Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

12:08 PM May 10, 2019

Boxing is a distinctive sport, which has footwork as a basis to every other ability or skill. The shoes you use for boxing should function in sync with your legs and feet. Considering the aforementioned, it is necessary to state there are a couple of very precise features and requisites to look at when selecting the best boxing shoes for you.

The features include but are not limited to high density sole material, upper material, ankle support, sizing and High Top vs. Low Top. As these pairs represent the most popular shoes that ensures a great fit.


Boxing training Gear: The best boxing shoes offer superb ankle support and allow your feet to have seamless movement while training; features that typical athletic sports trainers do not give.  Being that a wide variety of shoes in various styles exist to select from, the following list has narrowed down the best boxing pairs of shoes for your selection.

1. Reebok Boxing Boot

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

The Reebok Boxing Boot is a first-class boot, ideal for intermediately experienced to expert boxers. Its upper is made of synthetic nubuck and breathable fabric. Something you may possibly like about the Reebok boot is the strap across the mid-lace section of the shoe. The strap assists in joining the shoe with your foot and ankle, giving you a sensation of assurance and buoyancy in your footwork. This is probably why its scores high on the ranking of comfortable boxing shoes.

This boot’s soles are particularly crafted for the function of boxing. They are made from non-marking rubber and possess wide flat sides for sturdy footwork. The sizes this shoe comes in favour the average width of feet. The Reebok boxing boot is one of the best boxing shoes out there and it looks amazing too. Its dark grey mesh stands out with the black nubuck, the red Reebok triangle symbol goes off, fusing together to give the boot a great aesthetic.

2. Cleto Reyes High Top

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

The Cleto Reye boots are a high top type of boxing shoe. These wholly black boots are constructed from authentic suede and leather. Both materials fuse together to make the boots long lasting as well as comfortable. They are a great alternative to the Adidas lower top version and are in the same price range as well. However, they give the wearer a vaguely different appearance and feeling.

To know which of these best boxing shoes to go for, here’s a tip- pick the Reyes if you like the sensation of high tops secured onto your calf, if you prefer a more athletic lightweight feel, choose the Adidas.

Wearing the Cleto Reyes boots is easy as ever, due to the zipper on the side that extends halfway down the inner part of each Cleto boot. Slip on the shoes, pull up the zipper, tie the laces and hit the boxing ring.  

Be guided however, the boots don’t come in half sizes so it’s advisable to get a size less than your actual one to ensure you get a decent fit. You could also try sliding an additional insole over the polyurethane insole to better secure the fit.


3. Rival Guerrero

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

The Rival Guerrero Low is a microfiber mesh ventilated boxing shoe made from patent leather and loaded with stylish flair. The boots come in colour schemes such as Silver Snake Skin, Candy Apple Red, and Lime & Black.  These colours are rarely available in other types of boxing shoes.

Away from its awesome visual appeal, the Gurrero Low is a working sturdy and lightweight boxing boot. It features a balanced rubber outsole with flaring sides around its forefoot and heel area. This is important as it gives you the necessary stability for solidly maintaining your stance in the ring. The upper lay of the shoe is crafted from microfiber, mesh liner and patent leather materials that keep your feet well ventilated and dry.

4. Otomix Stingray Escape

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

The Stingray Escapes are nice multi-purpose boxing/grappling shoes from Otomix, a company known for their experience in martial arts and fitness gear. The Stingrays feature a nice looking leather/polyester shoe with thin and lightweight rubber soles. Most customers seem to like how comfortable they are, as well as being lightweight.

The Otomix Stingray is available in suave colours like Camp, Red-White-Blue and the more conventional colours like Black-Red-Blue. The laces fit into two holes above the ankle area, delivering a secure fit with easy movement and ankle balance.

5. Ringside Undefeated

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

The Ringside Undefeated is a typical high tip boxing boot for boxers who desire or need the highest optimum ankle support available. These shoes are so lightweight and comfortable for boxing you might be tempted to use them for other sports. Don’t! They are made solely for boxing. The rubber soles of this shoe are amazing for sliding around the ring and doing your usual boxing training.

Although the Ringside Undefeated is available in just Black or White, they are composed of vinyl and patent leather which give the boots a cool appearance when laced up. Similar to many high tops, these shoes come in only full sizes. Bear that in mind while buying. Another thing to consider while choosing a size are the socks and Achilles supports you put on.

6. Asics Aggressor 2

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

The Asics Aggressor 2 is one of the best boxing shoes. It’s a great choice for boxing. The upper part of the Asics Aggressor 2 is crafted from a soft material known as Escaine that is immensely soft and malleable to the individual feet of the different wearers. These boots come with additional features for comfort, such as padding around the collar and tongue area. They also have a secure tailored fit due to its alterable Velcro ankle strap.

The outer area of this boot is as terrific as its other parts. Similar to many wrestling kind of shoes, the rubber sole curves up the outer sole to give the wearer that additional hold while training. What you may really appreciate about these shoes is the wide array of colour schemes they come in. These colours include White/Black, the Graphite/Sunflower/Black, and Fire Red/Black/Graphite.

7. Adidas Adizero XIV 

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

These Adidas boots belong to the minimalist “Adizero” family of wrestling shoes. Despite being wrestling type shoes, they perform tremendously as lightweight boxing shoes. The slight rubber sole of the Adizero XIV is a bit flatter than other curved wrestling varieties available on the market. It has both rubber and suede inserts, guaranteeing a good run for normal boxing use

The sizes are usually fitting although some wearers complain of it being a half size smaller than they would like.

Despite their minimalist make, the uppers of the Adizero XIV are comfortable on the feet during workouts and training. The styling and various colour varieties available for this boot are very impressive. They include Grey/Black/Solar Gold.

Asics JB Elite V2.0

Best Boxing Shoes for Your Money in 2019

The Asics JB Elite is the exclusive shoe of USA Wrestling beast and Olympic Champion, Jordan Burroughs.

Asics is known for their quality wrestling shoes and the JB Elite retains this standard. It’s reported that JB himself had it made to his adept preferences. The V2.0 is the latest enhanced version and it comes with a suede upper, split sole design as well as breathable synthetic mesh.

The shoe’s high-quality split soles that let the wearer glide, spin, move and land punches with quickness and strength. The Asics JB Elite is lightweight and comfortable for training sessions as well as workouts. All these features combine to make it one of the best boxing shoes out there.

The V2.0, as well as its predecessor, are available in a number of suave colours such as Granite and Green Gecko.

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