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Weird Pop Tart Flavors You Didn’t Know About

/ 09:45 AM December 22, 2022

Did you know that the first pop-tarts were made in 1963? The iconic pop tart treat withstood the test of time and changing seasons. The nostalgic treat has evolved with the times,  has transcended generations,  and has been influenced by pop culture phenomena. Pop-tarts have a wide range of flavors, over 20 kinds,  from classic to weird pop-tart flavors that many Americans like very much.

Each flavor tells a story or an inspiration. No matter the flavor, the clamor for this intergenerational treat will continue to rise! Pop-tarts are here to stay. Check these  ‘out of this world’  weird pop-tart flavors you might fall in love with! 

Top Ten Weird Pop Tart Flavors 

Top Ten Weird Pop Tart Flavors 

If you love Pop-Tarts, you may have sampled a few of the standard flavors like Cherry or Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Those are all great, but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something totally different, there’s an interesting selection of alternative flavors out there – just check out this list of our top ten weird Pop Tart flavors!

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1. Pumpkin Pie 

You immediately get a warm fuzzy feeling when you think of pumpkin pie. It stirs childhood memories with Grandma and her homemade pumpkin pie. Many people have an intense craving for this treat. Enjoy this Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tart all over!

It’s a unique flavor not found in many pastries or treats. A pop tart combines the best of both worlds: nostalgia and deliciousness. It has a  buttery crust and yummy fall spice filling to make you feel that Grandma is nearby.

The fall-inspired pop tart is your ‘go-to’  treat whenever you want a bit of sunshine at any time of day. Go ahead and indulge in the pumpkin pie tart. Plus, get a warm air hug from your beloved granny. 

2. Root Beer 

Some people can’t live without root beer. For many of us root beer fans,  this A & W pop tart hits the spot! Though it sounds a bit ‘odd’ having soda-flavored pastry, you should give this a try.

It isn’t your typical fruity tart but bursting with root beer flavor. The white-colored filling with sprinkles tastes exactly like root beer. Pop into your mouth, and you’ll get root beer goodness anytime! What’s more, you don’t need to open cans!

3. Watermelon

Watermelon reminds us so much of summer days, beach time, and fun times. Why not ‘capture’ summer a pop-tart? Wish granted, especially for those who love this juicy and refreshing fruit. The fruity pop tart features a golden crust with a delicious pink and green filling.


The scent of watermelon and the taste of watermelon lingers on. With that said, have a taste of summer all year round. You get a  delightful ‘bite’  of summer’ neatly wrapped in foil. Now, that sounds fun! 

4. Blue Raspberry

Have you heard of blue raspberry? It isn’t exactly a natural ‘fruit’ but a much-loved flavor-created flavor found in many candies and other sweets. Blue raspberry is so unique as a flavor and color as well. What to expect in a blue raspberry pop tart?

Once you split open the tart, you will encounter a gooey blue mouthwatering filling that will satisfy your palate! Don’t worry about having a blue mouth. Enjoy it straight from the toaster with your favorite java, and share it with your date!

5. Wild! Berry Pop Tart Flavor

5. Wild! Berry

If you love the classic frosted strawberry, you’ll adore Wild! Berry pop-tart even more!  Wild! Berry is as pretty as a mini pie. Picture this: purple frosting, blue streaks, and berry filling. The dainty colors are enough to excite you. 

No wonder many people are ‘wild’ about this treat! It reminds you of the taste of Trix cereal and strawberries! If you are on a diet, forget it! Sink in your teeth with this fruity tart with a buddy, and enjoy the moment! 

 6. Maple Bacon

No doubt, everybody loves bacon! With the addition of bacon,  pop tarts have raised the bar in the flavors department! Thousands of hearts are singing and praising the inclusion of bacon.

More than just a well-loved breakfast fare, bacon is added to ice cream, pancakes, and other decadent desserts. Paired with bacon, maple syrup adds the right sweetness. Have a maple bacon pop tart for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert 24/7!

7. Orange Crush

Here’s another refreshing addition to soda-inspired treats – Orange Crush! You heard me right. The orange crush pop tart flavor adds a new twist to this treat! Each orange swirly bite is like a soda party in your mouth without the soda.

The tart contains ‘orange oil’ and other ingredients to give you the fizzy orangy drink you will enjoy to bits!

8. Red Velvet

The mere mention of Red Velvet, cakes, and cupcakes magically brings them to mind. You are reminded of those delightful homemade goodies in glorious form. But what if these red velvet-flavored pastries are pop tarts? Sure, why not? Nowadays, anything is possible, including a red velvet pop tart!

Only think once when your need for red velvet pastry hits you hard. Grab this decadent pop tart asap! Enjoy the lingering goodness of this red and white frosted combo that brings you home. Now, that’s a craving satisfied to the hilt. 

9. Hot Fudge Sundae 

Sometimes, the best thing in life is a hot fudge sundae. Traditionally, this well-liked treat is in ice cream form.  But a hot fudge pop tart? Definitely! I guarantee you, this hot fudge-inspired pop tart will win you over.

Encounter a buttery chocolate crust with a delicious vanilla filling. Moreover, the vanilla and chocolate combo is a winner and won’t make a mess. It even has sprinkles in it. Enjoy your hot fudge pop-tart – unwrap and eat it with gusto!  Or put it in your toaster.

But if you want it like a lingering dessert,  freeze it like an ice cream sandwich. Yum! Make it your go-to pop tart to brighten your day and chase those blues away! 

10. Dunkin’ Donuts Drinks 

Dunkin’ Donuts, anyone? We’re sure you’d immediately grab one. Would you ‘dunk’ your ol’ favorites, mocha and latte-flavored, in pop tart form? Why not? This season, there are limited-edition mocha and latte-flavored tart treats.

We’re sure these treats will delight you equally. While still available, have one with your favorite joe or milk as a midday treat or midnight snack!

Weird Pop Tart Flavors you should try


One thing is sure: Pop Tart fans will forever cherish these delicious pop tarts, whether classic or weird pop flavors. With this set of unusual but tasty flavors, we’re pretty sure that more exciting, trendier, and weirder flavors will be offered in the future. Now, that’s something to look forward to!  But in the meantime,  we popped our faves – Hot Fudge Sundae and Maple Bacon in the toaster. Do the same thing too, and you won’t regret it!

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