Best Cars for Uber Drivers – From Uber to Uber XL

12:36 AM February 17, 2019

As an Uber driver, it’s incredibly important that you are giving your customers a 5-star ride, your job literally depends on it!  Plus, the better your ride and the more fuel efficient it is, the more profitable your shifts will be! We take a look at the best cars for Uber, Uber Black, and Uber xl.  Whatever your needs might be, there is a car for you!

2019 Toyota Prius

2019 Prius


The Toyota Prius has been a favorite of families for years, due to its dependability and just overall functionality that a Hybrid vehicle offers.  It offers plenty of cabin space, great gas mileage, sporty handling, with plenty of room for long trips to the airport or wherever else you might be taking people.

The cabin space of the Prius has 40.4 inches of rear seat legroom and 55 inches of hip room, one of the best measurements of the entire list.  Your passengers will be very happy with the amount of room they have to do whatever they desire. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy the fuel mileage is and this leads to an increased profit margin.  One of the best cars for an Uber driver.


2019 Toyota Camry

2019 Camry

A car that has sometimes literally stood the test of time, this car has seen it all.  The Camry is known for its long-lasting dependency and reliability. While similar to the Honda Accord in its legroom and great fuel economy, it’s not got quite as much pep on the wheel however it’s not one that you’re going to get tired in behind the wheel, driving all day.

Overall, the Camry is one of the best cars for Uber, featuring its upscale cabin and very big seats.  The rear legroom is 38 inches and the hip room is 54.7 inches. A Wi-Fi hot spot comes standard, which is a really great feature, especially if you are going to be using your Uber to transport international customers around the airport, as sometimes they might need a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Best Car for Uber Black

An emerging market is Uber Black, a higher scale option so some cars won’t apply.  However, if you’re looking to get into this market, here’s what’s necessary: Sedan or full-sized SUV with a black exterior and interior, vehicle should be at least 2014 or newer, must seat at least four passengers (sedan) or six passengers (SUV), driver is required to have commercial registration and insurance and Airport permit is required.  Here are the cars that we’ve picked as the best cars for Uber Black.

2019 Chevy Tahoe

The Tahoe is engineered and made to set the bar very high for 7-passenger luxury SUVs. It features LED lighting, 19-inch wheels and with a body style both muscular and aerodynamic all at the same time.  It includes, “Heated power front seats, a second row that reclines and a power-folding third row with adult-sized comfort. No matter where you take a seat in the Chevy Tahoe, it takes you to a place where leadership is omnipresent: in roominess, in refinement, and in its rewards.  Available innovations range from massaging front seats to a vast Panorama roof”. This is a high-class vehicle and one of the Best for Uber Black.

Best Car for Uber XL

Lastly, the second most popular division of Uber is the Uber XL.  The requirements for Uber XL: 4 doors, must seat 6 or more passengers, excluding the driver and must be a 2004 or newer.  Uber car requirements vary by the city for the corresponding year as well: In-state car insurance, In-state plates, current car registration, no marked, taxi or salvaged vehicles and must pass the Uber vehicle inspection.


2019 Cadillac Escalade

2019 Cadillac Escalade

The staple of luxury XL Vehicle, one of the best cars for Uber XL.  A Leather-wrapped instrument panel, console and door uppers, Semi-Aniline leather seating surfaces for first and second-row seats,18-way adjustable front seats with massage, suede microfiber headliner and pillar trim, center console with cooler, unique exotic wood trim, premium floor mats and platinum sill plates make the Cadillac Escalade the ultimate ride for your Uber XL’ers.  It also has a Rear Seat Entertainment System: Includes 2 independent DVD 7-inch diagonal full-color screens on the back side of front-row head restraints. You will be rolling in pure class in an Escalade, it’s one of the best cars for Uber XL.

Whichever car you decide to go with, it’s very important to remember what your goal is.  Generally speaking, Uber regulars have more volume than the XL just because it’s not as needed.  However, with an XL it might be worth your time. If you’re wanting to get into Uber and you realize your car doesn’t apply, take this list of suggestions and you will soon be on your way to becoming a successful Uber driver.  Good Luck!

Published February 17, 2019; UPDATED May 30, 2019.

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