The 2019 Best Nike Crossfit Shoes for Your Money

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

08:35 AM May 17, 2019

On Nike’s official website, there is no mention of CrossFit shoes, even if you search for them. This makes one wonder if it was a mistake on the part of the company to leave out such an excellent and essential fitness regimen. Calm your nerves, Nike CrossFit shoes isn’t the name used for CrossFit shoes made by Nike. It’s because Reebok has a 10-year deal with the CrossFit brand making it the only company that produces footwear for athletics with a right to brand its products with the name CrossFit.

Because of this development, Nike had to get creative in coming up with names for its line of CrossFit shoes, hence, the Metcon line was born.

Advantages of Nike CrossFit Shoes; Metcon Shoes

In CrossFit, the workout for the day can be so challenging and tiring with the different training and workouts and these routines stretch both athletes and their shoes to their breaking points. They offer support, are versatile and are less prone to abrasion. Though there are variations amongst the models, there are also similarities which puts these trainers on the frontline as great choices.


Features of Nike CrossFit shoes

Features of the product are what convey the value of that specific item. Learn what sets these features apart from other Nike shoes.

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1. Outer Soles That Are Clingy

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

Nike’s CrossFit bottoms are made from a high traction rubber compound. The material is designed to hold on tightly to the surface both inside and outside and this enables whoever wears them to make swift changes in direction without fear of slipping.

2. A Platform That Is Stable

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

Strong and steady underfoot support is important for anyone wearing CrossFit shoes because of the numerous exercises involving weightlifting in CrossFit. For this reason, CrossFit shoes do not usually have thick foam in the middle sole found in running shoes. In order to help the athlete feel firm and in charge, a steady midsole is incorporated into the Metcon. Some shoes allow you to remove the insole for a better experience. The foot almost stays flat on the sole because of the heel-toe differential which is around 4mm and it facilitates stability.

3. Protection Is Made Better

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

If exercises like jumping and lifting are torture for cross-trainers, rope climbing is definitely what murders shoes for training. In order to protect the sole from shredding upon use, the Nike Metcon features rubber panels on the sides that offer protection and increases the life-span of the shoes.


4. Supporting Tight Fit

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

Nike CrossFit shoes have upper units that are designed to hold the feet in place during swift movements in different directions. Lateral balance is key as it compliments the stability of the shoe. This is thanks to the brand’s Flywire technology as it’s incorporated into every shoe. The Flywire cables integrated into the laces and the lace-holes are thin but firm filaments spread at the quarters. As the Flywire system is tightened it becomes strong and firm. This increases the feeling of the feet being held in place and support laterally.

Top Nike CrossFit shoes

The best Nike CrossFit trainers will suffice any test you put them to in or out of the gym. Each CrossFit trainer shoe we cover are ideal for anything from box jumps to heavy lifting.

Nike Metcon 4

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

  • Amongst the array of Nike CrossFit shoes, the Metcon 4 is now the choice trainer for CrossFit and also the most recognized by mavens of CrossFit.
  • The outsole is made of grippy rubber while the midsole that is hardly flattened and is removable. The midsole has an offset of 4mm. it’s very fit for Olympic weightlifting.
  • The upper part of the shoe is a mesh sandwiched of 3D-printed haptic layers. The textured surface of the mesh increases durability.
  • There is increased lateral support with the Flywire lacing system.
  • The heel clip on the previous version is also used on the Metcon 4 to make the rearfoot steady when changing movement. This clip is made of a material that is light and unyielding; thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
  • This Nike CrossFit shoe goes for $130 and it’s worth every cent because it makes for a great choice for workouts of the day.

Nike Metcon DSK Flyknit 2

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

  • The Nike Metcon DSK Flynit 2 is made lighter with increased flexibility in comparison to the Metcon 4 and this is made possible because of the Flyknit upper. This material gives the wearer the feeling of wearing socks by conforming to the shape of the foot and also covers the foot totally. The lacing system is embodied with the Flywire cables for enhanced lateral support.
  • Though the DSK Flyknit 2 and the Metcon 4 have similar platforms, the midsole of the DSK Flyknit 2 is slightly different in that though it comes with the same density to stabilize the foot for lifts, it also comes with more flexibility. This particular Nike CrossFit shoes is suitable for plyometric exercises and running because of its additional 6mm drop.
  • It comes with the same grippy rubber outsole on the bottom, rope protection, and heel clip externally.
  • It goes for $150 because of its combined stability of Metcon 3 and 4 and the Flyknit’s sock-like feel.

Nike Metcon Repper DSX

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

  • For those who want more cushioned Metcons, this is the perfect CrossFit shoes from Nike. Instead of a drop-in middle sole, this shoe uses a Phylon midsole. More shock attenuation and a bouncy effect is offered by this EVA-based platform. its 6mm heel-toe drop is also slightly higher compared to the Metcons’ standard 4mm offset. These features make these shoes more suitable for high-impact exercises and running.
  • The Nike Metcon Repper DSX has received many praises as a shoe that is suitable for a variety of exercises in a typical WOD. In addition to the cushioning it offers for jumping and running, it is also flexible, has grip rope protection and is stable for moderate weightlifting. Nike Metcon Repper DSX is not built for more intense Olympic weightlifting exercises.
  • This Nike CrossFit shoe is also more affordable with a price tag of $100 instead of the usual price range of Metcons which is from $120-$150.

Nike Free X Metcon

The Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Your Money

  • This shoe from Nike tries to combine the best features of the Free and Metcon lines. The Free X Metcon is the closest to a shoe fit for both running and weightlifting in comparison to previously mentioned models. For this reason, it has a different construction from the Metcon 4 all around.
  • The bootie design it comes with is to hold the foot and ankle in a tight fit. The back is made of cushioned neoprene is used for support. There is a mesh covered with TPU is used in front to enhance breathing and flexibility. The heel is wrapped by the TPU and incorporated into the lace for better support.
  • The built-in midsole with double density offers both heel firmness and forefoot flexibility creating a balance of stability and comfort.
  • The bottom of this Nike CrossFit shoes sports a mix of two types of rubber (blown and carbon) and the Tri-star cut-outs seen in the Nike models providing protection, grip and underfoot flexibility.
  • The Free X Metcon sells for $120.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Name Nike Crossfit Shoes “Metcons”?

Reebok has a deal with the CrossFit brand, hence, Nike cannot name their products in that manner. The Nike Metcon Shoes get their name from CrossFit’s core principle; metabolic conditioning.

What Can One Do With the Nike Crossfit Shoes?

The brand’s idea is to kill the need for separate shoes for weightlifting and training sessions and to help athletes switch activities without stopping to wear different shoes for each. Nike CrossFit shoes have a low-profile sole for enhanced stability. The construction also calls for flatter heels to enhance steadiness when training. This construction is great for forefoot flexibility for plyometrics and sprints, rubber outsoles that clings to surfaces during quick cuts, and uppers that enhance ventilation during very stressful activities.

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Must Nike Crossfit Shoes Be Used for Crossfit?

It’s not a law to wear CrossFit shoes for CrossFit but using the appropriate footwear would enhance your flow during activities and help you achieve better results in WODs. All of the Nike’s CrossFit shoes are built to withstand the toughest of workouts. Workouts such as; plyometrics, running, calisthenics, weightlifting, and other intensive motions. The shoes are built with long-lasting materials that can survive rope burns and other types of injuries. CrossFit conditions are unlike traditional gym conditions in which normal workout shoes are made for. Hence, if used for CrossFit would not serve well.

Can One Run With Nike Crossfit Shoes?

The typical running shoes for athletes are preferable for stretched running because of their more cushioned midsole. The low-profile sole unit may induce pain for those not used to lesser underfoot cushioning.

Cleaning Regimen for Nike Crossfit Shoes?

These shoes can survive the dirt that comes with very intense training. You can clean the exterior with a neat damp cloth. For stubborn stains, use a solution of warm water and mild detergent and wipe the soapy solution with a damp cloth afterward. To keep all parts completely dry, air0dry for 10 hours or more before use. To remove any foul odours, remove the insole and clean with the same pattern for cleaning the exterior, then air-dry afterward. Do not wash the shoes with a machine or drying artificially. This can disrupt the construction of the shoe in general.

Can Nike Crossfit Shoes Be Customized?

They definitely can. Simply visit the Nike website, long-press the “customize” tab. From the drop-down menu, choose “training” and you’ll see which of the shoes can be customized. At the moment, the only shoe up for customization is the Metcon 4. Buyers can customize the color of the upper, outsole, Flywire, the Nike logo and heel clip. Bespoke versions are sold for $150 but can be sold for as low as $130.

Have You Heard…

During the Reebok CrossFit games that held in 2015, Metcons nor other CrossFit shoes were allowed athletes because of the exclusive deal between Reebok and the CrossFit brand. You could describe the action that followed as either petty or a brilliant way to market; ad trucks were placed at the Stubhub center with a slogan challenging Reebok to remove the ban on the shoe. The ban on non-Reebok shoes was lifted. Now a CrossFit trainer can wear any brand during the games. However, this is the case as long as they don’t infringe on the deal between Reebok and CrossFit.

7 Top Nike CrossFit shoes.

Below are the top Nike shoes for CrossFit training. Whether you are a professional athlete or the average Joe/Jane trying to take your CrossFit training to the next level, these will be your tools to success. Each shoe’s features slightly differ giving Nike the ability to accommodate any athlete and workout. Our list covers the best Nike CrossFit shoes for your money that will rival any competitor. While all of these shoes standout, it is ultimately up to you and what you want to get out of your workout and understanding each of the features and benefits of these Nike CrossFit shoes. We hope you have a better idea of not only what is out there and best for your work out, but what is also best for your budget.

  1. Nike Metcon Repper DSX

  2. Nike Metcon 4

  3. Nike Free X Metcon

  4. Nike Metcon 3

  5. Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2

  6. Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit

  7. Nike Metcon Flyknit 3

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