Billboard Top 40 - 2019's Top Hip Hop Songs As of Right Now

Billboard Top 40 – 2019’s Top Hip Hop Songs

/ 01:52 AM January 24, 2019

2019 has only just begun but we already have some bangers making their way out early. It may have just been a new year but that’s not stopping the top voices in the game from slowing down any time soon. Tracks from Future, Lil Pump, Travis Scott, J Cole, 21 Savage and Logic just to name a few. In this article we are going to be reviewing the top hip hop songs of 2019. Any song on here we are suggesting for a reason because if they aren’t already a track you’ve got on repeat they will be soon.

First Off – Future feat. Travis Scott

First Off – Future & Travis Scott


Future has been out of the game for awhile and hasn’t dropped anything since. It is actually something I was curious abou, but now I fully understand why he was about to drop not only this track but a complete album. Ever since Future paired up with Drake back in 2016 he’s really taken a step forward. He’s working with many artist’s and voices on this album. One of which is Travis Scott, who of which I’ve gotten to be much more of a fan these past few years, due mainly to the fact that he just has such a unique style. He shows it off in this track again, his ad libs are as famous as Migos that just add so much to every single track that he’s on. His autotuned yet genuine voice is just so incredibly dope, the only true way to describe it is as such. Travis and Future go back and forth on this track with similar melodies and it’s just incredibly catchy on top of an absolute trap banger back beat. The production quality is second to none on this album, nothing that sounds like it was just whipped up and thrown together with a basic kick pattern and 80’s mixed in there somewhere with a rolling keyboard. Check it out, this is gonna be a top Hip Hop song of 2019.

Butterfly Doors – Lil Pump

Butterfly Doors – Lil Pump

Lil Pump is one of the hottest artist’s in the game right now, his catchy verses and choruses are what caught him on so fast. His ad libs add so much to every track, this song was put together with a repeating piano background, on a fairly basic kick pattern with some bongo accents, adding all together to a song you just wanna bump. While criticized by J Cole, and Eminem as not really talking about much and only being hot for “Riding Trends” it seems like he ignored his “haters” and stuck to his bread and butter on this track Butterfly Doors.

Keanu Reeves – Logic

Keanu Reeves – Logic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Logic is one of the highest skilled rappers in the game, for those of you lyric heads out there listen to this track or check out YSIV, he doesn’t catch as much recognition because his back beats aren’t as trappy as most songs that are coming out these days. This song has a drum break that would’ve been popular from 2002-2014 before Trap drums started taking over in the rap game. His flow is so incredibly hypnotic that you just want to sit back for as long as you can and just vibe to this track. I think he mixes old school drum breaks with new school trap flow very well in this track. I truly believe a track like this released a few years ago would’ve caught more attention, because lyrically and flow wise there’s no one that tops him at the moment aside from potentially J Cole who has went through a complete metamorphosis as an artist. Many students of the game would say they are very similar as their flows do parallel each other especially in logics early days. This track is a step out of logic’s comfort zone, make sure you check it out. A hit hip hop song of 2019.

Space Cadet – Metro Boomin feat. Gunna

Space Cadet – Gunna and Metro Boomin


This whole album by Metro Boomin is filled with tracks like this, Bangers. This is a chilled trap lay back track, Gunna is doing what he does best in 2 bar phrases laying back on the beat for 16 bars then changing up into the chorus. Gunna has really emerged into the rap game as of the last little  bit here and I’ve got to say I’m a fan, not someone who’s gonna blow your mind with his lyricism, as the prior artist logic would but he can definitely create a track that can make your head bump, especially a chilled one that you can listen to going down the road late at night or just relaxing wherever you are, make sure you check out this hot hip hop song as it will be one of the best of 2019.

A lot – 21 Savage feat. J Cole

A lot – 21 Savage and J Cole

21 and J Cole a match made in heaven, two of my favorite rappers in the game now. This track starts out with a pitch modulated sample, with 21 saying a lot of facts following with the answer “a lot” this seems to be the common theme within the track, 21 is talking about a lot of different themes within this track, his voice just flow’s so nicely over whatever beat you want to put him on at the moment. He doesn’t have to rely on ad libs because he’s so mechanically solid. This leads into J Cole, my favorite rapper of all time who as I have mentioned earlier has recently gone through a metamorphosis yet staying true to himself. He was never one to have changed his style, he stuck to his bread and butter from the mixtapes the warm up/Friday night lights, where he varied his cadence up as many rappers do now just he would do it over traditional hip hop type beats. However I believe in order for him to stay not only relevant but the top rapper in the game he had to change up his style a bit, in his most recent album KOD he was able to mix his style with the new age trap flow’s creating one mastermind of an album, that stood for multiple things. He is known for not featuring anyone on his tracks but his recent success on featured tracks can be linked back throughout 2018 and now into 2019 leading this song to be one of the biggest songs of 2019 thus far. J Cole shreds into the music game and a verse that really you should be reading the lyrics as you go along because he just slips so many double meanings and everything else into this track that if you don’t you might just miss what he’s saying. Not only does he do this very well he does it with such a catchy flow and voice that you just wanna sit back and vibe to this track, one of the best hip hop songs of 2019.

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