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The Ultimate Guide to Kawasaki Mules

/ 08:21 AM February 24, 2023

When you hear the term Kawasaki Mule, what immediately comes to mind is a mule or donkey of Japanese breed or origin. If you think this, remember that although you’re mistaken, you are not alone.

MULE (multi-use light equipment) has become a household name for industrial utility vehicles.

A utility vehicle is a self-powered vehicle, usually with a bed, primarily for transporting cargo material related to agriculture, construction, forestry, gardening equipment and corresponding activities.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries made this equipment at Motorcycle and Engine company based in Tokyo, Japan. They specialize in producing motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, general-purpose petrol engines, and utility vehicles.

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Introduction to Kawasaki Mule

Introduction to Kawasaki Mule

Back in the mid-1980s, some Kawasaki engineers discussed the need for a small but rugged off-road utility vehicle in the agricultural industry, during their lunch break. 


They penciled their ideas on a napkin and concurred that it needed to be durable, easy to manipulate, and have remarkable towing and hauling ability.

This idea eventually gave birth to the creation of the Mule, and the initial model – the Mule 1000 – immediately became a favorite of American ranchers and farmers.

The manufacturer designed it to look like a small pickup truck. Like its animal namesake, it is so versatile that it is now a common sight at docks, sporting facilities, ports, farms, and any place requiring sturdy, lightweight tow vehicles.

The Mule features both two-wheel drive and 4×4 models. It also has gas and diesel models. You can convert these models from a short-bed four-passenger vehicle to a long-bed two-passenger cargo transporter.

Furthermore, they are dependable and offer outstanding off-road performance reviews while incredibly versatile.

The latest Mule 4000 series is the next huge step in the Mule lineup, with a new design and many new features, including an electric power steering.

Benefits of Using Kawasaki Mule

The Mule is a very rugged motor vehicle, and like any other machine, it has its pros and cons, but the pros are much more.

It has features that deliver job performance with utility model applications. It offers excellent strength and spectacular durability. 

Models like the Mule Pro FXT have a new feature called the Trans Cab system, allowing one person to easily change the seating from three to six passengers.

It is innovative and practical for situations with more passengers and less load. It also has 48 lb-ft of torque for incredible hauling power.

Mule is also a very reliable machine with gas and diesel engine options you can choose from. It makes it suitable for use in areas where diesel is the primary fuel, such as factories and construction sites.

It presents a practical option for more traditional drivers who prefer the lower cost, reliability, and durability of diesel-powered vehicles.

Furthermore, they also offer versatility and can be easily customized to suit any task. There is a variety of easily installable accessories available.

For example, you can convert it from short to long beds for maximum towing capacity. A durable steel cargo bed of the truck that can haul up to 800 lbs of load increases productivity.

It is also useful for moving equipment like tools and supplies with about 1000 lbs of payload capacity.

Types of Kawasaki Mule

Due to the versatile nature of the Kawasaki Mule, different types are utilized for different working scenarios.

Some are more suited for lesser loads with more maneuverability on more challenging terrains, while others are for transporting more loads and crew members.

Utility Mule

Utility Mule

Utility Mules are built to last for general-purpose hauling and towing activities. They also feature electric power steering, padded bench seats, and handle grab bars to make your ride comfortable.

Whether carrying heavy cargo or driving in off-road terrain, utility Mules will do the job with poise.

Trans Cab Mule

Trans Cab Mule

Trans Cab Mules, such as the Mule 4010 Trans4x4, a multifunctional mid-size four-passenger machine, can put in the work and move around the facility with enough room for materials for the entire work crew program.

The Trans Cab design allows you to quickly convert from a four-seat crew mover to a two-seat hauler without needing tools. Moving team members and payloads are fine.

Pro Series Mule

Pro Series Mule

This lineup of Mules features full-size cabins with high capacities, featuring up to a 6-passenger Trans Cab system.

They are powerful, with a three-cylinder gas engine with massive torque for hauling and towing capability even when carrying six passengers across rugged terrain.

This makes it very maneuverable and is designed for people who want the convenience of the Mule with extra trail ability.

How to Choose the Right Kawasaki Mule

Choosing the right Mule is relatively easy, especially if you know what you are looking for and the type of task.

You may want a gas-powered UTV, but diesel works better for some use cases. It’s all about identifying your needs and the right vehicle for them. If you can’t, here are a few tips:

Consider Your Needs and Budget

Create a realistic budget and work with it. If the quality of work does not require a pro model, there is no need to break the bank.

Instead, go for a more affordable utility model. Kawasaki Mule’s pricing is quite flexible, and it is easy to pick and choose one that fits your budget.

Features and Capabilities

Various Mule models have different strengths and weaknesses. It is wise to consider the features and ability of the intended Mule and ensure they suit the type of work needed.

The pro models, for example, will be more suited for high-load tasks, while the Trans Cab is more suited for transporting crew members over rough terrain.

Warranty and Maintenance

Warranty is also a huge factor when deciding on a Mule to acquire. Getting a Mule with favorable terms and longer warranty periods is advised.

It will come in handy in the event of technical failure. Maintainability is also essential, and you should get a Mule with easily replaceable parts or parts readily available in your region.


The Mule is equipped with many amazing features. Still, the outstanding ones are:

  • The electronic power steering.
  • The low-down torque of the three-cylinder diesel engine is capable of hauling significant loads while traversing steep slopes.
  • Its immense versatility.
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