Top 10 Gen Z Characteristics Shaping a Generation | Top 10 Gen Z Characteristics Shaping a Generation

Top 10 Gen Z Characteristics Shaping a Generation

/ 09:13 AM June 08, 2023

Think you know them, the Generation Z? Get ready to be surprised. We’ve all noticed their idiosyncrasies, but despite the hype, there are amazing truths about this energetic generation.

Prepare to dig deep into the real Gen Z characteristics supported by authentic data. From their love for travel, financial goals, health consciousness, racial inclusivities, and short attention spans, we’ll look at the distinct aspects that define this age group.

Gen Zs are born between the mid-1990s to early 2010s. They are the age group that follows after millennials and before Generation Alpha.

Gen Z-ers are the pioneers of the modern digital age. They came into a world where the internet was already existing. Some of the major struggles they faced during their developmental stages were the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing financial crisis.

Despite the internet’s power being just at their fingertips, the challenges they’ve undergone left a solid impact on their personalities and values.

Key Characteristics of Gen Z

Key Characteristics of Gen Z
Here, we’ll further explore the nature of this dynamic group to further understand their personalities and values.

1. Wanderlust and Adventure: Their Love for Travel

If you ask them what makes them happy, one of their answers would be: travel. With looming uncertainties, interrupted education, and a hybrid work situation, it’s unsurprising that Gen Z seeks more adventure and a break from the struggles.

Gen Z has more potential to have recently gone on an international vacation than the older generations. In addition, social media is also a major player in their travel inspo. Posts from other travelers of the same age bracket heavily influence their travel choices.

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2. Ambitious and Money Driven: Gen Z’s Financial Savviness

They are a generation run by deep focus and ambition on financial achievements. According to data, 29% of them are more likely to be identified as ambitious and money-driven as compared to other generations. Their financial drive includes saving money too.

An impressive 63% of this age group show a desire to save more in the next three months, exceeding other generations’ obligation to build a better future. However, they search for guidance in fixing their finances efficiently. But only 55% are currently receiving bank support.

3. Setting Boundaries: Their Rejection of Hustle Culture

The Top 10 Gen Z Characteristics Shaping a Generation
This age group is redefining the rules on work-life balance, shutting off the idea of “hustle culture,” which focuses on working long periods. But instead, they go for a more balanced approach, welcoming trends like “bed rotting” which highlights taking a day off and just staying in bed all day doing nothing.

They may appear lazy by embracing such trends, but Gen Zs are just as excellent at settling limits. In fact, 72% of these individuals focus more on work-life limits. Moreover, they value their chance to mentor, depicting a 37% higher chance to desire training others compared to other age groups.

4. Battling Anxiety: Gen Z’s are Prone to Anxiety

Gen Zs experience an unprecedented increase of mental health problems. Three out of ten individuals reported potential anxiety, which is higher than any other age group.

The emergence of anxiety and stress among this age group has risen to 25% in the US alone. Social media are a major contributing factor to anxiety for almost a fifth of this generation.

5. Nostalgia Reigns: Their Attachment to the Past

Though they are kids of this modern era, they tend to look back on the past. What sets the Gen Z characteristics apart is their nostalgic aspects, with 19% of them thinking more of the past than the future.

This idea resonates with their fashion and music preferences. It’s evident that ‘90s music and trends are returning  in this era.

6. Gaming Aficionados: Gen Zs are Certified Gamers

Key Characteristics of Gen Z
Gaming is an essential part of their lives, with almost 9 out of 10 into gaming on different devices. This is one of the Gen Z characteristics that differentiates them from other generations as they long for social connection.

For them, gaming is also a platform to meet new people and connect with friends. This goal for social interaction expands beyond virtual communities, with nearly half of them also showing interest in partaking in a metaverse environment.

7. Social Media: Gen Z’s are Social Media Pros

Although being social media kings and queens is one of the noticeable Gen Z characteristics, they use it as more than just a platform for motivation. They are only 11% more likely than others to seek inspiration through social media.

But rather, it serves more as a search engine tool. Gen Zs often use Instagram and TikTok more than Google when they’re searching for answers and advice.

8. Eco-friendly and Health Conscious: They are Nature Lovers

Gaining some of their behaviors from millennials, Gen Zs usually go for healthier food choices. They are also proud Mother Nature lovers. They get more excited about something that would positively affect the world.

9. Making a Difference and Welcoming Diversity: Gen Zs are Woke

Key Characteristics of Gen Z
Unlike previous generations who went to school and churches with individuals of one color, this age group grew up in a world that embraces more diversity than before.

Moreover, this strong Gen Z characteristic is steeped in this era’s openness to gender and sexuality indentities and orientations . This age group has more respect and appreciation for other genders and cultures, not just their own.

10. Short Attention Span: Gen Zs can be Impatient

Due to the fast-paced world they were born in, they have a brief attention span. Also, one of this generation’s characteristics is their quick wit and decision-making, attributed to their short attention span.

Thus, it’s critical to catch their attention since they only have a mere 8 seconds attention span. If you fail to capture them within those first seconds, they will quickly move on to something else.


Generation Z is writing its own scripts, creating its own course in this uncertain world. By debunking myths about them and focusing more on their real personalities, people and businesses alike can capture their interests and cater to their needs efficiently.

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