Amazon Echo Link Amp Review: Massive Blow to Sonos; Sells for Half the Price

/ 02:20 AM February 15, 2019

Normally, Echos would only be useful to you if you want to set kitchen timers or enjoy some music without having to use very large speakers. This was true until the announcement for the release of the Amazon Echo Link Amplifier was made. Here’s our Echo Link Amp Review.

Though the name seems a little off, the Amazon Echo Link Amplifier stands out as one of the most fascinating devices from the collection of those impressive devices that were released. This game-changing device would be Alexa-powered. And besides the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp which is obviously its strongest point, the device is also equipped with the Echo input and Echo Sub, which are great features by themselves.


Regardless of the fact that the Amazon Echo Link Amplifier is reasonably priced at $300, it is an awesome streaming amplifier which has a voice control feature, and is multi-room enabled – which means you can enjoy the same music throughout your home. Also, it’s a companion to the new Sonos Connect-like Echo Link.

Clearly, the idea of pricing a Link at $200 is utterly ridiculous, and considering that it is a preamp that needs to be connected separately to speaker, makes things worse. The Amazon Echo Link Amplifier is a lot more reasonable.


This Amazon Echo Link Amplifier sells for $300, though this is way higher than we had imagined, however, it’s essentially a “BYO speakers” mini system.


  • Review Price: $300
  • 60-watt x 2-channel amplifier
  • Coaxial in/out
  • Optical in/out
  • Line in/out
  • Subwoofer output
  • Alexa


The Amazon Echo Link Amplifier has some great features, and according to Amazon, the amp gives users the option of selecting the music of their choice with the voice control feature, as well as playback in as much as you’re using a device that is compatible with either Echo or the Alexa app.

It is clear that the company is deliberately luring people to make use of its voice control feature – Alexa, and one would expect this device to be equipped with an onboard microphone to enhance this feature and encourage its usage. Sadly, the Amazon Echo Link Amplifier doesn’t have one; it doesn’t even have a source indicator. At this point, we do not know how the inputs would work; if it would be selectable, or if it would just play all connected devices all at once. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

The Amazon Echo Link Amplifier would make a great combination with several other speakers. However, I’d personally recommend speakers that are in the same $300 league, such as the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 or the Q Acoustics 3020i.

This device is yet to be certified by the FCC and as a result, it is unavailable for preorder.  However, Amazon has promised that it’d be available in early 2019. An email list has been created for users that intend to cop the Amazon Echo Link Amplifier, so you can join in if you’d like. Also, the Australian and UK pricing availability is still unknown for now.


Even if Echo link comes with a lot of high-end features, its chances of outshining its major competitor – Sonos, is still questionable. Though Amazon has made big improvements as far as smart speakers are concerned, but their sales would be dependent on the number end users that buy into the idea of voice control or become intrigued by the multi-room feature.

Though this is very likely, but it is obvious that Amazon is constantly rolling out Alexa-powered devices to spread the word about its virtual assistant and also to stay in competition with its rivals; Google and Apple.


From my Amazon Echo Link Amplifier review, it’s clear that Amazon is breaking grounds with their forward-thinking innovations, even if we’re unsure of the inputs that’d work, hopefully it’d be selectable. Amazon should make improvements on the microphone, or simply provide one on board, that way, more people will embrace Alexa, and use her more often.

Besides the input and the shelf life which is yet to be known, this device is not only reasonably priced, it also comes with several amazing components that would make a world of difference to a music lover.

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