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What Is the Best CRM For Your Small Businesses?

04:12 AM July 24, 2019

Just because you have a small business does not mean you need small business solutions to help you manage your daily contacts, contacts, and data. Instead, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) system that gives you big business capabilities to fulfill your small business needs. So who should you choose as your CRM team, and how can they help you? What is the best marketing CRM?

Here is a list of three of the best Customer Relationship Management for small companies:

  1. Managed Logix
  2. HubSpot
  3. Zoho

Managed Logix

managed logix

The first CRM to make this list is Managed Logix. Managed Logix provides industry-specific CRM tools to help your small business perform at its highest levels. With the following features available, you will be able to easily integrate all of your management tools into one cloud-based system that allows you complete access to vital information from anywhere in your company and around the world.

What Managed Logix Has To Offer

        A complete lead scoring management system allows you to improve marketing sales and service performance, lead assignment, follow-up, and conversion.

  • Leading Cloud VOIP that allows for the complete integration of your communication systems with no capital investment required.
  • Mobile capabilities that are flexible for all of your needs and secure for complete information protection.
  • It offers one business solution for integrating your business processes, allowing you to focus on your customers instead of your programs.
  • Call Tracking allows you to perform campaigns, and ROI tracking gives you geographical insights and dynamic call routing.
  • Support from experts in your industry to help you achieve the most from your CRM system. With access to support where and when you need it, your customer will never suffer because you don’t know how to utilize any aspect of your CRM.
  • Available in ready-made packages that are easily implemented into your small business design, as well as fully customizable packages that let you pick and choose the benefits you need and want.



The next CRM on the list is HubSpot. HubSpot offers a CRM platform that can include tools for marketing, sales, and customer service. Their platform starts with basic CRM features and can be upgraded to meet your growing needs.

What HubSpot Has To Offer

  • Customer information in one convenient location, including contact info, scheduled appointments, contracts, and more.
  • Marketing hub to grow traffic, convert visitors, manage campaigns, lead generation, and analytics.
  • Sales hub with in-depth prospect insight allowing you to close deals faster, as well as email tracking and ability to schedule meetings.
  • A service hub that allows you to connect with customers allows for customer feedback and a knowledge base platform.
  • Services can be stand-alone or combined for your business needs.
  • Customizable plans to give you the services you want and eliminate those you don’t.



The final CRM choice on the list is Zoho. Zoho allows you to integrate your CRM systems and other business owners applications. Giving you quick access to help keep your focus on your customer.

What Zoho Has To Offer        

  • Multichannel CRM allows you to engage prospects and automate the sales process.
  • The option of one solution to manage, connect and automate processes organization-wide.
  • Ability to bring your different software (email, sales, marketing) together into one place.
  • Sales and marketing plans help you close the deal quicker, manage campaigns, and analyze the data for improvements and successes.
  • IT and Help Desk capabilities to make helping your customers easier.
  • Customizable to fit your small business needs.

What is a CRM?

what is CRM

To understand what you need from a CRM and what to look for, you first need to understand what a CRM is and why you need one. So what is a CRM system, and what does it mean for your company? A CRM is a system that enables you to keep track of your most valuable asset, your customers. This system allows you to know who each of your customers is and what services they are or are not interested in from your company.

Choosing the proper CRM for your small business is just as important as every other aspect of your business. You need one that will give you the support you need in a manner that allows you to grab onto the knowledge and run with it.

Many CRM systems provide you with analytical tools, sales tools, marketing tools, and data collection. Not only will a CRM give you the contact information of all of your customers, but it also gives you the information required to interact with each one in seconds. Keeping all of your team members on the same page and allowing for flawless interactions with clients.

Why Does Your Small Business Need CRM?

Why Does My Small Business Need CRM

Customer Relationship Management CRM gives you information about each of your customers at your fingertips. The best part is that this information is available for your whole company to access, meaning that each of your team members will know that the client they are working with has been with your company for x amount of years and is only interested in y products. In addition, this information will allow you to tailor your interactions with your customers to their needs and make each communication a personal one. This personalization will allow you to build your relationship with each of your customers in a way that promotes future interactions with them.

Another way that the proper CRM can help your small business is by the features and additional advantages they provide. For example, you want to find one that includes cloud services so that your entire company will be able to access the necessary information, wherever they are.

You also want a CRM team that is always looking for better ways to improve your experience and provide you with an advantage over your competitors. This advantage can come from lead generation tools, customer data tracking, communication tools, cloud services, and constant innovation.

One final thing you want to ensure your CRM has is support. You want to be able to reach out and speak to someone about concerns you may have, software glitches and resolutions, and support for all of the tools that your CRM affords you and your business. If you can’t use these tools, they are doing you no good, which is where support becomes a vital part of your CRM program.

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Best CRM Choices for Small Businesses

CRMs are designed to help you manage your customer relationships. They provide a centralized means of managing tasks, contacts, and data for a variety of uses. This includes sales and marketing tracking issues as well as customer service support activities across multiple channels. Best Customer Relationship Management for small companies can help your best CRM software company build, manage and monitor customer relationships. This will allow you to serve customers better and identify new leads through email marketing campaigns or social media efforts.

So which CRM system is best for your small business needs? Of course, this decision is highly personal to your specific company, but here are the top three CRM choices that will allow any small business to form a customer relationship that competes with the big companies out there. In addition, some reliable brands like Keep, InfoFlo, Nutshell, and Really Simple Systems are great companies to work with.

Best Customer Relationship Management CRM with Call Tracking

The best customer relationship management (CRM) platform best integrates data between databases and applications to add new features or customize existing ones using custom-built mobile app programming. Some of the best Customer Relationship Management companies and software systems that are directed towards call tracking are:

  1. WhatConverts
  2. ActiveDemand
  3. 800response
  4. CallAction
  5. CrazyCall


Choosing the perfect CRM system for your small business needs will require you to look at your requirements. Also, where you see the system working for your company. Finally, you want to make sure that you choose a CRM platform that will grow with your company as it grows in sales and needs. Whether you are looking for Logix anywhere or Logix online solutions, there are many different options to meet your needs.

Making the right choice to bring all of your needs together in one place and allowing you to connect to this information wherever and whenever the need arises is essential in utilizing the platform to cater to your most valuable asset, your customer. By picking a platform that allows you to combine these features, you will be ready to assist your current, new, and future customers. This is with the personalized attention they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the easiest CRM?

The popular Pipedrive CRM for sales is a good alternative if you require an easy-to-use CRM that is sales-focused. While the platform has a lot of versatility, its sole purpose is to assist salespeople in closing deals.

What are the benefits of using a CRM?

The answer to this question is up to you. Some people think CRM can help with sales and traffic, but others think it is best for marketing, social media, and customer service.

Is SAP a CRM system?

SAP CRM products were originally an integrated on-premises customer relationship management (CRM) software. SAP SE developed this to meet the software for your business needs of midsize and large enterprises in various industries and sectors.

Updated on June 22, 2021.

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