Be your best -- show me the money!
Flourish & Prosper

Be your best — show me the money!

(Part 1 of 4)


Do you have a target of how much you want to make this year? I’m not just referring to what salary or income you expect to make, but to your “suntok sa buwan” desire or dream that would really be a big deal for you in your life!

It begins with desire. Can you see the money? This is why I’ve named my column, “Flourish & Prosper!” Can you see it, feel it, be it? Do you have Belief, “paniniwala,” in your dream? Can you truly believe, without a doubt that you can have what you desire?


Remember how you used to play as a child and make-believe that you were a pilot, a rock star, or a police officer? Allow yourself to imagine without ridicule or shame; see what you desire in your mind with fun and enthusiasm, just like being a kid again…and smile! For most people this requires suspending and putting on hold all the questions, disbelief, doubt, obstacles, failures, and losses that may be part of their past.

Notice that it’s the past beliefs and experiences that are defining your present, and in many ways also your future! It’s like you’re driving by looking at the rear view mirror. That’s how many of us drive our lives. Instead of looking ahead to where we want to go, the road map of the past guides our journey.

What journey map are you using? Is it a map of prosperity, fun, and wealth, or is it a map of poverty, struggle, and being broke? If you where in a TV drama, what script are you playing?

“Be Your BEST!” starts with self-awareness, of asking the question then looking at where you are now. If you see that you have many doubts and scripts of “realistic obstacles” holding you back, the first thing to do is not to give up but to understand that you’re human. That’s why the majority of people are continually struggling and operating from the scripts of poverty, thinking that the cards are stacked, you’re too old, too young, or whatever “paniniwala” makes you feel and justify that it’s not possible.

The simple thing is that as soon as you notice that script, you just need to do one thing. Just say to yourself: “Starting now I’ll drive by looking at where I want to go and not at my rear view mirror. I’ll start being driven by my desire, where my heart wants to go, with what gets me inspired and excited!”

This is the first step of Belief, in the four-step process of being your:

B – Belief in your dreams and shot for the stars;
E – Enthusiasm or your state of excitement;
S – Systems – it’s okay to copy others and just follow successfully proven steps;
T – Time that you take in creating your dream business and/or job.


But what business or career do I pursue? That’s the easier part after you’ve gotten a handle of the first step, which is belief in being your BEST! In next month’s column, we will further explore the questions that make up the next steps.

Start now. Ask and look at what scripts and dialogue you are living from today. Then ask what new script you want to live by instead, the destination and road that make you inspired and excited Write it all down. Describe this destination in detail and how you want to feel while you’re in this trip!

Jorge “Jerry” Perez de Tagle, lives in the US and the Philippines, is an author and change management consultant for the private and public sector. He taught at Syracuse University, New York and has his PhD in Social Change, Honoris Causa, and is a PhD Candidate in Organization Development. He was one of the 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in 2009 and is now the National Chairman of The Way to Happiness Philippines Foundation, and is the Vice President for Global Outreach and International Relations with the US Federation of Philippine American Chamber of Commerce.

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