Top Ten Instagram Stories Tips

01:47 AM March 28, 2019

Instagram is fun when you know all the tricks involved. You don’t want to miss these latest Instagram tips.

For those who don’t know how to add a colour block to a story, pop-up card, re-gram story, among others, this is your opportunity to learn. This article contains 10 Instagram stories tips, and the process of initiation. Be relaxed, and have “Instafun.”


Tip 1 – Insert a Colour Block to a Story

To add a colour block to a story, you don’t need to download a template from another app. Instagram app offers a better alternative, which is unknown to many.


  • Capture or upload a photo in story mode
  • Click the pen icon at the peak
  • You’ll see different colours at the bottom. Pick the colour you like, and hold anywhere on the picture till the colour covers the picture

Tip 2 – Use Interactive Stickers

Instagram just introduced a new set of question stickers. In addition to the polls and emoji slider, question stickers give you a wide range of options to respond to others without using words.


  • Click the sticker icon, and pick a sticker


  • Search for stickers easily using the search icon at the top of stickers

Tip 3 – Blur Background (Pop-up card)

There’s a conventional way of adding posts to stories, but there’s a classier way of adding it without giving up the details. This new method places your post in focus with your or other’s profile in the blurred background. This would make the picture seem as though it were captured in portrait mode.


  • Go to the person’s profile
  • On their Instagram feed, hold the desired picture
  • Add the screenshot to your story

Tip 4 – Adjust Pen Size

You’ve got 4 pens to doodle on pictures. Instagram allows you to adjust the size of any pen.



  • In story mode, click the pen icon
  • And drag the slider on the left part up to adjust the size

Tip 5 – Access Every Colour

Instagram colour options seem limited, but you’ll discover more colours by holding any colour at the bottom.

To use a colour from the picture, click the colour picker tool, and pick the colour you want.

Tip 6 – Erase Date from Old Pictures

Instagram is programmed to insert the date on old pictures automatically. You can remove the date by simply dragging it to the trash icon, at the bottom.

Tip 7 – Add Other People’s Posts to Your Story

The posts you like can be easily added to your story without taking screenshots. The shared post would be linked to the original page it was taken from. This method is more effective in ensuring credit is given to the owner. However, this tip only applies to public pages.


  • On the post you want to share, click the Send icon
  • After clicking the Send icon, you’ll see an option to add posts to your story. Click it, and you’ll be directed to the edit screen, where you’ll be able to add stickers and text

Note: You can prevent others from adding your posts to their story by turning off this feature.

Tip 8 – Regram Story

You can regram/repost posts that you were tagged in on your profile by clicking the “Add to Your story” option.

Tip 9 – Mute Story

It’s possible to follow someone without getting notified when they post. In addition, you won’t see their stories at all. This feature helps you create the perfect insta-experience for yourself.


  • Go to the person’s Instagram profile, and click the three-dot icon at the top-right position
  • Click on Mute, and the mute story option would pop-up


  • Go to the person’s story, hold the story know the home screen, and mute

Note: Follow the reverse steps to unmute a person’s story.

Tip 10 – Be Notified When a Person Posts

Provided that a person has an active story on their profile, you can turn on their story notifications every time they post.

  • Go to the person’s page, click the three-dot icon at the top-right corner of their profile
  • Then tap “turn on story notifications”

Final thoughts

Instagram Story remains an effective way of interacting with your audience. We hope this article has improved your knowledge of Instagram stories, how you can get more from it, and the necessary steps to be taken.

Thanks for reading!

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