that involves the source or medium providing the heat. There are two major sources in this regard, and they include; charcoal and gas.

Charcoal Grill Method
Charcoal Grill Method

– Indirect Method: Firstly, preheat the grill for 10 to 15 minutes, after which you will rake the coals and divide them into two portions, each on opposite sides. Next, place a grate over the coals and put the food on it while you turn at intervals.

If it is a meal that takes time, you can as well make use of aluminum pan, but add water to avoid drippings from burning off.

– Direct Method: Preheat the grill for 10 to 15 minutes, then rake the coals into two out of three portions of the grate. The last portion is a keeping zone where you can easily move the food when it is done in the other portions. It keeps the food from getting burnt.

Gas Grill Method
Gas Grill Method

– Indirect Method: This is an easy method because all you have to do is: lit the grill for 10 minutes and then turn it off. Place the food directly on the heated grill and cook while it’s covered. Remove when it starts sizzling.

– Direct Method: This is very similar but different in a way that after grilling for 10 minutes, the burners are still left on while the food is placed over them. They are left uncovered in this case.

How to Flavor the Fire
How to Flavor the Fire

Once you know how to apply heat using any of the above methods, the next thing you need to learn is how to flavor the fire in order to give that smoky flavor. The smokiness is due to nothing other than wood chips that are mostly used on grilled foods. There are many flavors you can add to these wood chips, some of them are;

– Hickory: Mostly used on pork chops, lambs and poultry
– Apple: Gives a sweet, fruity taste and it is used on the pork as well as poultry
– Oak: Gives a benign woodsy scent but adds flavor to beef, pork, and fish
– Mesquite: Mostly used on items that take 20 minutes to grill as well as for beef, salmon.

Using Wood Chips To BBQ

You can make use of the wood chips in several ways, but most often, it all comes down to the source of heat. It can either be used on gas or charcoal grill. Nevertheless, you have to soak a handful of chips for about 15 minutes with flavor fluid before you proceed with grilling.

– Charcoal Grill Method: Simply add the wood chips that have been well-soaked to the burning coals.

Immediately you see a cloud of smoke, start cooking your food so the effect can last long on it.

– Gas Grill Method: This is also quite simple but you need to make use of an aluminum pan. Put the wood chips in the pan and preheat the grill for some minutes.

Then, place the pan over the grill and start cooking your food when smoke appears.

How to Make Use of Tools
BBQ tools

Finally, what makes the best grilling experience is the tools used. Now, it’s not about the burner, heat source, grate or coal, it’s about the items that ensure maximum perfection. There are just about seven of them and they include;

– Chimney starter: This is only used for charcoal grills; it is an alternative to using lighter fluid for a charcoal grill.

– Aluminum pans: As aforementioned, it has temporary protective properties and it is best used for medium heat.

– Meat thermometer: Solely used for measuring temperature to know when the steak is done rather than making guesses.

– Spatula: One of the most essential tools because it is used for turning or flipping easy foods like fish.

– Tongs: The spring-loaded type is the best tool for grilling. It is used for picking foods like hot dogs rather than making use of a spatula.

– Basting brush: Mostly used for applying sauces like a killer hog to food.

– Paper towel: Used in the final process for packaging or receiving foods.

There is just so much to learn about how to barbecue the right way, but this article has made it easy. It has clearly explained what should be paid attention to for the best grilling experience.

In conclusion, Malcolm Reed has new recipes for barbecue as well as podcasts, you should check him out!

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