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Is Kineon MOVE+ Worth It?

/ 09:34 AM March 17, 2023

Inflammation, pain and reduced mobility affect millions every year. People with these conditions commonly manage them with icing or prescription medications. However, there is now a better alternative: at-home red light therapy.

Kineon has created the MOVE+, an innovative red light therapy device that supports your recovery by utilizing LED lights and laser technology of the highest caliber.

MOVE+ has cutting-edge technology that provides targeted relief for your joints, easing pain and swelling.

We’ll explore the effectiveness of Kineon MOVE+ and how it outshines other methods of alleviating pain.

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We’ll also discuss the advanced dual-light technology it uses to provide you fast relief from arthritis-related joint pain and inflammation.


What is the Kineon MOVE+?

What is the Kineon MOVE+?

The Kineon MOVE+ is a cutting-edge red light therapy device that effectively treats joint pain by enhancing blood flow to the affected area.

It triggers the regrowth of cartilage tissue and regulates the body’s inflammatory response (also known as photobiomodulation).

How does the MOVE+ work?

Many people who experience chronic pain go through a cycle of prescribed painkillers, physical therapy, steroid injections, and surgery, only to be unsatisfied with the results and forced to alter their lifestyles.


The MOVE+ is a compact, modular device with adjustable straps that can precisely target areas of pain.

The MOVE+ generates improved outcomes with whole-joint coverage from the intense LED and laser light.

To increase the light’s penetration depth, the MOVE+ uses dual-light technology, combining conventional LED lights with medical-grade laser technology.

The latter is crucial for effectively treating injured tissue around joints and larger muscle groups and for proper dosing.

This laser and LED light therapy device aids in providing high-quality care while increasing the production of stem cells to heal cartilage.

Additionally, the advanced wearable photobiomodulation device lessens inflammation by reducing pro-inflammatory gene expression.

By widening blood vessels and encouraging the development of new blood vessels, the Kineon MOVE+ helps to increase blood flow to the treated areas and suppresses molecules that cause pain by reducing their activity.

Benefits of the Kineon MOVE+ and red light therapy

Dermatologists use red light therapy primarily as an anti-aging tool to treat fine lines and wrinkles and to promote hair growth.

But in recent years, researchers have found that specific kinds of red light benefit joint pain and arthritis, two conditions that affect a sizeable portion of the population.

Some of the MOVE+ photobiomodulation technology benefits include:

Tissue repair

Blood flow is among the most critical factors in tissue and wound healing. Tissue healing will be hampered without the proper blood flow to the injured area, making it easier to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients.

Through vasodilation and angiogenesis (creating new blood vessels), the MOVE+ enhances microcirculation and perfusion in damaged tissue.

Additionally, it causes the release and activation of several growth factors, including vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and nerve growth factor (NGF), both of which are critical for accelerating tissue and nerve repair.

Regrow cartilage

The MOVE+ is capable of cartilage tissue repair and regeneration. Many people believe that it is impossible to regrow joint cartilage once it has been lost.

However, that is not entirely accurate. Research has demonstrated that low-level laser therapy can aid in the regeneration of cartilage tissue by boosting the number of mesenchymal stem cells, which the body uses to create new bone and cartilage.

Fast relief from pain and inflammation

The MOVE+ phytomodulation technology releases chemicals that make you feel good while preventing some pain signals from reaching your brain.

Additionally, the body releases nitric oxide into the affected tissue when the cells’ light receptors (chromophores) absorb the light emitted by this photobiomodulation device.

This results in an additional increase in blood flow, modulation of nerve transmission, stimulation of the opioid receptors, and normalization of inflammation.


The device triggers the release of chemicals that actively fight inflammation while suppressing the chemicals that support it.

What makes the MOVE+ better than other methods of pain relief?

Many manage their joint pain with icing or NSAIDs. However, the MOVE+ device provides non-invasive, long-lasting relief and tissue repair.

MOVE+ versus NSAIDs

NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used to lessen pain and inflammation.

While these can help reduce acute (also referred to as functional), inflammation hinders the body’s natural healing processes, which is counterproductive.

However, no adverse effects are associated with the MOVE+ (or photobiomodulation in general) and acute inflammatory processes. The MOVE+ encourages oxygenated blood flow to help the body quickly heal damaged tissue.

MOVE+ versus ice therapy

The MOVE+ is a risk-free, all-natural method of promoting healing and relieving pain without the potential side effects of traditional ice therapy.

Icing only provides temporary pain relief with no long-term solution. The MOVE+, on the other hand, does both.

It boosts the production of Prolactin and Oxytocin, two naturally occurring hormones that promote healing.

These hormones are in charge of the regenerative processes that aid in the recovery of broken bones, scars, and wounds.

This allows you to feel temporary relief from pain and stiffness while the device promotes the long-term healing of soft tissue injuries.


Who are Kineon, the creators of the MOVE+?

Kineon was founded by COO Tom Sanderson from Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and CEO Forrest Smith from Atlanta, United States. Together, they have curated high-tech, precise-dosing medical lasers and led lights.

They started looking into red light therapy because they were passionate about finding superior treatments to enhance human health and well-being.

In addition, they weren’t happy that ninety percent of the redlight devices on the market do not consistently deliver the amount of light required for effective pain relief and thereby often produce inconsistent results.

They had the idea to create goods that would outperform currently led lighting and deliver potent doses that are good for your internal tissues.

This idea birthed the MOVE+ with accurate precision on trouble spots for quick and efficient relief.

Other light therapy equipment frequently only illuminates one side of the body at a time.

However, Kineon developed the MOVE+ as a medical-grade light therapy device that affects your entire joint rather than a spot.


MOVE+ is a device with enhanced light therapy that is secure, non-invasive, and specially designed to help you recover from knee pain.

It has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for various joint pain conditions, including arthritis, by promoting the development of new blood vessels and cartilage tissue and regulating inflammation.

The MOVE+ device alleviates joint pain by improving oxygenated blood flow, developing new cartilage and bone tissue, lessening pain, and restoring normal inflammation.

Do you have joint pain that makes it difficult to participate in your favorite activities? Speed up your healing process with the Kineon MOVE+ and start your journey to lasting pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pain can the MOVE+ help with?

The MOVE+ can readily eliminate injuries such as medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) pain, meniscus tear, muscle tear, or sprain.

It can also ease inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

The MOVE+ can also help you recover more quickly from surgery, strenuous exercise, muscle fatigue, or soreness.

What makes the MOVE+ superior to other red light therapy equipment?

The advanced photobiomodulation device MOVE+ uses dual-light technology (laser diodes and LEDs) to penetrate tissue deeply.

Most devices for red light therapy on the market only use LEDs. However, these cannot penetrate the tissue enough to offer the best benefits.

Furthermore, Knee+’s light-emitting components have been designed to deliver a concentrated beam of light for the best penetration.

Where can I buy the MOVE+?

You can place your order on the website.

Does the MOVE+ fit all sizes?

The straps on MOVE+ are easily adjustable for the best fit, no matter the size.

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