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15 Most Chilling Horror Films Streaming on Netflix

/ 09:26 AM March 02, 2023

Horror movies are a great way to get a rush of adrenaline and enjoy a good scare. These movies can range from thrilling and suspenseful to downright terrifying.

Are you ready to be scared? Netflix has some of the most chilling horror films ever made. From slasher classics to modern horrors, there’s something for every horror fan.

Dim the lights, grab some popcorn, and get ready to be scared. Here’s our list of the best horror films currently streaming on Netflix.


1. Hush

This thriller is a nerve-racking thriller about a home intrusion that takes an unexpected turn — the main character is deaf.

As a result, when a masked murderer enters her residence, and she remains oblivious, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself yelling at the screen in terror. This film offers an incredibly suspenseful and gripping cinematic experience.

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2. Creep

It is a horror movie shot in found footage style, centering around a strange individual who posts an ad online seeking a cameraperson.

The plot unfolds as a study of two characters — an inexperienced videographer and a reclusive man with a hidden psychotic side.


The latter invites the former to film his life in an isolated cabin in the woods. Initially, the interactions between the two characters create an awkward yet intense atmosphere.

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3. Apostle

This film is a brilliantly unsettling viewing experience. It revolves around a character that Dan Stevens plays.

He returns to his hometown to discover that it has fallen under the grip of the occult while his sister is among the missing.

Moreover, the story takes place at the turn of the century and serves as a cautionary tale, creating a genuinely frightening atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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4. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is a captivating film that builds tension slowly, featuring the outstanding performance of Carla Gugino as the lead.

Despite taking place mainly in a single room where Gugino’s character is handcuffed to a bed after a sex game went wrong.

Netflix has expertly crafted this movie with suspenseful moments throughout. It also includes a particularly gruesome scene that may be too intense for some viewers.

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5. His House

Netflix’s latest horror offering is a remarkable film that centers around a group of refugees who have fled the atrocities of South Sudan and endured the struggles of the UK’s immigration process.

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6. 1922

This film is an excellent narrative of retribution against a man who plotted to murder his spouse for monetary benefit, and it’s another adaptation of a short story by Stephen King.

In addition, the movie features outstanding performances from Thomas Jane and Molly Parker, both exceptionally skilled actors. Despite being one of King’s less-recognized pieces, it’s worth watching.

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7. A Classic Horror Story

This Italian flick revolves around a pair of individuals who become stranded in a forest, and things turn dark from then on.

This unique approach to horror is a breath of fresh air, and we also strongly recommend it to a broader audience.

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8. Eli

This story is about a young boy who cannot venture outdoors due to numerous allergies. However, when he is admitted to a medical facility wholly sealed off from the external environment.

He starts to experience a sense of normalcy. But, as the plot unfolds, things take an unusual and ominous turn.

Furthermore, the movie offers a frightening, suspenseful, and intricately woven storyline, making it an ideal choice for Halloween.

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9. Veronica

Director Paco Plaza, known for his work on REC, injects many frightening elements into the storyline, which revolves around a group of teenagers conducting a séance that inadvertently summons an evil spirit into the world.

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10. Fear Street 1994

This recently released horror movie delivers a thrilling and enjoyable experience. The entire Fear Street series also creatively explores horror conventions in various eras.

But the first installment is the most captivating. It depicts a group of teenagers embroiled in a series of witch-related events.

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11. Incantation

It is a Chinese production that revolves around a cursed woman determined to prevent the curse from being inherited by her child.

The movie consistently evokes a sense of unease, but the conclusion truly leaves a lasting impact, making it one of the standout films in the found footage genre that has been explored extensively in recent times.

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12. Cam

Madeline Brewer delivers a standout performance as Alicia, a cam girl who strives to become one of the top 50 performers with a show that is entertaining rather than sleazy.

Although she eventually achieves her goal, the storyline suddenly turns, leading to unexpected outcomes.

Despite its low budget, the film is a captivating horror experience that provides a refreshing perspective on the depiction of sex workers in cinema.

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13. Under The Shadow

This thriller offers a different horror experience that relies less on graphic violence and more on creating an overwhelming sense of fear and unease.

Set in the backdrop of the Iran-Iraq war, the film revolves around a mother and daughter who seek refuge from the terrors of the conflict in their home, only to discover that an evil presence may haunt it.

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14. The Haunting of Hill House

This horror flick employs a unique aesthetic that effectively presents the horror genre on TV and skillfully adapts Shirley Jackson’s classic novel.

The show’s monsters, ghosts, and other eerie entities are either off-screen, obscured by shadows, or shown minimally.

In addition, the show expertly utilizes slow-building tension to create distressing situations and allows the audience to immerse themselves in them fully.

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15. Ouija: Origin of Evil

The first Ouija movie was a formulaic and unoriginal attempt to cash in on the horror genre, lacking unique qualities.

However, the prequel, directed by well-known horror enthusiast and prolific filmmaker Mike Flanagan (who released three high-quality films in 2016 alone), takes on the aesthetic of 1960s horror.

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