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Top 10 Most Romantic Gestures in Rom-Com History

/ 09:09 AM February 16, 2023

Rom-com movies are a genre that people can’t get tired of because they are a perfect blend of romance and comedy. They are the best movies for family time.

If you love romantic comedies, here are some iconic charming gestures that have gone down as the best in rom-com history.

Top 10 Iconic Rom-Com Gestures That Still Make Us Swoon

Top 10 Iconic Rom-Com Gestures That Still Make Us Swoon

Romantic comedies, or rom-com, have long been a favorite film genre for those looking for a little bit of love and laughter.

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From grand romantic gestures to sweet moments of affection, rom-coms have provided us with some of the most memorable and heartwarming displays of love on the big screen.

This article will look at the top 10 iconic rom-com gestures that still make us swoon. Get to know why these moments continue to capture our hearts and imaginations even years after their initial release.

Lucy totaling a car to stay the night with Jerry

(The Awful Truth, 1937)

After inciting chaos at a party hosted by her soon-to-be ex-husband’s new lover, Irene Dunne’s Lucy gets her and Jerry (Cary Grant) pulled over by the police on the way home.

In a desperate attempt to get her husband back, drunk Lucy intentionally sends the empty car sailing into a ditch, bringing the two of them a police escort to her aunt’s house nearby.

Without a means of transportation back to the party, Lucy and Jerry end up in adjoining rooms, giving them the perfect opportunity to work their relationship out.


Yum-yum kissing scene

(Ball Of Fire, 1941)

This film is one of the most charming rom-com of the 1940s, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper. Stanwyck is controlling the first kissing scene between Sugarpuss and Bertram Potts.

She would have to stand on a couple of books to reach the tall professor before teaching him the meaning of “yum-yum.” 

A flustered Potts leaves the room quickly and makes his way upstairs, but he soon heads back for more “yum-yum” kisses.

“Shut up and deal.”

(The Apartment, 1960)

In the apartment, Jack Lemmon gives Fran Shirley MacLaine a bit of a scare when she hurries to his apartment after realizing her love for him. He ends up responding with a romantic declaration.

How she responds would be strange for those who probably didn’t follow the story. “Shut up and deal” is her response, a way of saying “I love you” from the time they spent together in his apartment playing cards.

Judy sewing Howard’s jacket

(What’s Up Doc, 1972)

Throughout this movie, Judy (Barbra Streisand) does much for Howard (Ryan O’Neal), maybe too much, to his dismay. While many of her gestures were grand, the most romantic would arguably be one he never even sees.

After she accidentally wanders into Howard’s room, she finds the jacket she ripped apart, sews it together, and hangs it up for him.

The gesture showed she cared sincerely and was willing to clean up after her errors, even when there was no one around to notice.

Jake celebrates Samantha’s birthday.

(16 Candles, 1984)

One of the most popular romantic gestures would be getting someone gifts, especially on a special day, like their birthday. “16 candles” captures a high school girl’s dream to be noticed by her crush.

Sam (Molly Ringwald) and Jake (Michael Schoeffling) are at the table, leaning over the birthday candles; it’s relatable and romantic.

“As you wish.”

(Princess Bride, 1987)

This film quickly establishes the love between Buttercup (Robin Wright) and Westley (Cary Elwes) by bringing to bear all the little gestures he’d done, punctuated with an “As you wish,” were his way of saying “I love you.”

The phrase later resurfaces when Buttercup encounters the Dread Pirate Roberts and is more than surprised to hear him utter the same words, revealing himself as her long-lost love.

Matt makes a Dream House for Jenna

(13 Going On 30, 2004)

There has to be a happily ever after, even if it doesn’t end in a castle. “13 Going On 30” shows this, with Jenna and Matt settling down in the rosy pink replication of the “dream home” Matt hand-made Jenna for her 13th birthday.

It was already an expression of genuine love from an adolescent, Matt, which became the basis for the rest of their romantic lives.

Max warms up Donna’s butter.

(Obvious Child, 2014)

We often hear that the littlest acts may mean the most, and in rom-com, that is pretty commonplace. Max (Jake Lacy) and Donna (Jenny Slate) were getting to know each other when he decided to press a pad of butter between his hands before giving it to her for her dinner roll in “Obvious Child.”

Her lit-up face showed how much she appreciated the gesture and his thoughtfulness. He mentioned it as “just what you do.” He would also accompany Donna for her abortion; for some people, showing up is enough.

Nick’s (second) proposal to Rachel

(Crazy Rich Asians, 2018)

What is a rom-com movie without a lover running? Or even beating traffic to get to the airport to stop their lover from leaving town? Scenes like this, people aren’t tired of seeing.

The proposal shows that Nick (Henry Golding) listened and learned from a previous attempt as he delivered his speech to Rachel (Constance Wu).

He would present her with his mother’s (Michelle Yeoh) ring. It symbolized his family’s approval of their relationship.

Nick’s neon gift for Lucy

(The Broken Hearts Gallery, 2020)

Nick (Dacre Montgomery) gives a big speech declaring his love for Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan). Then, there’s the neon sign, a call-back to a previous “date” that helped forge their relationship in the first place.

He then renames his hotel, so it no longer pays tribute to his ex-girlfriend. Instead honors the gallery she created in the space that brought them together.

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