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Jimuel Pacquiao: Like father, unlike son

Creating a unique legacy while honoring Manny Pacquiao's achievements
/ 07:04 PM March 02, 2024

Elton Lugay column IDLOS ANGELES —He may be the son of a legendary boxer, but Jimuel Pacquiao told me he’ll work hard to become a professional boxer and will make his own mark in the world of boxing. This is a story of determination, legacy and the pursuit of dreams, inspired by Jimuel’s own words and aspirations.

Jimuel grew up in the shadow of his father’s greatness, a towering figure in the sport of boxing known for his humility, ferocity and unparalleled success.

Despite his parents’ reluctance, particularly his mother’s, to engage in boxing, Jimuel couldn’t resist being drawn to the sport that made his father a global icon. It began as a mere workout routine, a way to stay fit, but it quickly evolved into a burning passion for boxing.


The lessons from his father were invaluable. Manny Pacquiao, a man who rose from poverty to become a world champion, taught Jimuel the basics of boxing and the importance of hard work, discipline and resilience. “Every punch, footwork and strategy that I learned are filled with the wisdom of my father’s experiences,” he said. Yet as an amateur, he is still absorbing every bit of knowledge, eager to carve his own path.

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Living up to the Pacquiao legacy is not without its pressures. The expectations are high, and comparisons are inevitable. “But I learned to channel this pressure into motivation, focusing on crafting my own identity within the sport.” He understood that to honor his father’s legacy, he had to be “true to himself, respect his opponents and maintain humility,” regardless of his last name.

Collage: Jimuel Pacquiao and family

Jimuel, raised in his father’s shadow, a boxing legend known for humility, ferocity and success, couldn’t resist the sport despite his parents’ concerns. Initially a fitness routine, boxing soon became his burning passion. CONTRIBUTED

Jimuel’s debut fight in Los Angeles was a testament to his dedication. Although it was an amateur bout, the attention and anticipation felt like a professional debut. Emerging victorious dispelled his anxieties and affirmed his commitment to boxing. It was a memorable moment that fueled his desire to pursue a professional career.

“My short-term goal is clear: to transition from an amateur to a professional boxer.” His long-term dream? To become a world champion. The path ahead is challenging, but Jimuel is ready to embrace the grind, guided by a rigorous training regimen reminiscent of his father’s. “Every run in the morning and session in the gym is a step closer to my goals.”

Jimuel Pacquiao

Jimuel’s debut fight in Los Angeles reaffirmed his dedication to boxing, sparking a desire to pursue a professional career after his victorious performance. CONTRIBUTED

Jimuel is fully aware of the importance of differentiating himself from his father’s boxing style, yet he seeks to honor the Pacquiao legacy through dedication, respect and humility. The journey to discover his unique style is ongoing, a process of self-discovery and growth within the ring.

Understanding the weight of his father’s name in boxing, Jimuel aims to leverage his family’s legacy not as a crutch, but as a foundation to build his own brand and reputation. He recognizes that his father’s achievements are unparalleled, and so his focus remains on proving himself fight by fight.

To young athletes aspiring to follow in his footsteps, Jimuel offers a simple yet profound advice: “Master the basics, embrace the grind and never cut corners. The road to becoming a champion is arduous, but with dedication and discipline, it is attainable.”

Jimuel Pacquiao

Undeterred by challenges, Jimuel is determined to rise through the ranks, embodying humility, respect and an unyielding spirit, guided by the lessons of his father. CONTRIBUTED

As for the future, Jimuel remains open to facing any challenger, focusing on training and preparation. He has no specific dream opponent, instead embodying his father’s philosophy: “Always be prepared, train hard, and the fight is easy.” This mindset keeps him grounded and ready for whatever challenges lie ahead in the ring.

As Jimuel continues to train and compete, the boxing world watches closely. Fans and critics alike are curious to see how this young boxer, carrying the weight of a legendary name, will fare against the rigors of professional boxing and the fierce competition that awaits him.

The road ahead is fraught with challenges, but Jimuel is not deterred. He knows that every champion started as a contender, every legend once a novice. With the lessons from his father etched deeply in his heart and mind, Jimuel is determined to rise through the ranks, fight by fight, with humility, respect and an unyielding spirit.

Jimuel’s passion isn’t just about boxing; it’s about the pursuit of dreams in the face of immense expectations. It’s about honoring one’s roots while striving to grow beyond them.

In the world of boxing or in various other aspects of life, name recognition may open doors, but it is determination, skill and passion that ultimately lead to success and build legacies.

Elton Lugay is a veteran correspondent and columnist for the USA bureau of Inquirer.net. He is a longtime community advocate and organizer based in New York. He can be reached at [email protected].

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