Our Complete List of The Best Headphones Under $50

Our Complete List of The Best Headphones Under $50

/ 08:05 AM January 08, 2019

With all of the headphone choices out there, sometimes it’s a little hard to make a decision. Should you go with USB-C headphones to keep up with the times and avoid carrying a dongle? Should you stick with the 3.5mm headphone jack and carry a dongle? Or how about avoiding a cable at all costs and going bluetooth? In-ear vs over-ear? Do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars on a set to get a great sounds pair of cans? Hint: No you don’t! Let us help you avoid all that clutter. Here are the best headphones under $50!

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Ranking Category

Shure SE112 Best cheap headphones overall
Marshall Major II Best on-ears
Audio Technica ATH-M20X Best over-ears
Advanced S2000 Best workout headphones
Google Pixel USB-C earbuds Best for Android owners
Panasonic ErgoFit Rp-TCM 125-K Best sub-$ 20 option


#1. SHURE SE112 – Overall Best

  • Why Should You Go For Them? A perfect combination of sound, portable convenience and comfort are what they offer.
  • Whom Are They Meant For? For those who are consistent daily listeners of great sounds. Also, they are meant for those whose search for a crisp sound that comes in a portable device knows no bound.
  • How Much Do They Cost? Just $49.
  • Why Shure SE112 Made Our List? While many people out there needs a pair of headphone that is simple with great sounding quality, it is most likely that they won’t want to spend so much (more than a moderate amount) to have great sound in their ears. We can’t stop recommending Shure SE112 every time even though there are a few more solid alternatives within the $50 benchmark. Possibly, being a product of one of the most popular sound and audio companies globally, the SE112 is built to give a comfortable fitting in the ear and outstandingly great music with a clean look to complement its price. Despite many headphones, competitors with their price almost doubled what it is given off for, Shure SE112 still maintain its standing in producing a genuine sound signature that outshines competitors seamlessly.
  • The high definition bass quality which is not rumbled provides you precise details of your favorite music even as you commute or do your workouts in the gym. Other premium headphones have their unique qualities, no doubt, but the Shure SE112 rules its territory cleanly especially when sound production is the goal. So you can save your money all in the quest of getting a ‘special’ headphone from stores around the city.


#2. MARSHALL MAJOR II – The Best On-Ears

  • Why Should You Go For Them? They are perfect just one of the best on-ear alternatives you can afford that are JUST over $50 (but well worth the little extra!)
  • Whom Are They Meant For? For those who need a solid-sounding on-ear headphone that gives comfort.
  • How Much Do They Cost? Just $78.
  • Why Marshall Major II Made Our List? Just a few manufacturers of headphones understand style and sound similar to Marshall Headphones. Evidence of this is visible in the post-Major II headphones.  If you expect that the Major II impressed us just with good looks, then you are far from the truth. Its powerful sound which is a reflection of its re-voiced 40mm drivers gives a midrange with a lower register of clear audio quality. For the convenience and comfort, a big thanks should be accorded the ear cups that come with a smooth range of folding and the soft headband. 


#3. Audio Technica ATH-M20X – The Best Over-ears

  • Why Should You Go For Them? The impressive sound quality is nothing short from their price.
  • Whom Are They Meant For?  For faithful fans of their favorite music who needs just a comfortable over-ear headphone but are just skint of the amount, it would cost.
  • How Much Do They Cost? Just $49.
  • Why Audio Technica ATH-M20X Made Our List? Out of creativity and dedication in product design, Audio Technica has come up with this pair of unique solid studio go-to headphone which is a perfect over-ear duo that is not less in quality but falls below the $50 mark. ATH-M20X is a single species of the famous ATH-M series which includes the M50X, M70X, M30X, M40X and the M20X. If what you need is a headphone with sound audio reproducibility as a music lover or DJ, any of these options can be a sure companion for you.

Nothing is perfect, so is the M20X when compared to other over-ear headphone pairs. It doesn’t have a high bass level but believe us when we say it has a sure make-up for its shortcoming – talking about its detailed and smooth midrange with a crisp treble sound. These over-ear headphones are just perfect but very humble as they won’t raise shoulders against other over-ear headphones regarding their price. Be that as it may, in case you are looking for a comfortable over-ears that will fit for your office studio or home, you better don’t go out in search because you definitely won’t find a perfect option whose price is below the $50 mark.


#4. ADVANCED S2000 – The Best Workout Headphones

  • Why Should You Go For Them? They are just the perfect companion and a cool gadget for the gym.
  • Whom Are They Meant For? Apparently, they are for fans who are anticipating a sweatproof bud that is affordable to complete their gym tool bag
  • How Much Do They Cost? Just $25.
  • Why Advanced S2000 Made Our List? It is an ideal alternative for you if you are out there in search of a set of sweatproof buds to keep you reinvigorated in the gym is the Advanced S2000. Being a wired in-ear pair which was originally designed for musicians due to their quarter-inch adapter that makes it ideal for use with home stereos and audio interface, the pocket-friendly S2000 hit way beyond their strength concerning performance, convenience, and durability. Their high bass resonance which gives the quality vocal performance of audio clips will surely help you pull through even while hitting the toughest reps level. Cash-skint gym lovers will hardly find such a cool gym companion that comes almost without a cost the think twice of.


#5. GOOGLE PIXEL USB-C EARBUDS – The Best For Android Owners

  • Why Should You Go For Them? They don’t need a USB-C dongle despite being cheap with an excellent sound quality
  • Whom Are They Meant For? Just anyone that understands what great sound means especially when it comes cheap. Also for those who don’t like roaming the market for adapters.
  • How Much Do They Cost? Just $30
  • Why Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds Made Our List? Why cough out huge bucks just for a pair of Bluetooth headphones when you can seamlessly go for the Google Pixel USB-C earbuds which gives you the liberty of not going about in search of a dongle. What’s more? No charging or pairing needed, the Google Pixel earbuds give you sound bass vibes and doubles as your loyal companion you don’t have to break the bank for.

That’s not all! With the ergonomic and sleek design of the Google Pixel earbuds, it is sure to stay fit within your ears while at workouts and it is sure to fit just one due to its adjustable ear loops which are easy to adjust.


#6. PANASONIC ERGOFIT RP-TCM125-K – The Best Sub – $20 Option

  • Why Should You Go For Them? They are pretty cheap, give great sound and are very comfortable to use.
  • Whom Are They Meant For? If you have just a very low budget for a headphone, this is for you.
  • How Much Do They Cost? Just $15.
  • Why Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125-K Made Our List? Frankly speaking, spending less than 20 bucks for a headphone rarely will give you the fancy and vibes quality you would love to have.  Reasons being that top quality such as durability, comfort and quality sound of a great headphone will hardly come by. However, the Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125-K promise and delivers all these at such a low cost.

With just $15, you are sure to get a headphone that has an inline microphone with a long cable that will give you comfort. Furthermore, it has silicone ear tips which are designed to be big enough to fit into your ears smoothly with any form of discomfort or irritation for and average size ears. Be sure to get a well-balanced sound without any form of distortion from the Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125-K headphones.

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