OpenAI CEO Says AI May Replace Jobs | USA

OpenAI CEO Expresses Concern Over ChatGPT’s Impact on Unemployment

/ 09:07 AM March 20, 2023

The CEO of the company that created ChatGPT acknowledges the dangers of artificial intelligence. Specifically, Sam Altman mentions its impact on numerous jobs.

He says it would likely replace numerous professions with new ones. However, he encourages people to look at the AI chatbot as a tool, not as a replacement.

Altman added, “human creativity is limitless, and we find new jobs. We find new things to do.” Also, he believes its positive potential for humanity outweighs the risks. 

Will ChatGPT replace jobs?

ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis interviewed Sam Altman regarding his popular app ChatGPT, and the latter shared his insights about AI.

Altman says it will likely replace various jobs in the future. “I think over a couple of generations, humanity has proven that it can adapt wonderfully to major technological shifts,” he said.

The OpenAI CEO fears how quickly that could happen. “But if this happens in a single-digit number of years, some of these shifts… That is the part I worry about the most,” he added.


As mentioned, Altman tells everyone to view his AI chatbot as a tool, not a replacement. “Human creativity is limitless, and we find new jobs. We find new things to do,” he stated.

Moreover, its benefits for humanity allegedly outweigh the risks. The OpenAI CEO claimed, “We can all have an incredible educator in our pocket that’s customized for us that helps us learn.”

“We can have medical advice for everybody that is beyond what we can get today,” Altman continued. 


He specifically shared his thoughts about its impact on teachers after some students used it to cheat on assignments

In response, some educators worried it discourages students from learning for themselves. On the other hand, others saw it as their extension.

Sam Altman said, “Education is going to have to change, but it’s happened many other times with technology.”

“One of the ones that I’m most excited about is the ability to provide individual learning, great individual learning, for each student.”

“We can have that for every profession, and we can have a much higher quality of life, like the standard of living.”

“But we can also have new things we can’t even imagine today — so that’s the promise.”

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