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You Know You’re Filipino When… These 15 Hilarious Traits Prove It

/ 09:55 AM July 18, 2023

Are you a Filipino American who always knows how to bring the party wherever you are? Do you have a secret stash of lumpia that’s always a hit with your non-Filipino friends? If so, you’re probably a proud Pinoy.

From the iconic “balikbayan box” to our undying love for rice with everything, these Filipino traits will leave you laughing, nodding, or even craving some “ube” ice cream!

The Top 15 Hilarious Ways We Know You’re Pinoy

The Top 15 Hilarious Ways We Know You're Pinoy
So kababayans, grab your karaoke mic and let’s dive into the top 15 hilarious ways we can tell you’re Pinoy without even telling us. Get ready for some serious nostalgia, titas, and titos!

1. “Mano Po” Expertise

During a family reunion or special occasion with older relatives and family friends around, you know the drill, the ‘Mano po’ gesture. We’ve got this tradition engraved in our DNA, and it’s our way of showing respect and love for our elders.

2. Unbeatable Karaoke Talent

Go inside a Filipino household, and you’ll find a “magic mic” waiting for you. Singing is almost a national sport, and almost every Filipino American practically knows how to belt out a tune, no matter how off-key they may be!

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3. “Tita” and “Tito” Mode

The Top 15 Hilarious Ways We Know You're Pinoy
As you reach an older age, you’ll notice the change — you become everyone’s “Tita” or “Tito.” It’s like our superpowers to shower affection and love to the younger family member, whether they be your nephews, nieces, or even your friend’s tots.

4. Ultimate Love for “Ube” Everything

If you’re a Filipino American, your life wouldn’t be complete without your fiery love for ube (purple yam). From ube-filled cakes to ube ice cream, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to using this sumptuous flavor in every dish possible.

5. The “Tabo” Secret

A certified Pinoy knows the practicality of “tabo” in the bathroom. It’s not only a dipper; it’s Filipino stuff, making us feel refreshed and connected to our heritage, one splash at a time.

6. Your Fiend for Rice

The Top 15 Hilarious Ways We Know You're Pinoy
Rice is our comfort food and our constant meal companion. Whether it’s singing, adobo, or any other dish — it’s incomplete without a big serving of rice. Carbs galore!

7. Embracing “Balikbayan” Boxes

As a Filipino American, you might not be a stranger to this box full of things you secretly wish were yours. It’s like Christmas when one “balikbayan” box arrives to your relatives and family in the Philippines, filled with US lotions, soaps, and, let’s not forget, cans of Spam and corn beef.

8. Lumpia is Always a Hit

The Top 15 Hilarious Ways We Know You're Pinoy
Whether it’s a potluck or a family gathering, you know that offering lumpia will guarantee empty plates. This Filipino-style spring roll is also a hit even with non-Filipino friends.

9. Your Tito Boy and Tita Baby Duo

Every Fil-Am knows at least one Tita Baby and one Tito Boy. These charming nicknames are part of our colorful family dynamic and Filipino traits.

10. The Love Life Intervention

Due to Pinoys’ lovable traits, you won’t escape the constant scrutiny of your love life by your “Titos” and “Titas.” They are always eager to give unsolicited advice and play matchmaker.

11. Regular Ketchup vs. Banana Ketchup

The Top 15 Hilarious Ways We Know You're Pinoy
Your favorite condiments include the beloved banana ketchup and regular ketchup on top of your spam and sunny-side-up eggs. It’s all about that tangy and extra-sweet kick!

12. Plastic-Wrapped Remote Controls

In Filipino households, even abroad, parents normally wrap remote controls in plastic to keep them clean and preserve their spotless conditions. It’s an adorable habit that’s both sentimental and practical.

13. Halo-Halo Obsession

This popular and beloved Filipino dessert is a combination of shaved ice stays as one of your dessert obsessions. It’s an excellent way to cool down on a hot day.

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14. Your Dining Room Decor: The Last Supper and Giant Wooden Spoons and Forks

The Top 15 Hilarious Ways We Know You're Pinoy

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When you step into a Filipino dining room, chances are The Last Supper painting or the giant pair of wooden spoons and forks are hanging. The painting is a symbol of faith, while the huge cutleries are traditions. And let’s be honest; these are a pretty epic backdrop during those mandatory family photos.

15. Home Clothes Tradition

As soon as you set foot inside your home after a long day or after school, you immediately change to your “home clothes.” But hey, comfort is key!


In the vibrant tapestry of Filipino traits only we can identify, these 15 hilarious ways remind us of the shared experiences that make us proud to be Filipinos. So, if you catch yourself giggling and nodding along to these familiar acts, congrats — you’re officially part of the Filipino American family!

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