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Amazon Best Sellers Books: Top 15 Most Exciting Books Rated

11:41 AM June 25, 2019
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Books? That’s right, we said it, books! Many of us started out reading at a young age and were avid readers until life or technology got in the way. After having a child of my own, I realized what reading means to me and my son. Reading is fundamental in life if you think about it. Every day, we read something. Reading is a way to escape normal everyday life. 

You can put yourself on Mars as you read a great book. I have some great new books on my favorites list too. 


They’re broken down by age-appropriate books. After much digging and research, we have a list of recommendations for the Amazon best selling books.  They’re great books and I have read must of them several times they’re just that good!

Top 5 Motivational Books on Amazon

Shopping - Best books for you, young adults and kids on Amazon

These books are some of the best seller books amazon in 2019 and highly recommended. 

There are several best selling books on Amazon in this category. In fact, they’re all at the top of the list. These are books that are written for the adult audience in mind. Some of these are also on the New York Times bestsellers list. 

Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

Unfuk Yourself Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

Unfu*ck Yourself is ranked #11 this week on Amazon bestseller books list. There is a Kindle version available with the app. This book is an empowering book and a guide to offer you an approach like none other. It shows tough love to be a great way you to get past these limitations that you have given yourself in life. 

Gary John Bishop does a great job of designing this handbook with advice and tools to lift yourself up and change your mindset and thinking altogether. It shows you how to rid yourself of the negative feelings and thoughts you are bringing upon yourself.

This book is a great gift idea and new releases make great gifts for all. In my opinion, this book should be on the book of the month because it has helped me tremendously. 

Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

Can't Hurt Me Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds


David Goggins has brought us a wonderful book about his life and the odds that he faced growing up. He was overweight, poor, people made fun of him, and his life was a nightmare. 

He changed all this by self-discipline, hard work, and mentally pushing himself to be the best person he could be. 

This book is #4 on Amazon charts this week, and you can buy it now with one click. Check out today deals  Amazonbasics coupon, gift sections, this may fit into one category for deals. 

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World

Make Your Bed Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World

This book is one of the most powerful books written in quite some time. It is the #1 best seller on the New York Times bestsellers list and has been suggested that every leader in America should read this.  One of the best quotes from the book is, “ If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”

Admiral William H. McRaven will change your life after you are done reading this book.

You can purchase this book with one click and to learn more about Amazon prime for discounted prices, read more on the homepage. 

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

The 5 Love Languages The Secret to Love that Lasts

Gary Chapman brings us a great book about love and different love languages that each of us has. Therapists and counselors are always using this book for therapy sessions with couples. This is the number one bestseller and available on Kindle.  One of the top-selling books for over 8 years. The book shows us how to stay in love once we get there. That is the biggest challenge.

Bestsellers gift ideas have this book on the top of that list. If you buy this book online today, you’ll receive great service, free shipping, and shopper perks. 

Amazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping as well. 

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

The Gifts of Imperfection Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

Another great book on the adult reading list. We are all imperfect, let’s face it, but this book takes our little imperfections and shows us how to embrace them.

There are more than 2 million copies sold of this book and its in 30 different languages. This book will help you change how you look at yourself and life. 

If you are thinking of buying an adult in your life one of these books, but not sure which one, coupons, gift cards, customer reviews, may be helpful in making that decision. 

Top 5 Books For Young Adults on Amazon

Young adults can sometimes be hard to buy for when it comes to books. However, there are apps available to have the book read to them if they prefer. 

Young adults can be hard to buy for and much harder to have them read a book. Try suggesting some of these great books. They’ll really enjoy them. 

Gift cards, customer service suggestions, and Amazonbasics coupons gift cards can be helpful in picking the best available options. 

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give

Angie Thomas writes about a sixteen-year-old and her struggle between where she lives in a poor neighborhood, and where she goes to school, a fancy prep school. The main character sees a fatal shooting of her best friend. 

The kid is shot by a police officer and was unarmed. The plot gets more intense as you read on. This book is actually great for adults to read as well. 

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

Of course, J.K. Rowling and her great Harry Potter collection are on this list. Readers of all ages love her work and your young adults will too. 

These books take your imagination to another realm and its a fun and hard to escape one. These are best sellers and your young adults will thank you for these. 

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This book is a very mature young adult book, so we suggest parents taking a look at it first to see if your child is ready for this. The main character is Bruno. He gets home from school one day and sees everything he owns packed up. 

His family is moving, dad got a better job offer, and they must move to a place far away. This book has been turned into a movie as well. 

I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

I Will Always Write Back How One Letter Changed Two Lives

Caitlin’s class is given an assignment. They have to write to a student somewhere else. Caitlin picks Zimbabwe. She begins writing Martin.

He was the first one to pick from class and the two started writing letters to one another.

They were pen pals for six years and this changed their lives. It is a dual memoir book and it is very compelling. These two became great friends and better people because of their letters.  

Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart book

This book has also been made into a movie. Stella loses control when her lungs send her in and out of the hospital. Stella has to stay away from anything that will cause her to get sick. Then there is Will, who is everything Stella needs to stay clear of. 

The only way they live, if both of them stay apart. This is a sweet and sad book about love and young romance. 

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Award-winning books for kids

Hello Lighthouse

Hello Lighthouse

This book is great for kids because it has great pictures that will take your reader to the seashore. They can imagine the wind blowing, seasons changing, and icebergs drifting by. 

Outside, there is water everywhere. Inside, the daily life of a lighthouse keeper boiling water for his tea, and writing details of the days in his logbook. 

Alma and How She Got Her Name

Alma and How She Got Her Name

Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose’ Pura Candela has six names! This is the story of how she was named and her daddy helps her understand why she has so many names.

This book shows kids how names are important and they all have meaning to them. In this book, Almas learns many things about her family that she did not know. She, in fact, learns the true meaning of her name. 

A Big Mooncake for Little Star

A Big Mooncake for Little Star

In this book, Little Star loves delicious Mooncakes. She and her mother bake them together. The little problem is that Little Star cannot eat the mooncakes yet. She wants a little nibble and cannot help herself. 

This is a vibrant and beautiful picture book that shines as bright as the stars. This is a very heartwarming book that explains the phases of the moon. 

The Rough Patch

The Rough Patch

The Rough Patch by Brian Lies is a great illustrated book for kids. This book is great for anyone of any age. Especially for anyone who has ever suffered a loss or any disappointment in their lives. 

The author tells a beautiful, accessible, and deeply personal story. This story is about friendship, loss, and getting it back again. The main character, Evan and his dog are going to get ice cream together. 

One day, Evan’s dog dies. He is heartbroken and embraces chaos. In his torn up garden, a huge pumpkin grows and Evan’s life changes. This is a great book about love and loss and I suggest anyone read this. 

Merci Suárez Changes Gears

Merci Suárez Changes Gears

This is a book about a thoughtful, strong-willed sixth-grader. She navigates through difficult changes with her friends, family, and others. 

Sixth grade is always difficult for all of us. Merci has never fit in with the students at her private school in Florida. They have nothing big and fancy and she is on a scholarship to this school. They do community service to pay for the rest of the fees.

Merci is worried about her grandfather’s health, along with kids at school bothering her, and going through life changes as she gets toward puberty. This book is great for anyone who has a child in middle school and going through changes in their lives. 


Each and every one of these books is outstanding. They make us want to read more and they really put you in another world. When I read these books, I forget all of my problems and realize they’re not so bad. If you want a great book to read, visit Amazon and check out some of these books or look on their best sellers list to get some great reading materials. If you don’t have time, there’s always Audible to read for you while you’re on the way to work or doing chores. When it comes to picking out the best books for your family and yourself, Amazon has shopper toolkits, registry, selling category, and more to help guide you.

There is free shipping on shopper toolkits, and customer service, free shipping can be arranged. When you sign on to Amazon, you’ll see different categories for you. There will be releases, whole foods, today, shipping, shopper toolkit, registry, and more. When looking at foods today, deals, or amazonbasics, you’ll be shown what they all mean. There will be a brief section of info, defining what each option is. Amazon is really easy to navigate. If you are still lost, clicking on cards, customer service free, is usually the best bet. Enjoy the books and have a great summer.

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