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The complete guide to Oacians: Ascension of Elements

/ 09:29 AM December 07, 2022

Emma Sawyer is a visual artist who wanted to see how a fantastical world would function with the intricacies of the real world. From this, her Ascension of Elements project was born, with the Oacians, Valkirian, Sapyre, Varsyllus and Dex races living in it.

These five races that use magic from five elements: fire, water, light, air, and nature. Eventually, their borders would fray at the seams due to political intrigue, ambition, and other complicated motivations. 


This article will discuss a specific part of the lore known as the Oacian race. Note that we will elaborate on a work of fiction from Emma Sawyer.

What are Oacians?

What are Oacians?

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The Oacians are water-based creatures that can inhabit both land and sea as their living space. They walk on two feet on dry ground and swim with their tails underwater. 

Yet, they cannot stay out of the water for too long. Otherwise, their skin would eventually become dry and uncomfortable. 

They look similar to regular humans, save for the scales akin to birthmarks. Also, their skin is typically cool and wet, which can be light-bluish grey, dark purple, or sea green.

Oacians also possess gill slits split on either side of their necks. Moreover, they usually stay in large bodies of water at least a hundred feet deep.

They dominate an oceanic region with their capital city Crythpool at the center. Unlike regular cities, parts of it span the higher and lower depths of the ocean.

It would make sense since the Oacians may swim higher or lower to reach these areas. Also, they trade goods with the land-dwellers using an entrance system found on a small island.

How do the Oacians behave and think?

How do the Oacians behave and think?

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You may compare the Oacians to a school of fish or other sea life. They follow individual routines and goals, similar to how fish may roam the seas to find food.

Yet, they promote solidarity and other such laws among themselves, like how fishes defend themselves by forming a school. 


The Oacians are always ready to help fellow citizens and water creatures. Hence, they often prefer eating aquatic plants like seaweed and kelp. 

Also, they will not hesitate to send search and recovery parties if someone gets lost. How do we know these details regarding these sea-loving creatures?

Believe it or not, Emma Sawyer included National Geographic in Ascension of Elements. According to the lore, Marcello Calisti features Oacian life on TV. 

He is a biologist and robotics master who came across these underwater people due to his interest in octopuses.

Calisti studies how they move on the ocean floor to create robots for sea exploration. They would emulate octopuses to reach depths that people cannot.

Eventually, his research led him to learn more about the Oacians. Calisti found that these people prioritize cleanliness in all tasks.

They make sure that their scales and personal spaces are spotless. More importantly, they ensure meals are clean before serving.

Unclean food is a major insult for the Oacians. Yet, their strict adherence to hygiene lets them continue living in isolation.

The Oacian insignia is a droplet, signifying their dominance over water. Moreover, it represents a kingdom that would not allow citizens to leave without permission.

Otherwise, the kingdom may shun and banish them from Oacian territory. It would never allow an outcast to return, except for extreme situations.

The other kingdoms often avoid taking Oacian refugees to avoid political conflict. Otherwise, they risk the Queen’s wrath rising from the depths and crashing into their borders.

Who rules over the Oacians?

Who rules over the Oacians

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The Oacians strive for perfection and unity in everything they do. Their queen takes these traits to their extremes to protect her people.

Queen Merlina Lymph de Saevus rules with the crushing pressure of the depths, for she deeply mistrusts the other races.

The surface dwellers see her as a dictator, but the Oacians know the truth. They know Queen Merlina is the only ruler to keep their people safe.

After all, what do the unwashed land lovers know of Her Majesty? Such an outlook makes sense for the Oacians, who value cleanliness in all they do.

These high standards and mistrust of the outside world eventually promoted vanity and greed. Now, the ocean could not match their egos’ sheer volume and expanse.

The Oacians have gained many of the Queen’s traits. As a result, their motivations are as murky and deep as the oceans. 

Their true intentions only emerge at the opportune moment, like a shark taking a bite of an unsuspecting boat. In other words, they tend to deceive and mislead people to take advantage of any situation. More importantly, they are not alone.

The Oacians stand firm amongst their people. They will be there for each other as they bask in the sunlight or search for their lost brethren. 


That is all we know so far about the Oacians. The Ascension Of Elements is a work in progress, but you can check the latest updates at

You may want to check the other races. See how the Dex, Valkirians, Sapyres, and Varsyllus go through their daily lives and interact with each other.

These details are from Emma Sawyer, a visual artist with numerous titles and projects. She is a standout amongst other independent artists. Aside from Ascension Of Elements, you may want to watch the Adult Swim show Teenage Euthanasia.

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