H2Ocean: Reviews and Ratings | H2Ocean: Reviews and Ratings

H2Ocean: Reviews and Ratings

/ 09:37 AM August 22, 2023

For those who love and advocate for the ocean, finding a company that aligns with your values is crucial. H2Ocean, an all-natural, organic, and sea salt-based brand specializing in reef-safe sunscreen, tattoo and piercing aftercare, mouthwash, and other products, might be right for you.

This article will review H2Ocean’s background, ingredients, and products to aid your skincare buying decision. Get ready to uncover if the hype around H2Ocean is substantiated as we decode the elements contributing to its market success.
H2Ocean Natural Sea Salt Based Products

Who Is H2Ocean?

H2Ocean is a brand born from a mission to harness the healing powers of the ocean, and they have emerged as a revolutionary player in the world of body modifications. With all-natural and sea salt–based ingredients, they have specialized in tattoo and piercing aftercare products for sea salt-based wound care, hair care, oral care, and nasal care products since 2001.

Having over two decades of experience, H2Ocean is unwavering in their dedication to cleanliness, safety, and expediting the healing process. With steady growth in the market, their products have received numerous positive reviews, making them the best product choice for many.

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The H2Ocean Vision

Their vision revolves around providing products made from naturally sourced ingredients, specifically focusing on Red Sea Salt. Studies have shown Red Sea salt makes a significant difference in the healing process, transforming it into a more comfortable experience for the user.

Additionally, H2Ocean is not simply creating organic products—they’re spearheading innovation! They redefine the standard for safe and effective aftercare. Whether it’s a nose piercing or tattoos, their piercing aftercare spray or tattoo cream is amazing.

A quick visit to their online store, and you’ll see their wide range of products, each promising to uphold the brand’s commitment to safety and efficacy. Whether it’s your piercer or a friend who has recommended H2Ocean, one thing is clear: this brand has positioned itself as a significant contender in the market, and users seem to love the results they see.

In essence, H2Ocean continues to innovate and offer relevant products that serve the evolving needs of the body modification community.

H2Ocean’s Advocacy

Named after the ocean, H2Ocean is committed to protecting and preserving it. This commitment is deeply ingrained in the brand’s identity as they formulate all-natural skin products that are not tested on animals and are reef-friendly.

They are also part of various initiatives, including Project Blue Green, which helps the reduction of carbon footprint by eliminating harmful manufacturing principles.

Ingredients H2Ocean Uses in Their Products

H2Ocean’s products come with all-natural and skin-safe ingredients, contributing to their effectiveness. Aside from that, their sea salt products are free from artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals, artificial fragrances, and harmful additives.

Sea Salt

Infused with sea salt sourced from the Red Sea, H2Ocean incorporates this valuable ingredient into a range of products, from the Piercing Aftercare Spray to the Nutrient Spray Hair and Scalp. Sea salt may help boost healing and has antimicrobial properties, which help cleanse wounds and accelerate the healing process.

Aloe Vera

Found in H2Ocean products like the Blue Green Foam Soap, aloe vera is renowned for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce skin irritation and aids in the healing process.


Aside from sea salt, a variety of their products,like Nasalzyme Sea Salt Nasal Mist, also contains Lysozyme, which is a natural antibacterial enzyme. It fights over 650 types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are harmful to humans. Most importantly, Lysozyme removes the dried discharge and lymph secretions on newly pierced skin.

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Other Ingredients

H2Oean’s products also have vitamins A, B, C, D, and E that are good for the skin. These vitamins help with healing wounds and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

H2Ocean Products

From head to toe, H2Ocean uses natural ingredients, and they even offer 100% vegan products for all your needs. They provide a range of items designed to promote healing, reduce discomfort, and maintain cleanliness. Here are some of their most popular products:

Blue Green Foam Soap

Blue Green Foam Soap

H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam Soap is the first vegan and all-natural antibacterial soap with sea salt. The Blue Green Foam Soap is ideal for cleaning newly-inked skin or hands. What’s nice about this product is it does not damage or dry the skin, making it ideal for washing the area multiple times a day. Plus, there’s no need to rinse it off, making for an effortless and soothing experience.

Piercing Aftercare Spray

Piercing Aftercare Spray

Since a new piercing is sensitive, you must cleanse it regularly so the wound can heal safely. Enriched with sea salt and lysozyme, the Piercing Aftercare Spray ensures a natural and safe healing process.

You also reduce the risk of complications when you use the Piercing Aftercare Spray, and recovery post-piercing becomes faster. Its easy-to-use and non-irritating formula has made it a popular choice among people with piercings. Simply spray it on the piercing every three to four hours to reduce pain or inflammation.

Ocean Foam Barrier Moisturizing Tattoo Aftercare Lotion

Ocean Foam Barrier Moisturizing Tattoo Aftercare Lotion
Recently tattooed skin is highly sensitive, so you must care for it. A way to nourish and hydrate the skin is by using H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. It guarantees to lock the ink so the pigment remains vibrant since the formula contains 82 trace elements and minerals found in Red Sea Salt. Moreover, the lotion also binds and makes a protective barrier over the tattoo so it can heal quickly.

The aftercare lotion utilizes Sea Kelp as its key ingredient for soothing the area and removing toxins with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The Tattoo Aftercare Foam is also full of essential nutrients that moisturize and nourish the skin, aiding overall healing. Additionally, it is pH balanced and free from harsh chemicals, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Oral Rinse

Oral Rinse

H2Ocean also incorporates sea salt in its other products, including its oral rinse line. They have a lot of products from which you can choose, like the Healing Rinse Arctic Ocean Mint or the Lemon Ice Natural Sea Salt Oral Care With Xylitol.

Enriched with sea salt and xylitol, H2Ocean’s oral rinse line is designed to address common oral problems like sore throats, dry mouth, and canker sores. Its alcohol and fluoride-free formulation ensures gentle care without causing dryness or discomfort.

The Healing Rinse Sea Salt Oral Care is a great addition to the oral care routine for those with mouth or tongue piercings. The formula contains the enzymes (lysozyme) found in saliva, which prevents dry mouth and plaque buildup.

Surfers Choice SPF 50 Spray

Surfers Choice SPF 50 Spray

Being out in the ocean and the sun all day can damage and dry the skin. H2Ocean’s Surfers Choice SPF 50 Spray can protect the body from the harsh UVA/ UVB rays. It is a non-scented dry-mist with a 360-degree sprayer that dries quickly after spraying. The product features Tattoo Protek for shielding tattoos from UV rays, while the addition of aloe vera hydrates the skin, and the product is reef safe. Additionally, the product is specifically formulated to be safe for reefs.

Benefits of Using H2Ocean Products

H2Ocean products offer numerous benefits to users, particularly those seeking high-quality care for tattoos and piercings. Here are some key advantages:

Natural and Safe Ingredients

H2Ocean uses natural and skin-friendly ingredients in its products, such as sea salt and lysozyme. These ingredients are also highly effective in promoting healing and preventing infections. These natural ingredients give users peace of mind and confidence in the safety of their products.

Effective Healing

Thanks to their special formulations, H2Ocean products have the highest quality of all-natural wound care, tattoo and piercing aftercare, oral care, hair care, and other products. They effectively and quickly promote the healing of tattoos and piercings. Additionally, when used consistently, the products reduce the risk of infection and help maintain the vibrancy of tattoo ink. Faster healing times and the lasting preservation of the quality and vibrancy of body art is proof to this.

Ease of Use

With convenient packaging and easy-to-use applications, H2Ocean products are user-friendly and designed for efficient and consistent use. Whether the easy-spray nozzle or the simple application process, these products make aftercare a hassle-free experience for any individual, including children.

Specialized Products

The H2Ocean team dedicated their time and attention to making each product. Over the years, the team has refined and enhanced their product range, ensuring that customers receive optimal value and quality. They have innovated one-of-a-kind formulas that every customer can use safely and effectively.

Promotes Skin Health

Beyond just aftercare, H2Ocean products can also contribute to overall skin health. Their products have hydrating properties to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance and elasticity. Most ingredients also have vitamins and minerals that the skin can absorb.

Reef-Safe Products

Since H2Ocean has full commitment to ocean conservation, they formulated reef-safe products. Since most sunscreens or other topical creams are harmful to the coral reefs, H2Ocean produces sunscreens that do not negatively affect the reefs or the ocean.

Final Thoughts

H2Ocean has positioned itself as a trusted and effective provider of all-natural, organic, and sea salt–based tattoo and piercing aftercare products. Their commitment to utilizing natural ingredients, especially Red Sea Salt, is commendable.

Furthermore, their dedication to customer safety and satisfaction has significantly contributed to their positive reputation, making them a preferred choice for many when it comes to various skincare products. Check out the good stuff at H2Ocean to find a product that protects your body art and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is H2Ocean, and what do they specialize in?

H2Ocean is a leading brand that has developed a wide range of products centered around harnessing the healing powers of the ocean. Born from a mission to offer natural alternatives in body modifications, H2Ocean specializes in aftercare products for sea salt-based wound care, hair care, oral care, nasal care, and tattoo and piercing aftercare.

In addition to aftercare products, they offer a line of reef-safe sunscreen products. Since 2001, they have been committed to hygiene, safety, and the acceleration of healing time, consistently receiving positive reviews for their products.

Are H2Ocean products made from natural ingredients?

Yes, H2Ocean is committed to using all-natural and skin-safe ingredients in its products. Red Sea Salt is a cornerstone of their formula, known for its healing and antimicrobial properties.

Other key ingredients include aloe vera, known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and lysozyme, a natural antibacterial enzyme. H2Ocean’s products are also free from artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals, artificial fragrances, and harmful additives, making them a safe choice for skin care.

Is H2Ocean committed to ocean conservation?

Absolutely. H2Ocean has a deep commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, especially the oceans. The brand takes meaningful steps to ensure its products do not harm marine life.

H2Ocean’s products are not tested on animals and are reef-friendly. The company is also part of various initiatives, including Project Blue Green, which aims to reduce carbon footprints by eliminating harmful manufacturing principles.

What is the main ingredient in H2Ocean products, and why is it used?

The main ingredient in many H2Ocean products is sea salt, specifically harvested from the Red Sea. Sea salt is well-known for its ability to boost healing due to its antimicrobial properties, which help cleanse wounds and accelerate healing.

Studies have shown that Red Sea Salt, in particular, can make a significant difference in the healing process by transforming it into a more comfortable experience for the user. In essence, it promotes quicker and safer wound healing, particularly for tattoos and piercings.

Are H2Ocean products safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, H2Ocean products are safe and effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The natural ingredients used, such as sea salt, aloe vera, and lysozyme, are gentle on the skin while still highly effective in promoting healing and preventing infections.

Moreover, the products are free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and harmful additives. H2Ocean ensures that its products maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, offer anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, and contain vitamins and minerals beneficial for skin health.

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