Newborn Baby Tips and Tricks All Parents Need to Know

Newborn Baby Tips and Tricks All Parents Need to Know

/ 12:39 AM February 06, 2019

The wonderful day is about to be here!  The birth of your first child is tomorrow and you and your partner are nervous that you may not know what to do when the baby comes.  This is something all of us parents have gone through and will continue to as long as we have children. The first thing parents should do when they’re nervous about their new baby is just breathe.  It will be okay! One baby tip for new parents is this, there is not a class that you can take to be totally prepared for what is in store for you. Babies are all different and as long as you go with the natural flow of life, you will survive.  Here are some new parenting baby tips that we would like to share with you to prepare yourself for the first baby. These have been helpful in mine and my husband’s lives since our Donovan was born, seven years ago. Good luck and just breathe.

Baby Tips for New Dads:

Let’s face it, moms and dads both need some baby tips for new parents.  Sometimes dads pick up the parenting tips faster than moms do, or vice versa.  Women, by birth, have a nurturing sense to them that is something we cannot explain, it just happens.  That’s why we’re starting with dads. They may need a little extra advice and tips and this is okay.


Alright dads, first, congrats on your new baby!  This will be one of the most amazing and challenging parts of your life but the love you feel for your child is unexplainable and you will need some advice, so here we go.

Tip number one:  Keep in mind that mom just had a baby, she cannot just jump up and start being superwoman again.  Her body needs to recover, and believe me, she did not get ANY rest at the hospital, I promise! Think about what she went through to have that beautiful baby, be considerate.  You can help mom with anything, except breastfeeding. Dad can help change the diapers, give baby a bath, swaddle, (my hubby was better than me) and rock your baby to sleep. We all need breaks and mom has been doing a lot of work having the baby, just remember that.  She’ll love and appreciate the little things like this!

Tip number two:  Dad, sometimes take the night shift for mom.  You will both lose sleep, so exchanging shifts sometimes will help everyone.  This will give you a chance to bond with your baby as well.

Tip number three:  When mom is exhausted, one thing to not do would be ask her what she cooked for dinner, or why is the living room messy.  Moms are exhausted and get tired too. We are not superhuman, all of the time, so every so often, order out or make her a nice dinner.  It’s the little things like this that help your relationship as well.

Tip number four:  Do not freak out about things, your baby can sense any kind of tension, anxiety, anger, etc.  Babies and children can read energies that are being tossed around. They will react to what they feel and in turn, might make it a rough night for everyone.

Dads, everything will be just fine if you take time for yourself, show mom some appreciation and it will all come natural once you and baby are together.  Sometimes you may want to run and hide and that’s okay but remember in the grand scheme of things, your baby and mom need you and love you.

Baby Tips For New Moms:

Now it’s your turn, mom.  Here are some helpful tips for moms who have just had a new baby.  Some of these are due to what happened when my son was born. Even today, he’s 7 and I’m still learning everyday about being a mom.

Tip Number One:  Germs, yes, they’re germs but obsessing over them will not make anything better.  You don’t want your newborn to get sick but do not be excessive. Keep the baby away from sick people but if you treat them like they’re in a bubble, their immune system will not build up and they will be sick more.

Tip number Two:  Its okay if the house is a mess or dinner isn’t ready!  Take time for you and your baby, while dad is at work, you two can bond.  You can start finding out what is working for you and baby. Dad will be okay and still love you.  Sometimes ordering Chinese is just fine.


Tip Number Three:  This is a very important one!  Ask for help when you need it! Don’t feel like you have to do it all by yourself.  Take a minute for you! Otherwise, you’ll go bananas. You don’t want to kill yourself trying to do what you used to before the baby, so don’t do it! Ask the in laws or your folks to come over and help you.  That doesn’t make you a bad mother, it makes you a better and smart one! Your baby needs you in good shape, not in shambles. Remember that.

Tip Number Four:  Enjoy the naps!  They tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps, I tried but I had that list that never ended instead of sleeping.  Boy, that was a HUGE mistake! Take the nap because later when you are incoherent due to lack of sleep, you’re going to wish you had.  Baby needs an alert mom, not a sleep deprived delirious one.

These are just a few new parent tips for moms.  Now parents, I have some tips for the both of you.  I don’t think I know it all, I’m just telling you what worked for hubby and I, especially since ours didn’t sleep for four months.

Tips for New Parents:

  • Let your baby cry it out.  I know this is hard to do for new parents, I am an example.  I could not stand the sound of the crying for 12 seconds, much less 12 minutes.  Eventually, I let him cry it out but I learned, you have to do this! Babies have to cry, period.  That’s how they communicate.
  • A fever of 100.4 for a newborn up to 3 months old is an emergency!  Unless they just had their shots, otherwise they need to go to the Emergency Room.
  • Do not fight in front of your baby! We all get into things but please not in front of the baby.  They are smart and will know what’s going on. You don’t want a crabby baby and wife all night, do you?
  • Do not neglect each other.

Make sure you are caring for your partner and the baby.  You want your baby to feel loved and safe with mommy and daddy.  Show each other how much you care and are thankful you are all together.

  • Breathe and Relax.  You got this!
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