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The Best Reading Books For kids

06:50 AM July 04, 2019

You want your kids to spend less time on screen and more time with books, right?

These easy-to-learn books would boost the reading culture of your kids. Good children literature inspires them to read more, while bad ones scare them off. To discover the best reading books for kids, keep reading.


The Marvel Encyclopedia Is a Literature Piece Kids must have

The children world differs from the adult world in many ways, especially when it comes to interests and Interpersonal relationships amidst kids. As adults, we like discussing politics,  economy and government policies, but kids don’t think that way. Children care less about the government or economy, all they want is an interesting story that directly reflects children social life. When choosing a book for your child, consider these factors;


Depending on how you view it, everything has a simple or difficult angle to it. The perfect books for kids must be simple enough for kids within the range of 2-10 years. 


Relatability is the ability to understand or feel sympathy for a thing. So Relatability, in this regard, means everything children can understand and empathize. No one really enjoys what they cannot relate to. To write an impeccable children literature, you must study the way children behave and adopt every child-like attribute in your story. 

According to think written, “Children are not nearly as concerned with things such as time, money or potential of a book to get good. When writing for children it is important to keep in mind that you have about 2 and a half seconds to capture their interest enough that they will be willing to invest the next ten minutes to see how the story turns out.”


Children love the idea of conflicting characters, such as Thor and Hulk. Oftentimes, they fall in love with the presentation and resolution of conflicts. The conflicts can come in the form of tasks, barriers or decision-making.

The only books your kids would love

Early childhood education can only be achieved by motivating your kids to read. Asides rewarding them with chocolates, toys, and trips, comic books are one of the best prizes to give your child(ren). We present to you the nine favorite books your kids would love to read;

Spiderman, Spiderman!

Spiderman Spiderman

Does your child dream about spiderman? Spiderman book could be the perfect fit for your child, as it remains the only book a good percentage of kids wants to read. As expected the imagery used in spiderman book is colorful and appealing to kids. The lyrics of the classic theme song from the original spidey song is featured in this book. Forever spiderman book you purchase for your kid(s), you’ll get a CD that plays the song in different versions. The lyrics in the book and the CD makes the story more memorable.


Captain Marvel Little Book

Captain marvel little book

Captain Marvel’s little Golden book brings children closer to their hero, CaptainMarvel, and this makes it one of the only books your kids would love. In 2019, Captain Marvel surprised the kids with his ability to soar through space, make peace, and protect the world. In the golden book, the world is under the siege of aliens and Captain marvel waged war against the terrestrial beings with his superpowers, including his popular space flight ability. Captain marvel little book has a total of 24 pages and makes a perfect prize for ages 2 – 5.

Rocket To The Rescue! Little Golden Book

Rocket to the rescue Little golden book

Just like Captain Marvel’s little Golden book, Rocket to the rescue is an interesting book every kid would love. Rocket to the rescue features the relevant phase of the reading ladder for a youngster and beautifies the bookshelf, due to the classic gold trim, which reveals itself below the spine. The characters in this story are Rocket Raccoon, his friends Star-Lord, Groot, Gamora and Drax who are on a mission to rescue Groot, when an unknown, cloaked figure carts him away. 

Thor vs Hulk

Thor vs Hulk

The book, which is based on the film, Thor Ragnarok, contains 32 pages. The imagery used in the book is memorable and rich. Unlike other cutie-styled books, Thor vs Hulk was written in a comic book style. The book would appeal to children who love the film.

In the book, Thor is caged far away from home while Loki, his evil brother has conquered Asgard. To get back home and defeat Loki, he must face his old enemy, Hulk. Every kid wanna see Thor fight Hulk.  Regardless of who your kid loves most, this book is a must read for all kids. Thor vs Hulk is a perfect book every kid would love to read.

Night, Night Groot

Night, Night Groot

This book has 32 pages and it’s suitable for children from the age of five and up. The foremost pages narrate how Gamora is telling baby Groot bedtime stories. Suddenly, the rocket raccoon intrudes and asks Groot to help him save the day.

The characters in ‘night, night Groot’ express their words in speech bubbles, in the original comic style. The images are more cute and colorful than those used in the guardian of the galaxies. It is a perfect bedtime story for kids.

Grow Up, Ant-man!

Grow up, ant man

Grow up, Ant-man is a personal favorite,  one of the specific books your children would love to read. It has 32 pages and it is appropriate for children under the age of two to five. The book was written by Brandon a renowned comedy writer who has been featured on Inside Amy Schumer. 

In ‘grow up, ant man’, Cassie, Antman’s daughter wants him to behave himself and stop playing pranks on everyone. The journey of ant-man growing bigger is an interesting and memorable one. The reoccurrence of the phrase, “Grow up, Ant-Man!” offers children something they can actively relate with and makes it fun for non-readers.

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Marvel’s The Avengers Storybook Collection

Marvel's the Avengers storybook collection

The Avengers Storybook collection fills the third slot on our list of the specific books your children would love. This collection has 192 pages and features the most popular superheroes, such as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury. Children within the ages of 4-8 would find great joy in the adventure story. 

Avengers Storybook – Second Edition

Avengers storybook edition - second edition

Like the first edition,  the second edition of the Avengers Storybook Collection features rich imagery. However, this edition has 304 pages, with lots of Marvel superheroes, including Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther, Black Widow, Ant-Man, and more. 

The second edition of the Avengers Storybook Collection is one of the favorite Marvel books your kids would love to read. This book is suitable for kids between the ages of six to eight.

Captain Marvel: What Makes a Hero

Captain Marvel what makes a hero book

Though the representation of females in superhero stories is scanty, Captain America and Black Panther paved the way for a new culture that features female heroes. This book takes this balanced culture further by introducing more female characters, like Nebula, Shuri, Gamora, Black Widow, and more.

The story focuses on various attributes that build up a hero alongside the images of male and female heroes in rich color. What makes a hero is a book that empowers female children and it is one of the rare books your kids would love is Captain Marvel. 

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